Welcome to Everything Islands!

Next Deadline: Tuesday, January 24th at 11:59PM EST

What is Everything Islands?

Everything Islands is the third game in the “Everything ___” series of multiplayer online games.  Everything Islands is a text-based game aided with fun visuals that is largely a player driven story geared towards giving you the maximum amount of control over the game.

Why is the game called Everything Islands?

The game is called Everything Islands because the players are allowed to do everything and anything they want with only two restrictions – time, and the setting of a mysterious collective of islands.  With actions ranging from raising an army to sitting down in a meadow and smelling the flowers, Everything Islands is designed to be fun for everyone as you play at your own pace.

How do I play Everything Islands?

All you have to do to play Everything Islands is post once per in-game day by the next deadline, which spans a couple of real-world days.  Post whatever you want, and your character will do their best to fulfill that action.  While playing Everything Islands, there are two important guidelines to keep in mind!

#1. Your turn is only one in-game day’s worth of effort, no matter what.

This means that focusing on a single task allows you to perform that task much more efficiently than doing multiple smaller tasks, encouraging co-operation and planning in your decisions.  For example, if you spend the whole day digging a hole, and someone else spends their day digging four holes, you can logically expect your hole to be 4x as good as theirs.  It’s typically not a good idea to end your turn with, “If I have any spare time…” actions, because it’s difficult to distinguish those from posts with intended multiple actions.

#2. If you cannot complete your action in one in-game day, you will simply work towards that goal.

The goal of Everything Islands isn’t to limit your creativity, but if you have big goals don’t expect to accomplish them in a single day.  For example, if your action is “build a rocket” your character will do everything in their power to work towards a rocket, which might include gathering resources, studying the science required to build a rocket, or building a piece of the rocket.  It is usually better for you as the player to come up with a plan to reach your goals, but if you over-extend yourself, your turn will never be wasted.

How do I sign up to play Everything Islands?

Leave a comment on this post saying you’re interested, and you’re in!  Sign-ups will last from now until this coming Tuesday, January 24th at 11:59PM EST.  On Wednesday, the first actual update will be posted, containing an introduction to the setting.  While you wait for the game to start, feel free to ask questions, plan what you’re going to do, and start talking amongst each other as to how you’re going to plan to break into teams.  On Wednesday, more information about breaking into teams will be revealed, and the game will officially be launched!

Can I bring my friends to play too?

Absolutely, the more the merrier!  As an added advantage, inviting friends that want to work together can help form teams, and help groups to have more unified goals.  Just remember to get them to leave a comment here before Tuesday, January 24th at 11:59PM EST.

What happened to this game’s predecessor, Everything Island?

The previous game, Everything Island, was an initial success that came to an unfortunate abrupt end.  Since Everything Island was designed to be a project for class, once the duration of the project had expired it became pretty unreasonable to continue to spend the 20+ hours a week it took to keep the project running, while still juggling a full class load.  This time around, Everything Islands is the sole project I am working on for my only class.  This means that I can dedicate time to Everything Islands without worrying about it coming to a premature end, as the project can span the entire semester without conflict.  Also, this time around I’ll be able to deliver some of the extra content I wanted to with Everything Islands that I didn’t end up having time to the first time.

Why are there no fun pictures yet?

As I just recently got a new computer, I’m still setting everything up including loading old back-ups and getting drivers updated.  At the moment my scanner is having some issues, but I’ve got plenty of sketches prepped and ready for upload in the coming week, when I get my scanner working!


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