…and off they go!

Next Deadline: Sunday, January 29th at 11:59PM EST

The occupants of the island had somewhat organized themselves, most knowing what it was exactly that they wanted to do.  Those who tried to approach and speak to King Daggerbeard found his guards that had seemingly sprung up out of nowhere less than co-operative as they nodded apathetically and relayed the message.  After an arbitrary amount of time had passed, King Daggerbeard had grown tired of waiting and once again commanded the floor with further announcement.

“Ahoy friends! It’s gettin’ to be me royal time of nappin’, and so I shall give out me goods as promised, and then be on me way!  Let’s see, based on what me guards have reported, we have three teams to reward with seafaring vessels.  Har har, and by the coin that’s always heads, that’s exactly the number of ships I was lookin’ to give away!  Unload the Bellower, will ye crew mates?”

“That’s a good girl.  While I cannot promise yer ships will be as lovely as me girl Bell, I can promise that the fruits of me labors can be seen in each of these pieces of work.  Th-they’re me pride and-”

King Daggerbeard starts sobbing uncontrollably at the thought of parting with his wonderful creations, but his nearby guards console him, rubbing his back while escorting him back to his ship.  One of the guards clears his throat, a bit hesitant to speak over the wails of the king – “WHY! WHY DO I HAVE TO SHARE ME VESSELS!” – but as the king’s voice fades off into the background, the guard composes himself and announces the arrival of three ships that float from the Bellower’s gaping front.

“The Awesome Squad – Captain Ossa and his crew of Mike, Blu, Mostly and JohnnyViral – has been awarded this fine vessel for being the largest team!

Equipped with some of the stranger sciences, this vessel converts some of the stranger sciences into basics through abstract alchemy.  In addition to functioning as a boat, you can ask the scientific station how to make something, and an ingredients list will be providedCome back with the required ingredients and the scientific station will create that something for you!  Be careful though, the fumes of this ship are quite toxic and spending more than one day in a row aboard this vessel is not recommended.  Whether or traveling or performing science, if you enter the ship on any given day do not go back the following day!  It won’t be good for you.

GREENTEAM – Captain GREENTEAMLEADER and his crew of brumble, jabSTAR and COCOLOCOTE – has been awarded this fine vessel for being the second largest team.

Equipped with a powerful experimental engine, this vessel can allow for some preposterously fast travel between islands.  In addition to traversing the seas as a normal boat can, this ship’s experimental engine can be turbo-charged to travel anywhere in the sea in a matter of minutes.  Be careful though, once used the engine will overheat for a day, and then be unstable for another couple of days.  If used while unstable, it will take longer for the engine to stop overheating.  Don’t worry too much though – it won’t explode on you or anything.

The Keepers of Elysium – Captain Destin and his crew of dio212 and Nirkit – have been awarded this fine vessel for being the third largest team.

Equipped with a fort, this is a fort boat.  It is both a fort and a boat.

Now if each of the teams will board their boats, I will proceed to-”

One of the other guards tugs on the sleeve of the guard giving the announcement, whispering something into his ear.  With a heavy sigh, the first guard resumes his announcements.

“It has been brought to my attention that some of you may not be familiar with fort boats.  While I find this highly unlikely and equally preposterous, a fort boat is a nigh unsinkable boat that is safely guarded and virtually impenetrable.  Its quarters are entirely vacant as it has been recently renovated, but it has half a dozen rooms or so that you can customize to your liking, without having to worry about building your own shelter on land.  Be careful though, while a fort boat is an excellent headquarters, attempting to weaponize it will likely overburden it with weight and cause it to sink.  You’ll know well in advance if what you’re building aboard the vessel isn’t suited for it by the ship’s creaks and moans.

Now if each of the teams will board their boats, I will proceed to hand out the adventurer’s packs!”

It was during this pause that a figure previously hidden under a tarp quickly snuck aboard a randomly determined player vessel.  Since the fort boat is nigh impenetrable, the Golem Architect finds himself aboard the vessel of GREENTEAM without anyone noticing.

The adventurer’s packs distributed to those actively choosing to brave the unknown by themselves, and while they anxiously bust open their adventurer’s packs, the guard finishes up some administrative non-sense required of him by the king.

“To those of you who remained on this island, I wish you the best of luck.  If you choose to join an existing team, contact the lone king’s guard stationed on each island and they will relay the message for you.  Whether or not the team welcomes you is up to them.  If you do wish to form a team, simply approach a guard with a group of three or more people and state formally that you are forming a team.  Unfortunately, there are no more boats that the king is willing to reluctantly part with, but at least you have your own nifty adventuring packs!”

With his speech concluded, the guard boarded the Bellower, which reloaded its jaw and sailed off into the distance.

Now the games begin!

Some quick administrative things before you head off to your own posts and begin playing this game.  First, this is the part of the game where everyone is sorted by their team.  From now on, each new day will contain a “Main Update” that fills you in of the story, and a separate place to post your turn.  Keep your eyes open!

Communication between teams, and across islands, is allowed if you so desire.  The guards of King Daggerbeard, stationed one per island, can somehow transmit messages instantly between one another.  To you, the player, this means that if you want to ask someone a question, but they’re multiple islands away, feel free to.  Feel entirely welcome to openly post on any and all open posts, as you see fit!

Travel is another important issue in Everything Islands, but is simplified for your playing experience.  Traveling around the island doesn’t use up a part of your turn unless you’re exploring for new, unexplored things.  Traveling from one camp to another by foot is simply implied.  Traveling across islands is different;  You can travel any amount of distance over water in one turn, but you may also do whatever you’d like with your turn while aboard the ship.  This means that traveling from island A to island B takes just as much time as traveling from island A to island B, and then back to island A.  This is so that trade, pick-ups, or deliveries won’t take up too much of your time!

The game is afoot, so go ahead and read up on the page affiliated with you, typically a team page or one of the team-less pages, except the Golem Architect who is stowed away on another team’s page.  If you aren’t where you think you should be, let me know and I’ll correct it asap.  You may find this hard to believe but I do maek mistaeks frum tiem to tiem.

This turn ends Sunday, January 29th at 11:59 EST.  Good luck everyone!