Day 1: Everyone Else

Next Deadline: Sunday, January 29th at 11:59PM EST

Josh Hay (Mr. Puff)
Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Wahoo McDaniels

Perhaps you have actively chosen the route of the lone soldier.  Perhaps you tried to form a team, but couldn’t gather enough members for the king to notice your efforts.  Perhaps you sent me a text message at 3 AM saying “FFFFFFFF I slept through the deadline!” If so, this category is for you – this is ‘everyone else’.

Once the teams had left the island, you couldn’t wait to break out your adventurer’s pack!  Some of the contents of the pack were consistent: Every pack contains the following items:

That’s right! A loaf of bread, two pieces of candy and a potion of-

Wait a minute.

Despite the presumably generous contents of your adventuring pack, noting that each of the items seems like it has some sort of special game-like properties, you realize that there is absolutely no explanation attached to any of these items.  You scramble to find the guard and ask him what exactly these items do, but he shrugs his shoulders.  Looks like the generous donation of King Daggerbeard doesn’t come without a bit of mystery.  Thankfully, you at least know none of this stuff is harmful, otherwise you’d be worried about some of those spots forming on the loaf of bread.

In addition to the above contents, each pack also had a random something special that is unique to each person.

RedSunEternal – deck of playing cards, missing several cards
Itylhive – the blade of an axe with no stick
Josh Hay (Mr. Puff) – a couple sticks of cinnamon
Captainawesome – an obnoxious necktie
Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre – two halves of a boomerang
Hawkers89 – a shovel
Beau – a clean sock
Vaclav – a pack of bubblegum
Ryu89 – a bright red candle
Thornb123 – a bronze key with a mermaid on it
Stwarlord – a pocketwatch that doesn’t seem to tell the time
Wahoo McDaniels – a cracked monocle
Anthcul158 – a silver coin that seems really old
Rayner – a small rock that appears to be a meteorite
Sip – a list of random ingredients that means nothing to you
Knave – a purple crayon

Leocrow opens his adventuring pack to find the bread, candy, potion, and a seashell.  Unexcited, he is about to close the pack when he notices a tiny stone at the bottom of his bag.

While he isn’t entirely sure what it is, he has the nagging feeling that it came under his possession entirely by accident – especially since he had already received the more than generous gift of a seashell!  Whether or not he tells others about the rock is entirely up to him.

Once you’ve all finished admiring your objects, all of which are in no way shape or form useless at all, and all of which are clearly of equal value and not instead distributed randomly, you realize that for the time being you’re all stuck on an incredibly small island with no trees, no much of anything other than sand and a half-smashed dock from poor navigational skills.


16 thoughts on “Day 1: Everyone Else

  1. After examining the contents of his pack, RSE stows them all carefully away. He thought to himself, knowing that even if the cards were ordinary, he could still entertain himself at the very least, though the missing cards would need stand-ins. Realizing that he had not been given a boat and indeed came very close to being ignored, RSE quickly scouted out whether any of the other islands were within easy or moderate swimming distance. If so, he immediately begins paddling out to one. If not, he begins molding a makeshift shelter out of some nearby sand.

  2. Itylhive spends his day walking along the shore, keeping an eye out for sea bounties and searching for a sea-side grotto deep enough to function as a drydock during high/low tide cycle. Once a suitable grotto has been found, he names his axe ‘Goldilocks’ and fashions a sturdy handle for it out of the most suitable material he found washed ashore that day: be it a coral branch or a piece of shipwreck, or maybe a kraken bone.

  3. ::Beau appoaches Dann Tuggles:: Dann, in regards to an offical name of this council, something simple would be best. Perhaps “The Network,” or “The Council.” It’s simple and to the point. I leave it to you to decide. If you need to communicate I heard that the guards can delievre messages for us. With that said, I’ll be off.”
    :: As Beau walks away for Dann Tuggles he looks to the south. For some unknown reason Beau’s instinct tells him he should head in that direction. When he reaches the south side of the island he spots an island out in the distance and caculates if he can swim the distance in his leather armor and two-handed sword. He judges that he should be able to make the swim without to much trouble, but you never know what might happen. ::

  4. I look at a list of random ingredients that means nothing to you. Then I grab a few planks from the broken dock and head east towards the closest island.

  5. Step 1 – Affix obnoxious tie to my neck, slightly loose as not to be uncomfortable.
    Step 2 – Affectionately nibble the corner of my loaf of bread.
    Step 3 – Use the wreckage of the dock and anything else I see nearby to attempt to construct a shovel.

  6. After a quick inspection of his adventurers pack, Ryu slings it over his shoulder and looks around.

    “Can’t do anything on this island, might as well hitch a ride with one of these big shot teams. It’s not like they’ll notice or anything.” Immediately he heads for the ship with the big glass structures on it.

    “The fumes will do well to hide me, here’s to hoping its not toxic.” He thought, as he decided to take his shirt off and wrap it around his lower face like a bandana to allow him to breathe easier, he made an approach to the ship to see if he could stow away without being noticed…

  7. Carefully examining the cracked monocle, taking notice of any remarkable markings or writing, Wahoo slings his pack over his shoulder and squats down on the sand, carefully surveying the surrounding ocean and seeing whatever is out there. Struck by curiosity, he holds the monocle up to his eye and peers through, gazing out across the same watery expanse and looking for any differences.

    Pondering what he’d beheld, Wahoo spends the remainder of the day and his energy making a magnificent shovel, the most dynamic of tools.

  8. Dann spends roughly a half of his turn scavenging some broken pieces of the dock, turning them into a small box to keep his pack and clothes dry. He then takes a bite out of his roll of bread, throws his pack and shirt into the box and swims towards the west.

  9. Hawk puts his pack on, carries his shovel like a battle axe, and heads inland. He scans the foliage for anything edible as he walks, and heads for the nearest mountainous region in search of caves or large sink holes (like the ones where you get cliff divers).

  10. Vaclav removes his shirt and pants, wanders down to the shore and smears mud all over his body. He then goes up above the high-tide mark and searches for a clearing inland with some more stable ground. Using his heel, he drags a circle with a diameter of about 3-4 feet. Sitting down in the middle, he removes a single piece of gum from his pack, tears a small corner off of it, and places it gingerly in his mouth. He does not chew it; he sucks on it and gently massages it against the roof of his mouth with his tongue (mmmmm… salivation…).

    He spends the remainder of his turn praying for the long term success of all constructive actions and the failure of all destructive actions, as the universe sees fit.

  11. I want to start construction plans for a big corporation building. I need to make blue prints and try to figure out a way I can get helping hands from other people…or other things….hmmm…

    Let me search around for anything I use to me.

  12. Rayner inspects the contents of his pack and freaks out a bit at what he thought looked like a small meteorite. Quickly closing his pack Rayner begins contemplating what to do as he’d rather not sit around on a glorified pile of sand and decides to scout the surrounding islands for any that might have trees on them. If he does not see any trees he figures he’ll just make do by swimming to the closest island that seems to support plant life. Before heading out though Rayner decides to have a bite of bread and pulling off a piece of wood from the dock to help keep his pack above water while in transit to his destination.

  13. Before ripping off his own articles of clothing to use as a make shift gas mask (or.. filter), he takes a look at the map. Ossa turns around one last time before heading onto the ship. “If anyone needs a lift to a different rock, let me know before we depart! Maybe we can work out some sort of trade to make it worth our while to have you on board.”

    Shortly after announcing this he hops onto the deck of the boat, and starts planning with the guard the easiest way to navigate to the island farthest south-west on the map – making sure to accommodate only one day of travel between stops to ensure his crew stay healthy. As healthy as they can be, anyway.

  14. I survey the smashed dock and try to salvage as many planks and nails as I can from it and begin building a raft. Or finish. Fuck if I know how many days it takes to build a raft.

    Also I note the strange stone’s striking similarity to A GOSSIP STONE FROM THE WIND WAKER, presumably inserted into the pack by the nefarious King Daggerbeard to spy on me after I made clear my intention to depose him!
    I keep it safely muffled in the bag.

  15. After returning the items to the bag, I dream about making the most delicious sandwich. Then I realize the bread was a tad moldy, and forget about it. Since everyone else is stealing from the dock and building shelter, I grab as much wood, nails, and barnacles as allowed from the broken dock, and head towards the exact opposite side of the island, to continue being a loner. I store the barnacles in my bag for a snack later, and hide my planks from people. I begin digging a man-sized hole in the sand, to eventually place the boards over as a home. Since I’m digging with hands, I realize this could take days, which is why I already hid the planks from potential thieves.

  16. I begin to forage the nearby beach and/or waterfront for a suitable pieces of wood sturdy enough for the shaft of a bow and some extra pieces of wood to practise the crafting on (about 10 extra planks), A stone or shard of metal suitable for not only crafting the bow but also to be used as arrow heads. I search the trees for bark suitable enough to wind around the bow for support. And use the fabric from my shirt to make a line to string the bow (Should my turn not be used up gathering the materials). I gather up all of my supplies and head to a suitable area close to the shore to make a small fire from 2 of the planks and (The area i find should at least have 1 rock suitable to be used as a workbench.)

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