Day 1: Keepers of Elysium

Next Deadline: Sunday, January 29th at 11:59PM EST

Team Members:

Captain Destin
A random guard

Aboard the fort boat, you can’t help but feel entirely welcome.  Though filled entirely with vacant rooms, the atmosphere of the fort boat was simply divine, and the engineering was all done in a way that was both noiseless and hidden.  You could easily see turning this place into your, as it would likely be much better than any shelter you could possibly construct on land.  The only object anywhere to be found on board is a hand embroidered wall decoration that reads “Home sweet yarrr hom”.  You’re not such which is more confusing – the fact that home is obviously spelled correctly once, but not twice, or the fact that its creator couldn’t fight the urge to stitch ‘yarrr’ smack dab in the middle of it.

“Where are we headed?” the guard aboard the ship asks.  Thankfully, each one of these ships came with someone capable of operating it! The guard hands you a really rough looking map, telling you to just let him know where to land the ship and he will.  While you’re welcome to go wherever you want, he encourages you to go to larger islands that are further away to take full advantage of gaining a ship this early.  You eye over the map, noting the terrible, awful quality.  It looks like someone just scribbled this out thoughtlessly in a couple of minutes on a piece of paper in their sketchbook! The guard apologizes, insisting that he’s been working on a much nicer map but there were time constraints and figured some map would be more useful than none what-so-ever.  You sigh, telling that guard that you suppose this is true but you expect that fancy map sooner than later because this one is awful! The guard agrees wholeheartedly.

You are all now allowed to do whatever you want with your turn, keeping in mind that you will be aboard the ship for this entire turn.  Also, as a team you must decide where you want to land your ship via this crude map the guard provides you with.


2 thoughts on “Day 1: Keepers of Elysium

  1. Destin, donning a small straw hat, was following the entire procession of events in a complete daze; it was as if he was sleep walking. When the guard asked “Where are we headed?”, his reaction was not unlike a sleeper agent hearing his trigger phrase.

    “Wait, this is Everything Islands?! I thought I was still in Galadoria!”

    His amazement soon morphed to anxious. He was stupendously caught off guard, like a general fighting the wrong battle. Everything had to be reset.

    Including his stats.

    “Fellas, if you don’t mind, I say we sail to the bottom-most island to the left. That island will be our own.”

    While smirking, he plucked off the crimson red headband that was perched on his forehead, and fastened it to the dome of his straw hat (which is totally unlike an iconic pirate anime figure, you see).

    “This ship’s name is Vexilla Regis,” he said, while tipping his hat.
    “Let’s wreak havoc.”

    (Use my turn to put all my points into luck. We’ll sail to the island chosen- unless there are objections)

    (Also, if we all leave the ship, is it still basically impervious to attack/infiltration? Is it always “guarded”?)

  2. Nirkit smiled at everyone, dressed in a green tunic and tights while a trio of chickens danced gaily around him. He didn’t say a word, deferring judgement to his fearless leader, Destin. Instead, Nirkit had decided that the best way to get at whatever treasure may be hidden in, on, around, beneath, above, or in an ethereal plane adjacent to Everything Islands was to hone his latent psychic abilities. He stared at Destin super-creepily, trying to read Destin’s mind and determine why he wanted to go to the island on the southwest, putting the most minimal of efforts into informing the group that he would prefer to go to the crescent-shaped island in the southeast, since they could likely prevent other teams from going there with their fortboat.

    Getting a start on honing my psychic abilities, focusing on reading Destin’s mind, so hopefully I will later be able to read minds from farther away or maybe even dead people or something.
    The effort put into voicing my own opinion should be negligible – about as much as literally voicing the opinion in question. BUT I WON’T! A VOW OF SILENCE IS HEREBY TAKEN, NEVER TO BE BROKEN UNTIL I DECIDE THAT MAYBE BREAKING IT WOULD BE COOL OR SOMETHING.

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