Day 1: The Awesome Squad

Next Deadline: Sunday, January 29th at 11:59PM EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

Aboard the ship, you can see why you wouldn’t want to spend more than a day on here.  The air is thick with fumes, and the walls around you are glass and filled with strange liquids.  You’d argue that this is the most poorly designed boat you’d ever seen except for the miracle that is the science station.  You see an incredible long piece of paper listing hundreds of ingredients – you’d wonder what it was for, but the process seems so involved that you disregard it immediately.  Hopefully other things won’t be as difficult to formulate.

“Where are we headed?” the guard aboard the ship asks.  Thankfully, each one of these ships came with someone capable of operating it! The guard hands you a really rough looking map, telling you to just let him know where to land the ship and he will.  While you’re welcome to go wherever you want, he encourages you to go to larger islands that are further away to take full advantage of gaining a ship this early.  You eye over the map, noting the terrible, awful quality.  It looks like someone just scribbled this out thoughtlessly in a couple of minutes on a piece of paper in their sketchbook! The guard apologizes, insisting that he’s been working on a much nicer map but there were time constraints and figured some map would be more useful than none what-so-ever.  You sigh, telling that guard that you suppose this is true but you expect that fancy map sooner than later because this one is awful! The guard agrees wholeheartedly.

You are all now allowed to do whatever you want with your turn, keeping in mind that you will be aboard the ship for this entire turn.  Also, as a team you must decide where you want to land your ship via this crude map the guard provides you with.


8 thoughts on “Day 1: The Awesome Squad

  1. (OOC: To everyone who is on the awesome squad, we have a facebook group set up for discussion plans and stuff. Add me [Kyle Sandhage] so I can give you viewing/posting privileges.)

  2. JohnnyViral can’t being to try and control his outright giddiness over which boat his team was assigned. He jumped for joy and ran to board, however the warning about the fumes stopped him. After producing a rag and using it to cover his mouth and nose he ventured into the ship. He would emerge later after having inspected the ship, his giddiness still showing, though his mouth remained covered . “Captain Ossa, I would like your permission to find tools on the ship and begin work on a ventilation system for these noxious fumes.” JohnnyViral produced a book from seemingly nowhere ‘The Mad Scientists Guide to Creating Technology out of Thin Air Volume 2’ “With the help of this book I’ll be sure to get us on the right track.”

    As soon as he gets permission from Captain Ossa, JohnnyViral will spend the rest of the day working on a ventilation system for the boat.

  3. I feel a bit of paranoia as we sail away from the shore, as I saw some of the people on the shore eyeing and pointing towards our boat longingly.

    Once entering the boat, I rip off one of the sleeves on my shirt to tie around my nose and mouth to try and breathe less fumes while on the boat. I decide that for our ride, I will spend my time with the guard as he sails the ship, in order to learn as much about sailing as I can while watching. I will ask questions (in a friendly manner!), make jokes, and overall be friendly to the guard. I will NOT ask anything about the king, just questions about the boat and about controlling the boat!

  4. Ossa takes in the magnificent sight of their brand new vessel. The queer fluids encased in glass all over; the beautiful sight of it belching out toxic fumes like a sickly, beached whale with a bad smoking habit. Magnificent. He turns to JohnnyViral, “Of course! You have my full permission to tinker with the ship in order to help us breathe a little easier.” Before ripping off his own articles of clothing to use as a make shift gas mask (or.. filter), he takes a look at the map. Ossa turns around one last time before heading onto the ship. “If anyone needs a lift to a different rock, let me know before we depart! Maybe we can work out some sort of trade to make it worth our while to have you on board.”

    Shortly after announcing this he hops onto the deck of the boat, and starts planning with the guard the easiest way to navigate to the island farthest south-west on the map – making sure to accommodate only one day of travel between stops to ensure his crew stay healthy. As healthy as they can be, anyway.

    • I started mentioning it before, but I did end up using some of my clothing to alleviate the intake of noxious fumes before getting on the boat. Probably my shirt. Let’s go with that.

  5. After the announcement finished, Blu dusts off his behind and heads over to his new companions compelled to start introductions. “Well then! I’m Bl-” he says to JohnnyViral who is seemingly distracted by the large vessel they were given. Watching as JohnnyViral running up to the ship and the others walking towards it, Blu decides to cancel his introductions to ponder what he needed to start make himself useful as he headed toward the ship. Quickly to forget, the fumes immediately irritate Blu. Gathering what he had stored in his pockets, he pulled out a hand rag to ventilate his breathing.

    Having only an anvil at hand and some smithing tools, Blu explores the ship to find useful items that he can use to make equipment for his new crew members for their new adventure at Everything Islands.

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