Day 1: The Idle

Next Deadline: Like, whenever you feel like, man.

After the teams had sailed away in their fancy boats, the remaining few people on the initial island were broken into two groups.  The first group was a collective of people who hadn’t quite made up their mind fast enough, and unfortunately had benefited neither from organizing a team nor from claiming a solo adventurer’s pack.

The Idle Include:

Unfinished Destiny
Mike Burns
Michael John Ahearn

For now, you’re just idling on an island.  You might’ve missed out on the adventurer’s pack for solo players, but if you leave a comment here you can be moved to any active group at any point!  Feel free to explore, ask other teams if you can join them, or join up with other people and form teams.  Who knows, there are enough people standing around idle that maybe you could sneak your way into this game and I wouldn’t even notice.  This is my way of announcing only an unofficial join deadline to players, but allowing people to participate as they wish.


7 thoughts on “Day 1: The Idle

  1. I wake up from a very long and pleasurable sleep, and find that a lot of the people that were here before are now gone. I try to find any way to go where everyone else may have gone. If I succeed, I would immediately begin searching for CaptainAwesome and propose a great partnership.

  2. Bell snapped out of his reverie, his gaze finally wandering from the open horizon above the ocean in front of him. The young man finally stood up and looked around, he was confused. When did the boats leave? After wandering around the island for about an hour, it had finally hit him that the boats had all left and the teams; assigned. Why did he get hypnotized by that stupid pretty view?! He was such an idiot! Stupid, stupid, stupid! He hurriedly ran up to the resident guard, inquiring if the Awesome Squad had stopped taking applicants. It was the only team which he knew anyone from, so he presumably only had an interest in that… It completely had nothing to do with the fact that if he were in a team with completely random strangers he’d be too shy to even talk. Nothing. Not in the slightest. At all. …. Ever.
    Hopefully he gets a reply soon from this magical system the guards have between eachother!

  3. DEAR ISLANDMASTER…I’d like to suggest that you label the islands on the map by letters or numbers or something. It seems like it would be difficult for people to explain where they want to go. :) SUPER EXCITED THO! I wanna see the perty map as well!!

  4. I pinched the last clump of excrement from my buttocks and ran back towards the group of explorers. I made sure not to wander too far away and I could still hear all of the information, however my defecating took much longer than expected and by the time I had returned there were no more solo adventurer’s packs. I was not alone in receiving this penalty as I observed a large group of explorers left on this tiny island staring at the sky. However the explorers with adventurer’s packs seemed pleased with their new toys…jealousy grew in my heart. I knew I had already wasted precious time as most of the explorers had already set sail. I had to decide what to do with my first day exploring…


    My jealousy was unbearable and I decided to spend my first day collecting useful objects around the Initial Island in order to piece together my own makeshift solo adventurer’s kit. I come across Hawkers89 as he is also searching the island for useful necessities. Upon observing him exploring (as well as observing that sexy ass solo adventurers pack) I decide to introduce my self and suggest that we partner up.

    • I agree to partner up with the one called Burns. The whole checking out my ass part is what got me to agree. ;) Keep heading inland, though.

      • I think to myself: “I’m so lucky he thought I was checking out his ass and not the adventure kit, cause that’s what I really want. But if I have to plow through his ass to get to his sack (adventurers sack that is)…so be it”

  5. After a nice restful evening of watching assorted adventures twitch in their sleep, I uncrossed my legs and stood up to stretch. As I pull my arm a way it was not meant to go, I notice some of the less interesting subjects have decided to float off, in strange… floating… things. One of them had wings or something.
    Anyway, as I typically do in my spare time I started searching the local nook and crannies for shells, pointy things, and of course birds. My content soon develops into frustration when I see Mike Burns and Hawkers89 taking all the good things before I can get to them, then off my services to like, stand in the way of bullets and things. Also identifying algae. Yep.

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