Day 2: Everyone Else

Next Deadline: Tuesday, January 31st at 11:59 PM EST

Josh Hay (Mr. Puff)
Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Wahoo McDaniels
Mike Burns

Before departing, Captain Ossa leaves everyone with the following parting words:

“If anyone needs a lift to a different rock, let me know before we depart! Maybe we can work out some sort of trade to make it worth our while to have you on board.”

Unfortunately for Ryu89, this pretty much completely blows his cover, as Ossa both turns and sees him, the proceeds to watch his boat carefully for anyone he might be able to help out.  Foiled by kindness, essentially.  Frustrated that he wouldn’t be able to go against the cosmos and get both an adventuring pack and be able to sneak onto a ship, Ryu89 does take this as a lesson and manages to train his [agility] to improve the success of future sneaking.

Other gestures of friendship seem to be in the air.  There is talk of some unofficial trade circle being formed between the independents. Bell awaits a reply from The Awesome Squad eagerly, while Hawkers and Mike Burns propose a direct alliance.  parrotfanatic asks Hawkers and Mike Burns to lend their services to them, and the local guard reminds them that as three people they could register to be a team under King Daggerbeard’s official decree, which may or may not even have any benefits.  BAPunchface offers to work with Captain Awesome, proposing a great partnership!

The dock vanishes completely after all of its pieces of wood are salvaged by various people.

A couple of the people on the island decided it would be a good idea to take a bite of the bread.  With the dough melting away in their mouth, they were deep in thought trying to figure out how exactly the bread had affected them, and before they had noticed, they had eaten the whole loaf of bread!  It was just too delicious to not eat all at once, unfortunately, leaving Dann Tuggles, captainawesome, and Rayner with [no more delicious bread].

Crafting is a popular choice of activity for people while they’re stuck on the initial island.  Itylhive manages to finish his axe with from wood from the dock and name her [Goldilocks]. Wahoo McDaniels enjoys the view, noting his monocles seems to give them access to a unique form of vision where everything is scratchy and has a crack down the middle, and only out of one eye.  Still, McDaniels does manage to make a [shovel] from the coveted dock planks. captainawesome decides that a shovel would be a fine tool to construct, and for some reason he has an overwhelming success building it from driftwood, giving him a really nice [shovel].  Dann Tuggles manages to make an exceptional small [wooden box], about 50% better than he thinks anyone else could’ve made such a box.  Despite knowing “fuck” about making a raft, LeoCrow manages to do a pretty good job of making a [raft] that seems sturdy enough for about one trip. Nothing too impressive, but it’ll do.  Miltank gets incredibly close to finishing a bow, though without any trees around he doesn’t feel comfortable finishing it, leaving him with an [almost finished bow] and about [10 arrows].  If he were to find a tree, he could either quickly finish the bow or put another day into it and get a really nice bow! Mike Burns notices that Hawkers had a shovel in his pack so he also makes a [shovel] out of jealousy. He also tries to eat a lump of sand thinking it might be bread and some seashells thinking they might be candy, but ends up with various gross tastes in his mouth.  anthcul158 ends up building a pretty small sandy [shelter] by digging a hole, but they’re not entirely convinced it would protect them from much if it really came down to it.

While some were crafting, others were exploring the very small surroundings of the initial island.  thornb123 spends the turn collecting pretty [seashells] while thinking about his future, partially because the seashells match his mermaid key, partially because there doesn’t happen to be anything else of interest on the island.  Hawkers and anthcul158 decide to scrounge up some delicious barnacles, taking care that they don’t accidentally pick up any of those cursed barnacles King Daggerbeard kept rambling on about.  But presumably cursed barnacles look like treasure, and none of the food they gathered happened to.  Eating the barnacles seemed to improve their [health] a bit as well.  parrotfanatic searches for birds, but there aren’t really many things exciting in the air around this initial island.  Still, the empathy towards birds and the admiration of the basic seagull improve your [animal companionship].  Strangely, there doesn’t seem to be any nearby algae.

While others might consider the actions of Vaclav strange, offensive, or even completely insane, the cosmos viewed his dedication favorably.  The flavor of the gum allowed achievement of a total trance in which the universe, protecting Vaclav from harm while increasing the success of their endeavors.  In many universes, this might’ve been considered spirituality, but on the Everything Islands, this was considered [luck].

LooseLips decided to give the list a go, but it seemed rather obnoxious. Parts of it were even crossed out! Regardless, it read:

1 sacred gem, 1 human sacrifice,10 pearls, 10 rubies, 10 sapphires, 36 eyeballs, 50 wood, 50 stone and 1000 fish.”

What a bunch of cryptic phooey.

Anyone who attempted to swim on their last turn finds themselves a bit confused when the tide decreases drastically and they instead find themselves on sandbars.  A flustered RedSunEternal, Beau, Dann Tuggles, and LooseLips find themselves trying to swim in a sandbar, which is silly.  Now it just makes more sense to walk to whichever island they were headed towards, unless they were headed in a strange diagonal direction, which would probably be pretty inefficient.  Still, swimming was good activity to boots their [strength] somewhat.

Rayner, the exception that proves  the rule, somehow managed to actually swim all the way north to one of the islands that the initial island is now connected to via sandbar.  This island looks much like what he was looking for – trees, suitable for plant life – and as the first one there he has dibs for its exploration.

With the land now raised, there are now four unique polar directions for people on the initial island to explore, and the island they’re currently on is larger as well, with a good bit more washed up miscellanea .  The sandbar isn’t considered part of the same island, however, so it will take anyone a whole day to cross it and reach either the north, south, east or west islands connected to it.


24 thoughts on “Day 2: Everyone Else

  1. Itylhive will head to the East Island with [Goldilocks], while trying to teach her the basics of alchemy, all the while refreshing said basics in his head.

  2. RSE, after realizing that he was walking and no longer swimming, continues his trip to the island south of the main island connected by the sandbar. Once he arrives at his “new home” he begins building a shelter with any remaining time he might have since he was already on his way.

  3. Step 1 – Scream, “This shovel is awesome!”
    Step 2 – Raise it above my head
    Step 3 – Sprint to the Southern Island screaming “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” for as long as possible.
    Step 4 – When running gets tiring revert to a jogercize while swinging my shovel around as much as possible….still screaming “AHHHHHHHHHH”
    Step 5 – Ifindsergioandkillhimwithmyawesomenewshovel…oops, that’s a long term goal.

  4. After spending a majority of the day thinking about his failures, and keeping an eye on the horizon, Ryu noticed the sandbars slowly forming on the cardinal sides of the island. Intrigued, he set his eyes south, and decided it was as good as a direction as any. Having thrown his shirt aside altogether due to the heat, he decides to sprint in his travel along the southern sandbar in an effort to raise agility and endurance along the way.

  5. In regards to BAPunchFace…his name is sweet…i make no response to his query other than to continue screaming and shovel pumping. that said, i won’t stop him if he feels inclined to follow suit

  6. I just realized that everyone went south on the ships….CHANGE MY DIRECTION TO NORTH POST-HASTE….IMMEDIATELY…I NEVER WENT SOUTH AT ALL…NORTH

  7. I have been removed from the Idle to join with Itylhive. If I can begin my first action now, I prepare a small offering for ۞ׂҾ┘ the Elder, Lord of all ╞ὐἺ.

    • Itylhive believes that between him, [Goldilocks] and Antiblematic they now have 3 members in their team and should petition the King to provide them with a slave guard and a sea-worthy vessel.

  8. Knave awakes abruptly, soon realizing he has been asleep for the past 24 hours… After taking a moment to survey the new less watery surrounding, Knave then heads for the newly uncovered tidal zone to search for anything of interest (fancy seashells, man-made objects, peculiar stones, MORE CRAYONS, possible edibles, and anything that may have an inscription on it).

    After collecting any objects of interest, Knave decides to set off for the closest island to the east.

  9. Before leaving the island and heading south, I take a moment to look for any newly visible items that would aid with armouring myself up (Small shards of metal pieces of fabric/leather), and for any source of food that is easily available. (Should I find food I would consume said food then set off south). *Should sprinting to the island help me get there before my turn is up I would head for an area that would be crude enough to shelter me for rain and continue working on the craft of my bow*

    • OOC Whoops meant to say I set off south sprinting! for endurance and agility preferably agi :D

  10. After short deliberation, Burns and Hawk agree to head north to the next island. Upon arriving at the island, they will be improving their stealth skills with an intense game of hide-and-seek, only instead of tagging each other they play grab ass, officially dubbed “Hide and Grab Ass”, heavy emphasis on stealth. Parrot guy is allowed to follow if he wants.

    • When mine and Hawkers eyes met something clicked in our minds, our hearts, and our pants/panties. Distracted by the intense gaze of the other, we skipped merrily hand in hand, not noticing the request of an alliance from parrotfanatic. We travel to the next island north of the initial island (for some privacy *wink*) and upon arriving we play a lovely game of hide-and-go-grab-ass, both of us concentrating very HARD on our stealth so to ensure the most excitement. If parrotfanatic decides to follow Hawkers and I probably wouldn’t notice because of our oh so fun playtime.

  11. If the island I currently am standing on has sufficient tree life i will eat my bread and then begin constructing a skiff that is large enough to carry 1000 fish as well as myself. I will also construct oars to power the boat. If the island I am on does not have the required materials for this boat then I will swim/walk, whichever makes more sense, to the nearest island that looks like it would have what I need.

  12. ::After flaing around in the sand for a whole day Beau gets up and feels a bit stronger. Noticing a lot of people heading south, he decides to head to the Western Island. On the way there he keeps an eye out for anything useful, and for any fish that could be laying on the sandbar. He especially keeps an eye out for fish that could contain posion that he could coat his sword in.::

  13. After realizing the sand-hole-shelter wasn’t such a great idea, I take the wood from the shelter and make a shovel, since apparently that’s actually possible. Also, if I have time (or can craft a shovel and walk at the same time) I’d like to head to the west island.

  14. Confusion surrounds me as I watch the two mammals grab at eachother’s hind quarters. Having never understood the mammal tradition of sniffing rears and whatever else it is they do with their lower organs, I follow cautiously, then decide to go East instead. Along the way I search for a long stick, suitable to craft a spear out of using my skillful beak. I also keep an eye out for all manner of crabs, scallops, and other invertebrate life that I put in a bag crafted from the shirt off my back and knots/spittle/vomit/blood.

    I also keep note of the local seagulls and where they congregate, hoping to identify key fishing spots/where other adventurers have succumbed to the elements and now lay wasting away with their sweet, sweet organs. Ever vigilant, I take notice of Itylhive and [Goldilocks] on their own journey East, and follow a moderate distance behind them.

    And somewhere along the way I pee my name into the sand.

  15. I get on my raft and row and/or sail it northeast. While on my voyage I study the seashell to the best of my ability; hopefully even if I don’t learn anything about what it actually does I come out more informed about molluscs at least.

    Every so often I take the mysterious stone out of my pack and say things like “GEE WHIZ THIS SURE IS A TIRING HIKE DUE SOUTH THAT I AM TAKING I WONDER WHAT I’LL FIND THERE.”

  16. Vaclav stirs and brushes up his protective circle. Feeling some kind of guidance, he decides to “head west, young man!” Noticing the beautiful ocean, which seems to be in some strange halftide, he realizes it would be a pity to rush to the nice-looking island to the west. That’s why he walks at a leisurely half-pace, right along the waters edge so he can submerge his ankles and get ’em nice and salty. Lamenting the relative difficulty he had getting to sleep after his prayer, he spends a fair portion of his walk trying to remember that lullaby his Uncle Rick taught him. To keep his spirits up, he occasionally shouts messages of encouragement and appreciation to the sea (for powerful waves, “Wow, good job! Even if I wanted to take up arms against your troubles, I don’t think I could, by opposing, end them!” and for lesser ones, “That’s okay, but I’m sure you can do a little bit better! Keep up the practice!”)

    Taking his time, Vaclav will gladly investigate and collect any drifting woods, floating bottles, friendly and agreeable sea creatures. He also tears off two more nibbles of gum to share with any travelers who pass him as he saunters along. Whenever it becomes late, he draws up his protective circle and recites whatever scraps of Uncle Rick’s lullaby he can recall… something about the Roll of the Sea…

  17. Dann Tuggles stands on the sandbar. He feels a profound sense of sadness as his new friends set upon their decided paths. He surveys the groups briefly before deciding to follow the pack headed West. While on his journey to the West Island he merely keeps an eye out for danger (and potentially useful goodies) that might be in the area around the sandbar.

  18. After taking a day to get my bearings, I decide it is time to begin my journey. While I am not quite sure how I got to these Islands, adversity has never held me back in the past. I do a quick inventory of the items on my person and find myself woefully lacking in useful gear. I see several people partner and team up and head out in boats, fools. I opt to trek East, where it seems the least amount of people are heading. On the walk, I scour the sandbar for possible tools. Rocks, limbs, anything that could be of use. I will need all of my wit to come out of this ahead and I fully intend to do just that. Upon reaching the East island, I plan to set up camp far from the other travelers. I would hope to find a rocky wall along the beach which to build a make shift overhang from and rest accordingly.

  19. Seeing a beautiful, sprawling world ready to be shoveled, Wahoo heads north. The potential importance of his monocle also strikes him, so he gives the monocle a good polish and spends the rest of the day practicing wearing it.
    He ALSO pleasantly and politely asks each of the as yet docile folks around him on the beach (Antiblematic, Unfinished Destiny, Saintsatanx, Susaki, Shelly, Tipsy_Ramzor, Michael John, Ahearn, RivingtonThe3rd, Sumi, Ayum-hime, Sarahah, BWAAAAAAAAH, Soltanis, and Johngalt212) if he could have their adventure packs, since they were probably not gonna find much use for them, being so placid and… stationary.

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