Day 2: Keepers of Elysium

Next Deadline: Tuesday, January 31st at 11:59 PM EST

Team Members:

Captain Destin
A random guard

Though the were the smallest of the teams, they were the largest in spirit.  Once Destin had realized where he was – Everything Islands, a real place, instead of some fictional place like Galadoria that doubtfully even exists – he immediately switched from awesomely dramatic mode to awesomely dramatic mode plus hat.  Some would even argue that he never even switched modes, but instead simply added a hat, but until the gamefaqs for Everything Islands comes out, this was all purely speculation.

The random guard, who couldn’t help but emotionally string himself along Destin’s grand gestures, clasped his hands together as his eyes lit up, exclaiming, “This is like one of my Japanese anime!”

dio212, on the other hand, was so awestruck by Destin’s resolve that he did literally nothing.

All the while, Nirkit was staring into Destin’s mind with a face so creepy yet strangely powerfully psychic.  The law of 1:1 between psychic readings and creepy stuff really seemed to be working for Nirkit, but as a beginner psychic by Everything Islands standards – and probably a freakin’ prodigy by standards of worlds were shoddy cold readings passed as ‘psychic ability’ – Nirkit was only able to scratch the surface of Destin’s capable thinker.  Unfortunately, the surface of Destin’s mind was pretty simple.

With an amount of swagger than can only be quantified as ‘hit or miss’, Destin then proceeded to take a single step forward, mind completely lost in aforementioned simplicity, and slipped on absolutely nothing, falling flat on his back.  Laying on the ground, Destin reflected on what this moment meant to him.  Unfortunate, yes, but deep down Destin knew that it was small bits of misfortune like this that went hand in hand with overwhelming fortune later on.  Luck, in its own way, was a lot like karma, and Destin took the fall to mean that his [luck] was improving.

Nirkit noted a powerful “Ow!” from Destin’s mind.  While it was entirely possible that Destin exclaimed it out loud, Nirkit was too impressed by how quickly he was picking up and improving on his [psychic powers], even if it came at the cost of feeling a little bit more [creepy].

When the ship had arrived at the bottom-most island to the left, an island Nirkit could only conclude Destin had picked for perverted reasons (bottom? to the left? It was all so clear!), the team disembarked.  Vexilla Regis would be safe unguarded, unlike the other ships, for it was nigh impenetrable!  Access to its quarters were so secret that nobody dared speak of them aloud, and thanks to Nirkit, nobody even dared think about how to board the almighty fort boat.

Within seconds of setting foot on the island, the Keepers of Elysium and The Awesome Squad notice that both teams happened to have picked the exact same island to land on.  Not sure whether the circumstance is unfortunate, or expected seeing as how this was obviously the best island to sail towards, the two teams greet one another as day 2 begins!


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Keepers of Elysium

  1. (Your post was amazing, UE)

    On seeing the A-Team, Destin’s faced morphed into one of complete blood lust. Pointing a finger at the Squad, his voice icily went thus:

    “They’re way too many of them. Let’s get the heck out of here.”


    Unless objected, the team will sail to the crescent shaped island and deny entry, as Nirkit suggested.

    Destin spent most of the day trying to gain more luck.

  2. Nirkit was amazed at how quickly his psychic powers were developing. As he saw the Awesome team approaching, he immediately knew of everything they had done and everything they were planning to do. It was almost as easy as reading, as if all he had to do was scroll upwards on a webpage and see it all written down for him! The only people he was having difficulty with were the guards. Nirk decided to maintain his vow of silence for at least one more day, as Destin had apparently either heard Nirkit’s telepathic suggestion or luckily divined his subordinate’s will.
    Since he had complete confidence that his psychic powers could transcend any distance and allow him to keep tabs on the other groups, Nirk spent the day’s journey trying to psychically penetrate the seemingly impenetrable mind of their random guard, in order to search through its memories for any information of value or relevance.

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