Day 2: That’s not how tides work!

Next Deadline: Tuesday, January 31st at 11:59 PM EST

The tide has changed to medium! (Between high and low tide.)

As Day 2 begins, marking the first day of “Meta Week 1” – which means nothing to you as people exploring islands, but otherwise you’d assume it coincides somehow with the notion of a regular week that starts on a Monday – you are immediately aware of a drastic change in sea level.  The water level recedes significantly, revealing various areas that were presumably previously underwater.  Several islands change shape slightly, gaining sandbars, surfacing mountains, or other entirely new terrain!  It appears that initially the water levels were incredibly high, and while you’re pretty close to 100% sure this isn’t how tides work, you also have no understanding of the moon in this area, so maybe this actually is how tides work.  No, no, you’re still pretty sure it isn’t, until you suddenly realize the entirely self-explanatory point of “Go fuck yourself!” It all makes perfect sense now.

For most of you on islands, the change in water isn’t terribly noticeable.  It is possible that the change in tide cuts off some over-water travel routes available previously, but unless the lowered water level land-locks your boat, you should be perfectly fine.  If you were to be mid-exploring, it could change quite a bit, but for now you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

For anyone on the initial island, this is a pretty big deal.  The island not only drastically increases in size, but apparently has four sand bars connecting to four islands, each one a polar direction from your starting place!  This would be much easier to understand with a map but I didn’t finish it yet ugh I’m seriously like almost done this will either show up as a different post or will show up on Wednesday.