Day 2: The Awesome Squad

Next Deadline: Tuesday, January 31st at 11:59 PM EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

As the voyage aboard The Awesome Squad’s peculiar vessel begins, the crew is immediately faced with the fumes of the ship.  The entire crew finds themselves holding cloth over their faces as they pass the time, but Captain Ossa makes sure to spend his free time checking on everyone, making sure they are in the best of health.  While there isn’t much he can do for the crew aside from keeping their spirits high, he does put on an excellent display of [leadership].  At one point during navigation, the random guard mentions that someone named “Bell” is inquiring as to whether or not they can join The Awesome Squad.  You note that this Bell is a different person from the pet name King Daggerbeard called his ship, Bellower (which he affectionately refers to as Bell.)  Though you’re not sure why you thought that, since a ship asking to join your team seems a bit ridiculous.

JohnnyViral spent some time trying to figure out how to ventilate the place better using his dubiously acquired book of science.  A very legitimate branch of science too, somethingfromnothingology was pretty popular when compared to the other sciences, which could roughly just do their specific branch of science. It was pretty tough to find a solution, considering the whole ship was just a bunch of toxic vials, and while he couldn’t immediately think of a solution, he did consult the science station, which printed off a

that read:

“1 goat, 1 pearl, 10 fish and 20 wood.”

As Blu searched his pockets for his tools and anvil, he realized that they had either been misplaced, or it was silly to think that he would have an functional inventory of tools when everyone else started off with nothing!  Regardless, Blu realizes this is a step in the right direction – you need the right tools for the job – and inputs forge plus other equipment related tools into the science station, which printed off a

that read:

“1 fire, 10 wood, and 30 rock.”

Unsure of how he was going to acquire an entire TV series, Blu figured the machine meant quantity 30 of material rock, and though the quantities for some of these items were rather vague, he figured somethingfromnothingology was a pretty vague science anyways.

Mostly took a less direct route, curious about sonar technology in general.  Thankfully, the science station was filled with such ground-breaking inspirational scientific wigglygunks and frottomotto that Mostly felt like they had something to learn from the ship.  At the end of the day, they weren’t quite sure how they would create sonar technology, but they did feel better at [science], which was definitely a step in the right direction.

While a lot of the crew seems occupied with science and crafts and such, Mike simply keeps the guardsman company.  At first, the guardsman is a little put off by this – after all, he is only do his job – but eventually he warms up to Mike and the two get along famously.  Mike ends up telling a hilarious story about how he was once the “King of Blue Cheese Variety” but the whole responsibility of ruling a whole kingdom of cheese eventually got to him.  The guard says that unfortunately he doesn’t have any stories quite like that that anyone could remember, nope definitely none you didn’t just forget it due to his craftiness, but instead tells a story where his friends thought he was dying because he was throwing up blood, but instead it was actually just a bunch of red frosting from cookies that would’ve been branded Oreos if such a brand existed out here in the islands.  Or maybe it does.  It was hard for him to remember, that was a rough night.  Fun stories aside, he also gladly walks you through his actions at the wheel, and you feel not only like you could navigate the boat yourself, but also like your general knowledge of [boatstuff] has greatly improved!

Once the crew has reached their destination, they quickly leave, eager to escape the deadly fumes of powerful science.  They also all take note that under no circumstance should they return to the boat during this day, unless they want to risk their own personal well-being.

Within seconds of setting foot on the island, the Keepers of Elysium and The Awesome Squad notice that both teams happened to have picked the exact same island to land on.  Not sure whether the circumstance is unfortunate, or expected seeing as how this was obviously the best island to sail towards, the two teams greet one another as day 2 begins!


5 thoughts on “Day 2: The Awesome Squad

  1. Mostly will spend his day screaming very loudly and carefully observing the properties of sound, helping towards the development of sonar technology.

  2. I look at the second team on the island with excitement…and then confusion. I see them make a funny face, which looked like it was filled with hate and fear all at the same time. Upon seeing this I ask my new friend in our guard if he could hold watch over our boat while we explore the island..promising to return halfway through the day to keep him company while he guards it. I also ask him to keep an eye out for any Pearl Oysters along the shore.

    Once leaving the boat, I decide to help JohnnyViral look for the materials he needs to create a ventilation system. I help him gather wood and keep an eye out for a goat that we can bring onto our boat. While out I grab a stray stick for later. Also, I throw in some light jogging mixed with sprints to try and gain some more strength/speed/agility.

    Once the day is half over, I head back to the boat and keep the guard company while using the stick to try and catch fish for JohnnyViral’s recipe. While hanging out with him, I reminisce about days in the past where I used to eat entire pizza’s, calzones, and cookies (OH MY GOD THE COOKIES) alongside my roommates.

    Also, throughout the day, I start creating a map of the island, and decide that I’ll be our teams map-keeper. This way we can keep track of where we’ve gone and what there is on each island.

  3. JohnnyViral disembarks, thankful that he is able to breath without the rag around his face. He reads the recipe he was given carefully to the rest of the crew “Mentlegen, I after consulting the science station on the ship, I am to bring it these ingredients. 1 goat, 1 pearl, 10 fish and 20 wood. Assuming we can find all of these on this one Island, I suggest we make the search for these ingredients our to priority as it May lead us to a better ventilation system for the boat.” He pauses. “If I were to this on my own it would probably take me 3 or 4 days! Time that the pursuit of Somethingfornothingology and its unimaginable amounts of fruit will not permit me.” After his almost nonsensical speech, Viral spends the rest of the day searching for the necessary ingredients, returning to the ship every so often to deposit what he has found.

    • On occasion JohnnyViral decides to brush up on his somethingfornothinglology by reading his copy of ‘The Mad Scientist’s Guide to Creating Technology out of Thin Air Volume 2′ in efforts to keep himself from being too bored with the rudimentary and manual labor part of the pursuit of science.

  4. Blu, in disgust, starts scratching his chin in frustration noticing that he did not bring anything at all!

    “Whatever” he said to himself as he read the items he found on the ship felt more intriguing than his forgetfulness. While noticing the ship’s crew is leaving, he quickly gathers several of the toxic vials that are on the board for testing. Seeing Mike and JohnnyViral leaving to collect supplies, Blu quickly runs to them to tag along with item hunt while looking for his items as well. “Hey guys, let me carry the heavy stuff. I kinda need the exercise!” Figuring that some of crew mates are a bunch of smartypants, Blu decides that muscle is needed in order to approach his goal.

    While along the way of collecting, Blu starts using the toxic vials. He giddily starts pouring little bits of the toxic fluid on items found on the island to gain the understanding of what these chemicals these ships are carrying hoping some of the effects can be used to imbue weapons with the effects.

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