Day 2: The Idle

Next Deadline: Like, whenever you feel like, man.

Normal indecisiveness is one thing, but at this point you’ve spent a whole day just sitting there, thinking about what you want to.  If there was a doctor on this island, they would diagnose you with clinical indecisiveness, which thankfully doesn’t appear to be contagious.

The Idle Include:

Unfinished Destiny
Michael John Ahearn

For now, you’re just idling on an island.  You might’ve missed out on the adventurer’s pack for solo players, but if you leave a comment here you can be moved to any active group at any point!  Feel free to explore, ask other teams if you can join them, or join up with other people and form teams.  Who knows, there are enough people standing around idle that maybe you could sneak your way into this game and I wouldn’t even notice.  This is my way of announcing only an unofficial join deadline to players, but allowing people to participate as they wish.


2 thoughts on “Day 2: The Idle

  1. Shelly squinted across the bright sand.
    Where are my shades when I need them? she thought to herself, running her hand through her hair, hoping to find her Ray Bans there. Nothing. She glanced around at the other people, either huddled in groups or walking around solo, and raised an eyebrow.
    What a bunch of weirdos.
    She tried to take a step forward but failed. Stilettos in the sand were not gonna happen. Sighing, she kicked off her useless shoes, double checked that her Glock was still safely in its thigh holster, and headed off to the water’s edge to gaze at the horizon.

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