Day 3: Everyone Else

Next Deadline: Thursday, February 2nd at 11:59 EST

Josh Hay (Mr. Puff)
Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Wahoo McDaniels
Mike Burns

Before anyone heads off to one of the four new islands that have emerged, Wahoo McDaniels tries to communicate with the idle.  Turns out though, they never had a pack to begin with, but you’re not sure if the idle aren’t speaking to you because they’re lost in trance or because they can’t decide on what to stay.  Either way, they creep you out.

Most people stuck on initial island want off, and the recent drop in water level is the perfect catalyst for those desires!  Wahoo McDaniels, Mike Burns, Hawkers89, and captainawesome, head north; RedSunEteranl, Ryu89 and Miltank head south; Ityhive, Knave, parrotfanatic, and Nega-Jim head east; and Beau, Vaclav and Dann Tuggles head west.  Realizing the previous dock had been completely dismembered, anthcul128 puts off building a shovel and decides to travel westward.

Beau and Dann Tuggles both graciously enjoy the piece of gum offered to them by Vaclav.  Meanwhile, other people walking in other directions might’ve felt jealous of the delicious bubblegum flavor spreading through their mouth.  Or maybe they didn’t, hard to tell.

Along the way, there are very few things of interest.  People eying the ground don’t find anything like a stick suitable for long-term use or any fish, including no poisonous fish, but they do find some shells and rocks and other such nonsense that they could sensibly find at any point in time on any other island.  They do, however, encounter a couple messages in a bottle which read:


The trip between islands took everyone the full day, and depending on how they spent it, they felt one of their [health], [agility], [strength] or [friendship] increase.  You’re not entirely sure how your friendship increase while nothing else did, almost as if all physical activity was somehow converted into an abstract game-like stat, but it definitely happened.  You could feel it in your character shee- uh, in yours bones, I mean.

While most people easily pick a destination, LooseLips tries to figure out which island is closest since the current island has exactly no trees on it, pounding on his head frustratedly as they all appear to be the exact same distance apart.  Ultimately, they decide to go weast, because it sounds like east, which is at least a little bit [stupid].  At least he felt a little less stupid for not eating his bread until he found an island with suitable trees.

Itylhive inquires with the guide on the eastern island who for no reason happened to just be standing around on the island, making Itylhive quite curious about whether or not there truly was a guard just standing on each island and what purpose the ultimately served, as to whether or not a team could be formed with his current three teammates.  Unfortunately, the guard informed him that players with brackets around their name could not be counted towards the minimum of three members, a rule that strikes you as both odd and arbitrary.  The guard compliments you on your choice of team name, but only in a conversational and insincere sort of way.

Nearby, parrotfanatic manages to create a urinary signature with his crazy bird junk that reads, “par            “.  Still, you suppose it’s the most impressive urinary signature you’ve been forced to observe being written.

Meanwhile, LeoCrow takes matters into his own hands and travels northeast – I MEAN HE WALKS SOUTH – on his raft – FEET – which smashes – GET TIRED – right about when he gets onto the new previously unexplored island – THE SAME SOUTHERN ISLAND AS EVERYONE ELSE.  His tracks well covered, he was a bit disappointed to find that the seashell in his pack was very much like every other seashell he has seen thus far, if not negligibly larger.  Still, the crafting and navigation of his raft did make him feel more comfortable around [boatstuff].

Antiblematic searches the island for a tribute to pay to ۞ׂҾ┘ the Elder, Lord of all ╞ὐἺ, but unfortunately the first island is a combination of crappy and picked clean by the other people.  Since ۞ׂҾ┘ the Elder, is Lord of all ╞ὐἺ, as opposed to just some of the ╞ὐἺ, Antiblematic decides the best course of action would be to follow Itylhive to the east, in hopes of finding a proper tribute there.  Who knows, perhaps you might even find some f̸̽̂ͤ̂ͣ͊͂͏̸̷͕̤̼͍͚̘̰͎̝̲̝̳͟l̢̝̳̺͕̖̲̗͖̠̟̳̦͖̮̟̖͍̥͆̈̊̓̐͒̏̐̍ͮ̚ͅǫ̣̪̖͍̻͓͕̬̖̭͕̯͑̔͒̅ͦͤ̆̋̍͋͒ͬ́̚w̵̞͖͍̘̠̳͇͕͇͊ͩ̒̓́ͫ̔̓̋͗̇ͤ͋̾͂̚͞ͅę̸̧̢̦͓̟͇̫͈̈̊̍ͨ̏̈́̊ͤr̡̤̙̗ͪ͆̂̓̑̒̏ͮͯ͐͐͗̒͑̏̆͛̑͊͠͞ͅs̃ͮ̄͑́̏ͯ̾ͥ҉̡̻̩̣̣̱̖̯̲̟̫̺̻̮͖̱̬̩̕?

Meanwhile on the initial island, Shelly adjust to island life by discarding her heels and apparently her sunglasses.  Seriously, it almost wouldn’t be possible to misplace these things more often.  Checking her Glock, she finds that both it and her holster have gone completely missing, possibly off to have a ménage à trois with her Ray Bans.  And who could blame them?  They were all pretty sexy accessories.  Gazing off into the distance, the island can’t help but feel peaceful as most of the other adventurers choose to leave.

On his northern island, Rayner spends the turn exploring.  Having been the first person to explore said island, Rayner was given the [right to name it].  For features, the island mostly has a patch of deep forest towards the northern tip of it.  Rayner spends a good bit of the day lost in the woods, but once he emerges from the other side he sees what appears to be a sandy slope that emerged during the drop in water level, that continues downwards into the sea.  Unable to breath water, Rayner decides that might not be his best course of action.  Still, the island seems to have an acceptable amount of plant life on it, and is otherwise a primarily peaceful place.  The exploration also seemed to increase his [strength].


29 thoughts on “Day 3: Everyone Else

  1. RSE starts to feel a hankering for some bread, so he promptly opens his pack and eats the loaf. Afterwards he decides to begin building a shelter (out of wood), making sure that it includes such things as “a fence” and keeping spaces for “deadly instruments of pain to be inflicted on any invaders”, so that he can build “deadly instruments of pain to be inflicted on any invaders” later.

  2. Itylhive chomps down one of his candies and blissfully watches [Goldilocks] chop wood until he’s sore (from watching). He realizes that if there was a stock exchange somewhere on the island, wood stock would be going up right about now, what with all the crafting activity going on. Remembering in some horrid, soul-grinding universes [friendship] is magic, in the second half of the day Itylhive tries to use his newfound powers to conjure up a friendly will-o-wisp.

    • Before everyone wanders off, he also proposes to name the Island “Unvisited Isle,” which will given its obvious fallacy might serve to loosen space time fabric there somewhat.

    • Aaand he proposes teamship to Sarahah and parrotfanatic. Surely his charter will be approved if one or more of them accept.

      • Clearly I have been spending too much time with humans, because I think I just felt something in my head somewhere break a little. Is this what they call.. [Friendship]? It itches.

        MY TURN:
        I agree to Ithylhive’s proposal. I mean, he hasn’t tried to sniff my rear yet, how bad could it be?

        Then I spend the day looting. I loot the island of all it’s animal life using my skills of [Animal Companionship] and that tingly new [Friendship] feeling.

        In the evening I help collect wood for [Goldilocks] to chop and Ithylhive to stare at(until he’s sore). Otherwise there’d be none left for ME to chew.

        Then I go off using my

      • Clearly I have been spending too much time with humans, because I think I just felt something in my head somewhere break a little. Is this what they call.. [Friendship]? It itches.

        MY TURN:
        I agree to Ithylhive’s proposal. I mean, he hasn’t tried to sniff my rear yet, how bad could it be?

        Then I spend the day looting. I loot the island of all it’s animal life using my skills of [Animal Companionship] and that tingly new [Friendship] feeling.

        In the evening I help collect wood for [Goldilocks] to chop and Ithylhive to stare at(until he’s sore). Otherwise there’d be none left for ME to chew.

    • Having followed Itylhive, I introduce myself to our new teamshipfreindmembers. Then, I work on finding some writing materials, such as a form of parchment and writing utensil (even a stick with berry juice or something), keeping as close to the group as possible for safety.

  3. Step 1 – Use my awesome shovel to chop down trees and begin construction of an awesome raft.

  4. After reaching what obviously the most beautiful and resource filled island, Knave take a moment to gather in his surroundings. Upon building what he believes is a good mental map of this side of the island, Knave on a trek around the southern shore of the island. Once he reaches the southeaster shore, Knave begins to gather fallen branches and palm fronds, with which he starts construction a lean-to.

    While searching for materials, Knave stars on the lookout for fruits and freshwater sources.

    Once satisfied with his shelter for the remaining daylight, Knave sits down and attempts to create some cord from the fibers of the palm fronds.

  5. Will head west and explore, surveying the area while keeping an eye out for areas that could be used for shelter.

  6. After building up some [strength] on the long trek, I recount what I observed on the way. The islands seem fairly spaced out, possibly a bit difficult to swim between if the weather turns south. I decide that if I am going to try, I’m going to dive both feet in – literally and figuratively. I spend the morning inventorying what rocks I found and tearing the sleeves off of my shirt. I tie one end of each sleeve to make a pair of make-shift pouches. Having collected a few rocks along the way, I drop them into the pouches and stuff them into my pockets for now. I begin scouring the southern beach for a piece of wood or flotsam big enough to use as a make-shift flotation device and store what little belongings I do have that are less than buoyant on during my long swim south. While doing this search, I am also looking for any nuts, berries, or other possible sources of nutrition.

    OOC: I know this may sound like a dumb question, but it is safe to assume the water surrounding the islands is salt water, correct?

  7. Having made the trek to the southern island I promptly find my way to a suitable area to make a base of operations a flat open surface with nearby fresh water is what I look for. Once this area has been found I spend the rest of my turn finishing the crafting of my bow. Should I finish the bow in this turn I would like to start gathering building materials for a Hut / Tanning Rack / Fire Pit / Weapon Rack, ALSO while keeping an eye out for food I’m hungry :(

  8. After wading around in the clear and warm waters, Shelly turned back towards the island and into the jungle, taking a break from the sun and to have some type of shelter before nightfall. Her ankles were soaked and her skinny jeans clung to her even more than skinny jeans normally do. As she entered the jungle, she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that her Glock had gone missing and wondered if she could survive, or appear as tough, without it. She also hoped it hadn’t fallen into the wrong hands. Further in the back of her mind, she also began wondering how she got here in the first place. Shelly tried to remember her week but, strangely enough, couldn’t remember a thing. Biting down on her lower lip and gazing at the ground below, she vaguely remembered a voice but not a face.

  9. Dear, Islandmaster… is there anyway to make it possible to still read the comments from earlier posts? I meant to mention something before because personally I wanted to see exactly what parrotfanatic had written in his to request to join us. It may have made me change the way I played. I’m guessing the comments section went away to keep people from posting in the wrong place, but if it’s not too much of a hassle maybe we could still read them somehow? Unless that’s not how you want things to go in which case I guess I’m shit out of shit.

    and now for MY TURN:

    After the most merrily skip you could ever dream of, Hawkers and I arrive at our destination, hand-in-hand, and I gaze at the new island before us in wonder and awe. I immediately start soaking in the view, making sure to take note of any special landmarks or traits to the island. I would like to begin exploring the island cautiously, as I wanted to make sure nothing bad happened to my new hetero-parter Hawkers. I take Hawkers by the hand and plead with him to explore the island with me. I promise that he may chose our next endeavor tomorrow. With Hawkers I felt a feeling that I had never felt with another, a bond of manlyhoodness in which I new we would thrive.

    • I enjoy skipping along with my hetero-life mate, Burns. I feel the bond between us growing beyond that of just bromance, but instead to a new level of ultra-super-awesome-totally-not-gay-bromance that before this very second did not exist. I agree to follow along and explore the island today, but remind Burns that tomorrow we still must play our game of hide-and-grab-ass so as to improve our stealthiness. I continue to hold Burns’ hand as we walk, but keep my shovel gripped tightly in my other hand.

    • Dear Mike Burns, I’m not an Islandmaster, but I believe I have a solution for your conundrum. In the home page click everyone else link in the top right corner and scroll down to Day 2.

  10. Since anthcul158 was the only person heading west to not get gum, a grudge was instantly formed against other island-mates. anthcul158 decides to explore the island and collect any rocks that she comes across. She also forages for any fruit that may be edible along the way. If only she had paper to write a makeshift map on…

    • Any interest in being friends? I won’t be much help in a fight but I’m good for a favor or an enjoyable time

  11. Ryu takes a look around the southern island. It wasn’t quite what he was expecting.

    “Well, better start looking around I guess.” He muses. He begins to explore the island to get an idea of what all there is to find, and also if there is any visible islands that are within swimming distance. If nothing can be done about either, he will start looking around for materials with which to build a small sail boat.

  12. Now that I AM on an island with sufficient plant life, I will eat my bread and start the construction of the skiff I wanted to build last turn.

  13. Vaclav explores the western island for anything that could be used to make a musical instrument, be it nuts, shells, sticks, skulls, string, silk, etc. He also searches for the highest ground in eyesight, and makes it his day’s finishing goal to stand atop that mount. Any food items he also pockets. Whatever height he ends up at, when night falls he sets up his protective circle and prays for safety and success for Anthcul, Beau, and Dann Tuggles.

  14. Wahoo moves just into the deep wooded area and spends his day making the mightiest axe he can with any available materials. As he scavenges for wood and stone and the like, he takes a bit of time to examine the area through his monocle.

  15. Rayner greets captainawesome and welcomes him to the island of [Haymaker]. Rayner then scouts out what islands appear to be surrounding Haymaker for future reference. Any time remaining is spent punching trees for punching practice.

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