Day 3: Keepers of Elysium

Next Deadline: Thursday, February 2nd at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Destin
A random guard

As the Keepers of Elysium bravely advanced backwards from The Awesome Squad, their fearless leader somehow knew that the next best place to go would be the crescent looking island.  Consulting his crummy map, the guard set course for said island.

Destin spent a good bit of time thinking about what exactly would be the best way to test his luck.  The first slip had been a bit of a mistake, but he felt luckier for it, and wondered if the same sort of antics would work again!  Running quickly back and forth across the deck with intentionally poor footwork, Destin was focused on the master plan of utilizing the normally clumsy art of tripping and a powerful learning tool!

Meanwhile, Nirkit stared intently at the guard.  Nervously, the guard tried not to freak the fuck out while glancing constantly at the map.  It was pretty difficult though.  Nirkit’s gaze was pretty [creepy].

After several hours of pacing, resulting in Destin flopping gracefully face-first into the deck over and over again, eventually he tripped at such a particular angle that he managed to flip entirely around, landing on his… feet?  Counting that as a sign of the ultimate fortune, he felt that he had a good bit more [luck] than before, almost as if the flip itself had been lucky, amplifying the total effect of luck-accumulation.  Luck had a tendency of snow-balling like that.

Unfortunately, luck tends to work either for or against you, depending on the circumstances.  While Destin was beginning to feel his luck improving, when they reached the crescent island the guard had some bad news.

“Well first, the outer board of this island seems to be made of sharp, steep cliffs all the way around the crescent.  There’s really no way we can get close to it, and even if we did it I don’t know if climbing it would be safe, let alone possible.

The  second bit of bad news is that apparently during medium tide and lower, it isn’t even crescent shaped.  The bit in the middle is apparently equally dangerous cliffs, just hidden below sea level.  It’s now an entire ring of mountain.”

Destin complained to the guard, asking why he didn’t tell him this before!  The guard explained that he didn’t know, and then Nirkit say in his mind that in fact apparently whoever was supposed to be making the map was instead doing less useful things, and the map had once again not been finished.  Squinting, obviously to intensify his psychic powers, Nirkit managed to actually make out a glimpse of the map from inside of the guard’s mind.  While it obviously wasn’t finished, or up to date, or even all that great, it was certainly something.  Nirkit’s [psychic powers] proved useful almost immediately for understanding at least some of the islands’ layout.

You almost wish it would stop.



One thought on “Day 3: Keepers of Elysium

  1. “Well, poop.”

    Destin had not yet realized that Nirkit was transmitting images to him psychically. He just assumed that it was his own brilliant mind discovering secrets ex nihilo.

    Though he would have preferred to somehow magically (or luckily!) jump the boat into the ring of secrets, he decided to take the safer route, and explore other islands.

    “Let’s jump the boat into the ring of secrets!”

    Or! Lead them all into horrible, horrible deaths.
    Destin wants to attempt to get into the ring island, despite the fact they are in a metal boat, using whatever means possible.

    He continues to work on his luck.

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