Day 3: The Awesome Squad

Next Deadline: Thursday, February 2nd at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

Mostly spends his day on the island experimenting with sound.  One scientific property of sound is that it scares away wild animals.  Another seems to be that it potentially annoys some of your teammates.  A third seem to be that it causes your throat to be sore! Regardless, it was all in the name of [science]!

Mike, JohnnyViral and Blu all work together to try and gather the list of materials needed for the ventilation system as a number one priority, while Blu focuses a bit on his [strength].  The three easily collect the abstract quantity of [30 wood], and somehow manage to find and gather a [goat] despite the fact Mostly’s yelling kept scaring it away!  The guard says that he is keeping an eye out for a pearl, but doesn’t manage to find one, or anything that might contain one.  The crew also realizes that in order to collect fish they probably need something with which to collect fish.  Still, a goat and 30 wood is some good progress towards both of the recipes.

Mike also decides to start working on a map of the island, which means that somewhere in the world at least one person is putting forth some effort to make a map.  Maybe someday his intentions would overlap with the intentions of the other map-maker and they would collectively and legitimately have a map.

Blu tries out some of the poison on various living things, but it doesn’t seem to have any immediate effect on any of the flora of the island.  It doesn’t appear to be a quick acting poison, and wouldn’t likely be of any use as a coat for weaponry.

JohnnyViral, on the other hand, learns about the potency of the fumes first hand.  Though he only steps on-board for a brief moment to move the items from land to the ship, he finds that after only a few minutes he starts to feel a bit sick.  At the end of the day, most of the crew recovers from having spent the first day off of the ship, except JohnnyViral who instead seems to have developed a pretty [nasty cough], though isn’t notably sick in any other way.


5 thoughts on “Day 3: The Awesome Squad

  1. Mostly will board the ship and rewire some non-critical equipment to function as a bug zapper. He will then descend the bug zapper into the sea and observe propagation of waves in water to aid his sonar research. And if some fish present themselves for the taking in the process, Mostly will graciously accept them aboard.

  2. JohnnyViral curses his luck, and as to not somehow get any other member of his crew sick, covers his mouth with his handkerchief once more. But despite his bad luck, he continues his quest to become even more of an expert in Somethingfornothingology than he already believes himself to be. He would spend most of the day reading his book ‘The Mad Scientist’s Guide to Creating Technology Out of Thin Air Volume 2’, which he will consult on a back up plan consisting of some sort of respirator or full body cover he and his teammates could wear while on the ship.

    He also offers to keep exploring the Island in order to gather the remaining materials for his recipe, while keeping what he judged to be a safe distance from the others, since he was unsure if his cough was contagious.

  3. Cautiously staring at JohnnyViral, who seems to be frustrated to no end by his coughing, Blu realizes that The Awesome Squad is staying another day at the island. Taking a good look at the list of the stuff he needed, he realized that the wood that he gathered wasn’t enough due to the fire he needs to create. Rubbing his face until satisfied, he continued to find items.

    Blu quests for the rocks and extra wood bringing them back close to the ship to where Viral and the ship’s fumes are in safe distance. Out of the blue (HA), Blu gets on his knees and clasping his hands together looking towards the sky “HEY GOD! IF YOU ARE THERE! CAN YOU DROP ME DOWN AN ANVIL AND SMITHING SUPPLIES. I’D REALLY LOVE ONE! I’VE ALWAYS BEEN A BIG FAN OF YOUR WORK.” Thinking about the situation.. “At least point me in the right direction of one.” Blu stands up, looks around embarrassingly to see if there was anyone around then continues to his items.

  4. Ossa, snapping out of that weird temporal daze he occasionally finds himself in, shouts, “Of course Bell can join us!” However, immediately afterward he realizes his timing is ever so slightly off. He coughs, as is often socially required when one has said something a bit awkward. “Good work so far, everyone.” Noticing that Johnny Viral is keeping his distance and coughing a little, he grows a bit concerned.

    “How ya feeling, champ?” He asks his Chief Engineer and Scientist – though he knows there isn’t much he can do for him. Thinking on it for a moment, he gets an idea. Using common sense, he realizes it might be good for anyone who gets sick to have a place to rest. Connecting these few dots, Ossa looks around the nearby area for any dry wood and kindle – making sure not to take from the wood gathered for the recipes – and starts to assemble whatever he finds into a neat, easily ignitable pile. Once this is all said and done, he then prays to and attempts to listen in on the ever-present whispering madness. He does this so that he might gain insight on either how to light things on fire through sheer will alone or an unnatural understanding of anatomy and the manipulation thereof (so that he might be able to help his teammates should they fall sickly or have a disappointing lack of tentacles).

  5. I decide to spend my day exploring the Island, mapping it as I go. My goals while exploring are: a)to gain some strength and endurance, b)to look for anything of interest that I can report to my team, and c) to look for pearls, or anything that may have a pearl. On my way back I see Ossa trying to create a fire, and help him with this and help him make a shelter in general.

    (OOC: sorry for the late and short post! I’m at work right now, so I’m doing it quickly and late, Kevin, try and make of this what you will, thanks!)

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