Day 3: The Idle

Next Deadline: Like, whenever you feel like, man.

The indecisiveness started as a seriously psychological problem, and apparently manifested as a physical one.  Your muscles aren’t even sure whether or not they want to support your useless limp carcass at this point, but thankfully they’ve indecisively committed to doing the same thing, leaving you limply standing around, paralyzed by your own indecisiveness.

The Idle Include:

Unfinished Destiny
Michael John Ahearn

For now, you’re just idling on an island.  You might’ve missed out on the adventurer’s pack for solo players, but if you leave a comment here you can be moved to any active group at any point!  Feel free to explore, ask other teams if you can join them, or join up with other people and form teams.  Who knows, there are enough people standing around idle that maybe you could sneak your way into this game and I wouldn’t even notice.  This is my way of announcing only an unofficial join deadline to players, but allowing people to participate as they wish.


2 thoughts on “Day 3: The Idle

  1. Slowly gaining conciousness, UD’s body finally hits the floor with a thump and a groan as he breaks free of the paralysis caused by the nearly invisible errant jellyfish that had been swatted through the air by one of the ship’s propulsion devices. Hauling himself to his feet, he takes a look around, noting the rest of the unmoving crowd around him. Spying the offending aquatic animal which had so cleverly rendered him useless for three days and leaving him starving, he quickly grabbed a nearby stick and carefully fastened the jellyfish to the end, creating a mock flail of jellyfishness. Still taking note of the unmoving bodies, he proceeds to carefully poke them with the jellyfish, wondering if they had been so unlucky too. Regardless, he tests his new improvised weapon on a couple of them with a couple of gentle brushes, and then proceeds to take half of everybody’s possessions, unless they resist, in which case he apologizes and proceeds to the next one. With whatever he can loot from the crashed dock area, he hauls it along the shore as he begins to look inward while taking a counterclockwise path along the shore. At opportune times, he rehydrates the jellyfish and uses it to zap fish to eat, or any other stray animal that gets too close. After making a full mental map of the shore of the island, he sets off inward toward the most notable / interesting path, gathering fruits and berries, and possibly small animals if they wonder close enough to the fish-on-a-stick.

      Edit: Instead of walking around the small circle that was formerly the only way to explore, UD quickly comes to the epiphany that other islands may be much more interesting. And as such, stuffing his face with whateve small eateries one might have encountered while doing a bad impression of a broken wristwatch, sprinted towards the northern island with only a fishystick in tow, and the hopes and dreams of many. All 72 of his alter egos, one of which was busy trying to communicate to the jellyfish. 71 dismissed him as crazy, and focused along with the main one because they believed in working together, not only to keep the legs from failing to carry UD all the way to the northern island, but to wonder how the jellyfish naturally developed such a nice toxin, and if it was possible to create one within himself. With that curiosity, upon nightfall, he slapped himself with the tentacle again, causing 71 of them to experience a series of jumbled electrical signals and collapse in agony, while the lone communicator attempted to cry out in jellyfish “WHY, SQUISHY, WHY” as he too succumbed like the others. Being paralyzed through the night and for the past 3 days, he had time to meditate upon how to assimilate useful abilities upon experiencing them, repeatedly if he had to. There were many nights of paralysis ahead, it seemed.

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