Day 4: Esoteric Order of Bacon

Next deadline: Sunday, February 5th at 11:59 PM EST

Team Members:

Captain Itylhive

After approaching the guard for a second time with a new member, the guard inquired as to whether or not the latest member of their party was parrotfanatic or [parrotfanatic].  Once the guard was quite certain it was the former, he reached into his pocket and threw a bunch of confetti in the air while making sure to maintain a look of complete and utter disinterest.  When you inquired as to whether or not you’d be given and special benefits for being on a team, the guard replied,

“Isn’t being on a team like, cool enough for you, man?”

For the time being it would have to like, cool enough for you, man.

Antiblematic glared down at the confetti, noting that it was cut in pretty long strips, and could probably be easily patched up, which he proceeded to do, making [confetti parchment].  Scouring the materials, as well eventually forging for a [berrypoint stick] (which was not unlike a ballpoint pen) he was quite content with the writing supplies that he had gathered.

Parrotfanatic and [Goldilocks] spend the first portion of the day gathering [20 wood] that might aid the team’s upcoming construction projects.  With the rest of the day, parrotfanatic tries to befriend some of the small wild animals on the island, and while they seem empathetic and don’t respond negatively to friendship, they do end up getting distracted by things such as nuts and berries and end up abandoning parrotfanatic at the end of the day.   Still, the lessons learned improve [animal compaionship].

Meanwhile, as Itylhive munched on a piece of candy and began to focus on summoning the otherworldly, he managed to pull a voice from the other realm into this one.  The voice said to him,

“yOu SuCk At MyStErYsTuFf … BuT i GuEsS dOn’T gIvE uP aNd StUfF bEcAuSe YoU wIlL lEaRn It RaPiDlY aT tHiS pAcE…”

As he expected, the otherworldly aren’t as helpful as he’d have hoped, and after it’s rather un-cryptic message it vanished back from whatever plane of existence it had come from.  Still, he had the nagging feeling that his sense of [mysterystuff] had improved more than normal, and he wasn’t entirely sure if perhaps the voice was hinting that his sweet tooth had somehow aided him in his practice.


5 thoughts on “Day 4: Esoteric Order of Bacon

  1. Itylhive will munch up another candy and spend his day repelling bad weather from the camp, or at least the worst of it, using his [mysterystuff] to contact and placate weather gods using [friendship]. [Goldilocks] will sit some distance away, tied to a tall stick of [wood] trying to catch stray lighting bolts that might come up in the conversation.

  2. I wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. The feeling quickly fades, besides the fact that I have no idea who that is or where I slept last night, I’m pretty damn hungry.

    MY TURN:
    I spend the morning harvesting the various nuts and berries that were so distracting to the local fauna yesterday. I offer some to Ithylhive, Antiblematic, and [Goldilocks], then spend the afternoon searching the woods with a double dose of [Animal Companionship], a dash [Friendship], and Nuts and Berries to taste.

    Late evening I return to camp and convene with the rest of the Esoteric Order of Bacon.
    I suggest to the rest of my team that for the following day, we should all pool our resources to craft a seaworthy vessel or sorts(because not everyone had the forethought to grow feathers apparently).

      • Itylhive notes that sea levels are going to be decreasing further, and the boat might end up being grounded very next turn, but agrees with Parrotfanatic that after taking care of weather concerns building a dragon boat suitable for looting, pillaging and stealing wenches should be their top priority, as the island to the east seems to be bigger and probably has even more resources.

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