Day 4: Everyone Else

Next deadline: Sunday, February 5th at 11:59 PM EST

Josh Hay (Mr. Puff)
Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Wahoo McDaniels
Mike Burns

As the teamless set off to explore their obviously saltwater surroundings, some of the broke off into their own teams.  While many decided to explore the islands immediately connected to the initial island, others decided that they wanted to explore above and beyond the starting islands.

While Unfinished Destiny was heading north and improving [health], towards Haymaker Island, captainawesome built himself a [raft] that seems sturdy enough for about one trip, noting that his shovel was awesome enough that it managed to cut down trees about as well as he’d have expected an axe would.  Wahoo McDaniels decides to use this shovel-based inspiration and make a wonderful [axe], with which to shovel.  Or, I suppose, to axe, seeing as how they already made a shovel!

The guard informs Mike Burns that by clicking on the group name, i.e. “Everyone Else” and then clicking on the title of a given post, i.e “Day 2: Everyone Else” it would then display the comments at the bottom.  He then further explains that none of this means anything to him, he’s merely repeating what he has been told, and honestly he thinks this whole clicking nonsense sounds a bit overrated.

Hawkers and Mike Burns explore Haymaker Island, noting all of the features Rayner had discovered the day before.  Mike Burns saw this as an excellent opportunity to try out this new clicking thing he learned about and see what exactly it was that happened the day before!  Regardless, going around the island together really built up their apparently hetero-[friendship].

Rayner notes that the nearest islands are quite a ways away, though there is one to northeast, one to the southwest, and the looming cliff-face of King Daggerbeard’s island northwest of him.  Shrugging his shoulders, Rayner instead punches some trees, which you’d think would make him stronger, but instead it seems to improve his [combat].  And specifically not having a weapon seems to have also improved his [unarmed].

On the unnamed southern island, RedSunEternal gulps the bread and constructs for himself a really nice [shelter] that isn’t easily approached from more than one side, and has a good amount of room to hole up and setup traps in the future.  He was pretty damned proud of it.  Miltank finishes his [bow] and focuses on supplies, making sure he is well fed and in good [health], plus gathering some odds and ends for constructing a shelter.  Ryu89 explores the island, finding a single, tall mountain-like structure surrounded mostly by a dense canopy.  Further south was a sand bar of sorts that seemed to extend a good distance past the island.  Breaking through the canopy on his exploration was definitely a good test of [strength], plus exploring the island gave him the [right to name it].

On the unnamed eastern island, Knave sets up a [shelter] while making some cord fibers, having a clever idea of what to do with them presumably.  Wanting nothing to do with any of these islands, Nega-Jim dives into the ocean and starts swimming due south.  The island he is intending to swim too isn’t too far off, and though he won’t reach it today, he can easily reach it the following day.  Plus, swimming is good for your [strength]!

Dann Tuggles decides to explore the western island.  The island is mostly flat, with quite a large amount of brush and only a couple scattered trees, with no real woodland areas.  There is definitely more plant life and other wildlife to compensate, however.  Towards the back of the island is a sand bar, which seems to extend outwards, potentially connecting to another island, or at least connecting most of the way.  Regardless, the walk around the island was good for his [health] and he also gained the [right to name it].

Vaclav apologizes to anthcul158 for not sharing gum, while not offering any gum in the process.  Perhaps a lapse of judgment, but regardless, Vaclav seems to truly propose a friendship between the two of them, and regardless of anthcul158’s response, seems to regard them well.

While anthcul158 gathers about [30 rocks] presumably with either a plan in mind, or out of planned revenge, LooseLips chomps on some bread and makes a skiff, which turns out incredibly well.  This [boat] should be able to get him to and from other islands, no problem!  Vaclav spends the turn gathering supplies to make an [instrument], but hasn’t quite decided on what kind of instrument to make.  Still, they manage to find everything they were looking for, so the possibilities were nearly endless.  Tomorrow, they felt like they could either finish the instrument quickly, or make a really nice instrument instead.  At the end of the day, Vaclav kept the inhabitants of the island in his prayers, really showing how deep his [friendship] ran.

The island that LeoCrow was on seemed pretty bland at first, but had a couple of points of interest.  First, the entire island was surrounded by sand bar, meaning that as the tide lowered it became increasingly difficult for boats to dock without getting land-locked during the changing tide.  Second, the island was entirely flat with a few scattered patches of trees, and a few springs of freshwater scattered around, though he did note that one of the springs’ water was almost entirely black with some sort of substance.  Finally, the island had a sandbar that extended northeast, though it looked like it lead to a large pillar of stone, rather than another island.  Regardless, the exploration was good for his [health] and being the first to explore this island, he gained the [right to name it].

As Shelly looked around the island for a place to seek shelter, she noted that the pitiful initial island didn’t really offer much to its inhabitants.  With not a single tree around, she ended up propping a couple of boards together to at least get out of the sun in a small sandy hole that someone before her had dug.  Now she started to understand why so many of the others had left.  Those that hadn’t left seemed to have fallen face first into the sand, but she was too creeped out to check if they were okay, or even still alive.  Unlike the other people who had arrived at this initial island, Shelly couldn’t help but wonder what exactly had happened that had led her to this island.  It sincerely bothered her – after all, how hard is it to remember what happened not just a week ago?  The voice in her mind kept her up most of the night as she struggled to shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right.


16 thoughts on “Day 4: Everyone Else

  1. Feeling quite proud of himself, RSE immediately realizes he has nothing to defend it with! Horrified at this terrific oversight, he also realizes that he has nothing to make a weapon either! What if he were to be attacked! All these realizations make RSE very nervous, so he eats a piece of candy to steady himself and get a grip. After all there’s no use in worrying about it, he simply needs to make a forge. With this last realization RSE sets out immediately to gather the resources he needs to make such a forge, being sure to collect only the finest of materials.

  2. Having spent his night in the cool canopy, Ryu stood at the base of the structure, looking up, and shielding his eyes from the sun with his hand.

    “Long way up… but I bet there’s something interesting up there. Only one way to find out though. My climb up the mountain of [Dragon Roost Island]!” Taking a moment to stretch his legs and arms, Ryu begins an ascent on the mountain.

  3. Treading lightly, Bell decided to explore the nearby tide pools. He’d taken a couple classes in marine biology in his past, so he might be able to find something edible… Hopefully
    He creeps south west, down towards the ocean waters and little speckles of land between the two paths. He wouldn’t stay down here for long, though he got a strange nagging in the back of his head that something was coming. His bad feelings were generally right, but he literally had nothing to do but this while awaiting an answer from the Awesome Squad, having heard nothing in reply.

  4. Anthcul158 refuses to form a friendship without a piece of gum in her mouth, and that’s final. With the 30 rocks in tow, she starts carving arrowhead out of them, and then proceeds to collect as many sturdy branches from this shrubbery as possible, in order to make arrows. She has not yet decided what to do with these arrows without a bow. Perhaps they will become a spiked fence boundary from her gum-chewing foes?

    • With my Skiff finished I spend this turn preparing sails for my boat so that it will be able to move without me rowing it. Once these sails are completed I spend the rest of my turn crafting a large circular net with weights around the edges so that I can fish from my boat while out at sea. If for some reason I already made sails and have affixed them to my boat then I just make a net and head towards the starting island in my boat fishing along the way..

  5. Dann eats a piece of candy and then spends roughly half of his turn building a shelter, focusing more on protection from the weather than on protection from enemies. The shelter is made out of the local brush, and is located in a more flat, open area. Once completed he builds a medium sized fireplace complete with fire inside the entrance of his shelter, and he then reattaches the two halves of his boomerang. He accomplishes this starting with a weak attempt at forging using a rock as a hammer, and then once his meager smith job is completed he cuts one of the straps off of his pack and wraps it around the center of the boomerang repeatedly where the blades are held together to strengthen the connection he just completed.

    It was going to be a long day on [Hobo Island]

  6. Step 1 – Eat a piece of candy.
    Step 2 – Spend half of the day improving the quality of my raft with nearby pieces of tree and plant life as well as any helpful debris that may have washed ashore on my current island such as more sturdy materials or materials to increase the sturdiness of the vessel.
    Step 3 – Spend the other half of the day practicing my shovel-play…a unique brand of combat that utilizes a shovel as a primary hand to hand combat weapon.

  7. First, I’ll dip my finger in the black water and sniff/taste/attempt to identify it. Then I’ll look around for a big, flat chunk of stone that I can eventually fashion into an axe head. After that, I’ll take a walk down the sandbar to the pillar of stone and… inspect it? Hopefully it’s cool and not completely noninteractive.
    Finally, I will name this island Nathanielstan, in honor of the brave explorer who discovered it.

  8. Vaclav of course offers a piece of his otherworldly gum to Anthcul. He immediately dedicates himself to the construction of his [bandoneón]. Never before has something taken such singular control of his faculties, both mental and physical. Imagine – music! The salve in a world of sorrows, the promise of kinder tomorrows – the pinnacle of aesthetic form, and perhaps the beacon in the storm. He takes great care not to rush himself on its development. As Michelangelo created one of his masterpieces by taking a block of marble and simply removing the parts that were not David, so Vaclav deconstructs that which is not a [bandoneón]. Great attention to quality is paid. Vaclav goes so far as to decorate the inlays with mother-of-pearl, mica, ivory, or whatever joie-de-voir he finds lying around. A dream, to one day create such beautiful sonorous music as may be caught in the ears and minds of all, from the tiniest sea hedgehog to King Daggerbeard himself, finds its roots in this pivotal moment. He doesn’t dare assemble more than half of the [bandoneón].

    And nonetheless, the fable of the ant and the grasshopper already begins to plot its course. Vaclav gladly offers his constructive assistance to Dann Tuggles in hopes of being invited by the gracious host to partake of his hospitality and shelter. His contribution, if it is accepted, consists of two slightly elevated beds made of thick brush and wrapped in large leaves for comfort, and the promise of music when the [bandoneón] is completed.

  9. After completing my bow and examining my work, I begin to explore the southern island with my newfound health. My search is for a place suitable for shelter something resembling a Lair well camouflaged from prying eyes but with enough room inside to craft and research weapons and poisons and close to running water (if this does not take up my turn) while searching for this shelter I look for materials to take with me to construct a medium cage / trap.

    OOC hey UE do we have animals on the islands yet I need to kill some for the leather :P

  10. After enjoying a full day of exploring the island, I realize that neither Burns nor I has had anything to eat in the last two days. I share some of my barnacles with my new BFF, then I suggest we get our hide-and-grab-ass out of the way, so that we may enjoy tomorrow doing something else. We spend the entire day taking turns, first one person hiding, then the other, alternating with each tender grab of the ass. Occasionally, I will use my shovel to dig a small pit to hide in when it is my turn to hide.

  11. I accept the barnacles from Hawkers as I will be needing plenty of energy to keep up with our lovely game of hide-and-go-grab-ass. While searching for my mate, I make sure to move slowly and softly so as not to alert him to my presence. I choose to mainly hide by climbing trees, but if/when necessary I use my shovel as a machete to cut down any brush or other obstacles that are in my way. I also keep a look out for any interesting goodies that may be lying around the play-area.

  12. After a restless night perforated by strange visions and dreams, Shelly sat up and fixed her mind on leaving the island to find…something. Anything. Her brain was driving her insane with unclear thoughts and feelings. She was sort of lonely, and the lifeless bodies laying around the island didn’t help.
    Ok, she thought to herself, I don’t know where north, south, east, or west is but I am going to go to a different island, and mingle with those people, even if it means pretending to be happy and friendly. I’m going to die out here if I don’t.
    As she stood up to leave, she noticed a spotted brown and black furball next to her makeshift shelter. Shelly tried to creep away slowly, but the vibrations through the ground cause the tiny bengal kitten to awake with a tiny meow.
    Cute, Shelly thought bitterly. Despite being a female, she wasn’t very fond of animals that other people found cute and cuddly. Why couldn’t a seahorse find me instead?!
    Shelly left her pathetic shelter of boards and headed, unknowingly, east with the tiny kitten clumsily following closely behind.

  13. Unfinished Destiny arose from his paralysis slumber, staring about the island and decided to take a day to explore it. Occasionally foraging for food and other necessities, he tried his best to create a crude facsimile of a map of the island, using any available resources (all else failing, poop and leaves). After the exploration of the island, he spent some time mulling about the most intriguing areas, and noticed the dark clouds brewing on the horizon. Taking it as a sign that there would soon be a storm and he had to be readily adaptable to all sorts of danger, he proceeded to tie one of the tentacles of his jellyfish around his arm, bearing through the pain but not moving through the paralysis as he collapsed on the shore once again, wondering if this was the right way to acquire both an immunity to a paralyzing touch as well as solving the secrets to naturally developing one.

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