Day 4: Keepers of Elysium

Next deadline: Sunday, February 5th at 11:59 PM EST

Team Members:

Captain Destin
A random guard

Being the brilliant tactician that he is, Destin sends the fort boat directly into the side of the mysterious ringed island.

“This is a terrible idea,” the guard explains to Destin. “One of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard.  We’re about to crash into jagged mountainous peaks.”

Destin explains why this is exactly what he had in mind, and tells the guard to just jump the ship over the mountains and they’ll be home free.


There was a terrible crashing sound as everyone in the fort boat was thrown violently to the side.  Destin, now a master of falling over, quickly scuttled to his feet and up to the main deck, to view this glorious victory.  But what he saw wasn’t exactly victory, but he supposed it wasn’t exactly defeat either.

While the jumping capabilities of his ship didn’t seem to work in his favor, the fort boat had managed to land careful in the peaks in such a way that nobody was harmed, and presumably the ship was okay, though he supposed it couldn’t hurt to survey the damages before the tide returned to high, but that wasn’t for quite a few days.  What was even more fortunate is that the ship had skidded up the mountains just enough that the walk towards the island in the center of this ring of mountains would be almost entirely downhill.

The downside, of course, being that his fort boat was now a fort fort.  Still, he felt [luck] was on his side, and figured that if he and the crew swam towards the center of the ring, they might be able to make it to the land off in the distance in only about a days worth of time!  If he took too long, however, the tides might turn against him.  Literally.


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Keepers of Elysium

  1. “Certainly exactly as planned!”

    With a massive grin on his face, Destin ordered Nirkit and the guard to survey for damages, while he went ahead to explore the island. He asked Nirkit to catch up with him once the ship was in tip-top shape.

    On his way to the island, he worked more on his luck.

  2. Nirkit awoke from his meditative state upon hearing an order from his fearless and/or feckless leader. Looking at his watch, he realized that he’d been meditating and working on his awesome psychic powers so dutifully that he had forgotten to inform the gods of the islands and the universe as a whole of his super-hardcore and dutiful meditation, and had probably just wasted a day as a result. He nodded to Destin as he jumped out of the ship, James Bond-style, to explore the island.
    Nirkit dutifully explored the ship inside and out, allowing light to reflect off of the ship and into his eyes, showing him any damage that the ship may have taken. If he found any damage, he’d try to fix as much of it as possible telekinetically. If no damage was to be found or if any time remained after fixing the ship, he’d try to psychically communicate with any of the island’s spirits or ghosts of those who’d died on the islands, asking them for help in the search for the islands’ secrets.

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