Day 4: Storm’s a-comin’!

Next deadline: Sunday, February 5th at 11:59 PM EST

King Daggerbeard was violently rummaging through his various expensive looking belongings, discarding them carelessly across the floor and he delved deeper and deeper into his pile of eclectic and valuable stuff.  Across the room, with a rather annoyed look on his face, was one of King Daggerbeard’s finest men, Knight Stripes.  Even though the King outranked him, Knight Stripes wasn’t one to wait around impatiently when he had important things to be doing.

“Listen King Daggerbird, I’ve got important things to be doing,” he interrupted matter-of-factly, “and I’d say you’re being a royal pain by calling me here, then ignoring me while you redecorate the place.”

“That’s because I can’t … find this … where did I put me … oh well I suppose yer right,” the King sighed. “What was it ye had to report?”

“As you know, low tide is coming soon, which-”

“Yes, yes I very well know what low tide means.  In addition to our plans, we’re goin’ to hafta keep an eye on those other people.  Hopefully they won’t be drawn to the lure of metreasure!  …what else?”

“The weather in the coming few days looks pretty nasty, so we’ll have to account for that in our-”

“Yes, yes, the weather, the weather! Do ye really think I care about the weather Stripes?!  Do ye?”

“Whatever King Daggerbread, you’re the one who asked for a report.”

The King jumped up and down furiously, throwing a very regal temper tantrum, of which no guests were cordially invited to.  Knight Stripes waited impatiently for him to finish, arms folded with impatience.

“The freakin’ map, Stripes, have ye finished the freakin’ map?!”

“I finished my half days ago.”

“Yer… half?”

“Yeah, I did the horizontal parts of the map.”


“No man, we’re just waiting on Banner.  Once Banner is done with the vertical part, we’ll have a finished map.”

Unconvinced, the King resumed his fit of rage, but Knight Stripes had run out of patience – er, impatience – and decided it was time to leave.

“Later King Daggerbum,” he called back, leaving the King’s to rampage throughout the rest of the evening and well into supper-time.