Day 4: The Awesome Squad

Next deadline: Sunday, February 5th at 11:59 PM EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

In the morning, you could swear you see something notable off in the distance.  Unfortunately, before anyone can investigate, the mysterious object has disappeared.

While some other supplies are gathered, JohnnyViral fails to find anything specifically about protective gear in his book, mostly due to the vague nature of somethingfromnothingology.  Annoyed, and coughing slightly less than the day before, he decides the best course of action would be to craft a [couple of fishing rods], since fish is both an ingredient he needs a couple of, and delicious.  Fishes ish delishious! Meanwhile, Mostly has a similar idea, gathering up some spare wires and circuitry to zap the fish!  While the idea is a solid demonstration of [science], Mostly finds that any fish indirectly coming in contact with the wires shrugs off the current, while any fish directly coming into contact explodes into a million ribbons of fishy destruction.

Blu and Mike set out towards the island.  Blu collects the rest of the wood needed, plus manages to collect about [28 rocks] before the end of the day.  Dejected, you turn your frustration to the gods, and are promptly pelted in the head with [2 rocks].  While you could interpret this as the gods’ way of saying shove off, you now have exactly the correct number of supplies to forge and forge-related accessories once you take the ingredients back onto the ship, assuming you either take Ossa’s fire or borrow it (by lighting up one of your spare pieces of wood.)

Mike, on the other hand, explores a good loop of the island.  The island has an emerged sandbar and a mountainous region that also seems previously immersed in water.  The sandbar continues off for a while, to what looks like another part of the island that Mike doesn’t really have time to explore.  In the south of the island, there is a large dense woodland, and while he notes it, he doesn’t explore it fully.  Still, he feels he has explored the island enough that he has earned the [right to name it]. Trekking all day long definitely makes him feel like his [health] has improved, and he recalls a time where such a walk would’ve been pretty tiresome for him, but thankfully these days he was in much better health :)

Returning to the team’s landing point, unfortunately yet again without anything even remotely resembling pearls, Mike decides to help Ossa make a fire, though the two go about it in completely different ways.  Not entirely understanding what Ossa is trying to do, Mike ends up making a [fire] for the team to huddle around, while Ossa manages to send a bunch of random sparks through the air with no real effect, except that the voices feel more dominant in his head and his [mysterystuff] improves.

Having spent some time on the ship, Mostly notes to avoid the ship on the coming day.  JohnnyViral seems to think that avoiding the ship another day or so shouldn’t hurt, while the rest of the crew is free to use the ship if they so desire.


7 thoughts on “Day 4: The Awesome Squad

  1. Mostly, excited about the fact that jigawatts upon jigawatts of free energy are about to rain down from the sky, constructs a flux capacitor to capture said energy and affixes it on a spot statistically most likely to get hit by a lightining.

  2. JohnnyViral still not feeling completely better, and the weather sort of resembled how his body was feeling at the moment. Which didnt really bode well for him and his crew mates. So putting away his Somethingfornothingology text he decides to gather any materials he could scrounge up that would be useful in building a shelter for them from the weather. Once done with that he would stay and help with the building of the shelter all the while trying to use his knowledge of somethingfornothingology to help make their shelter even better.

    • All the while keeping an eye out for any pearls. And suggests that one of them use the fishing rods to both catch fish and pass the time.

  3. I am ECSTATIC to name the island! Considering the geography that I found while exploring, I notice that it has a striking resemblance to Oregon. So, I decide to name the island “OREGON!”.

    Anyway, feeling a whole lot better about myself because I had the power to name this island, I decide to help my teammates gather materials for a shelter from the storm.

    I also suggest that we build the shelter in or near the forest that I saw in my travels, in order to shield us from some of the ferocity of the storm. If Captain Ossa is okay with this, I lead our team towards the forest and start to build the shelter!

    Of course, I keep my eye out for one of those god-forsaken pearls…and even go a bit further by a) staring up at the sky and yelling at no one in particular if they could give me a pearl, damnit, and b) by asking my friend the guard if he, again, can keep an eye out for anything that washes ashore during the storm (although, if he is driving the boat for Blu, then I guess I just ask him to keep an eye out).

  4. Ossa, proud of his impressively useless sparks, becomes inspired by his own insanity-riddled progress. Driven by such a high, he feels the need to do some good and help out his crew. “That sounds like a very reasonable proposition, Mike. I like it, and I dig your style. To the forest!” Leaving the fire, so that Blu might use it for his recipe, he follows after Mike – singing along the way. Freestyle. Ossa reasons that such an awesome group requires an awesome theme song. He enthusiastically encourages his fellows to join him. After all everyone should have a part in the theme song, and it might help bolster up the spirits of his comrades. Whistle while you work as some might say. Should they refuse, he’ll continue to sing in an awkward solo-vocal jam, content with the knowledge that in the end everyone (including himself) will suffer. According to the voices anyway. Whistle while suffering eons of soul breaking torment as some might say.

    Upon arriving at the forest, Ossa confers with Mike and Johnny Viral about the best possible spot to construct a shelter from the storm; and upon finding a good one helps out as best he can with it’s construction.


    Blu finally happy with what he’s got goes back to the ship to finally tinker with the items his made. With rag at mouth, Blu skips joyfully while rubbing his forehead from the love that he received from the joyous Gods. “Oi! Guard! We’re going back to pick up Bell!” While sailing towards Bell’s location, Blu finally decides to fiddle with his items to hopefully create something (hopefully) useful.

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