Day 5: Everyone Else

Next deadline: Friday, February 10th at 11:59 EST

Josh Hay (Mr. Puff)
Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Wahoo McDaniels
Mike Burns

Bell manages to salvage some delicious barnacles that have been all the rage on initial island, before much to his surprise, The Awesome Squad ship showed up and picked him.  Bell was now happily a member of The Awesome Squad.

RedSunEternal gobbles down a piece of candy while he pushed through the dense forest into the sides of mountain hidden inside of it.  Though he mostly found rock, he figured building a rock place to nest the flames of his forge wouldn’t be a bad idea, and he gathered [15 rock] for which to work on his forge.  He also noted that all the rummaging made him feel like he had a bit more [strength].  While picking up pieces of wood and sticks for later forming a trap, Miltank manages to find a suitable place to quickly make into a [shelter], on the opposite side of the island from RedSunEternal.  The thickness of the ring of trees proved useful to both of them in shelter.

Meanwhile, Ryu89 managed to barely fight through to the top of the mountain, improving his [health] a bit.  Once at the top, he looked down into the mountain, which appeared completely hollow at the top, as if this mountain might once have been a volcano.  Not exactly sure of what dangers were in store, Ryu89 took a deep breath as he plunged into its caverns.  Inside of the cavern, there appeared to be a mysterious old door, but it was completely blocked off.  In the room were two rocks and four pressure plates on the ground in the up, right, left and down parts of the room, and it got Ryu89  to thinking that maybe… this was a [puzzle].

LooseLips finishes up his fancy boat, equipped with fancy sails and a fancy automatic fishing net.  While this takes all day, he feels that he will greatly benefit from this in the long run – the plan was in motion.

Anthcul158’s hatred for not having a piece of gum swelled, filling her with the fervor to quickly carve up [30 arrows].  Without a bow, these arrows weren’t quite as useful, but she had a feeling that if need be she might be able to turn them into 30 one-time daggers.  As Dann Tuggles didn’t seem to confirm or deny Vaclav’s offer to work on bedding if he may eloquently bum at his place, Vaclav went to offer anthcul158 a piece of gum, stating sincerely that it wasn’t an intentional withholding of gum, simply a coincidental one.  Vaclav then proceeds to focus entirely on the bandoneón, and focusing on the beauty of music, starts carving a rock.  WAIT NO THIS IS STUPID – the anology was beautiful but Vaclav wasn’t quite sure why a rock would ever be a good starting point.  The rest of the day was spent weaving reeds into woven patterns, collecting and ornately decorating bits of wood dyed with reddish berries, and baking mud in the sun presumably as a paste or something to hold it all together.  Progress was made, but as stated, one does not rush a bandoneón.

Dann Tuggles makes a quick shelter before turning his attention instead towards fixing up his boomerang.  Though his methods are pretty crummy, the vaguely fixed boomerang felt like half of the time he threw it, it’d come back to him, and half of the time it’d break into two pieces and hit two different targets.  He even spent some time messing around with it, improving his [combat].  Captainawesome managed to work on his particular brand of shovel-play, improving his [combat] while improving his raft enough that it should work over multiple uses.

Hawkers89 and Mike Burns spent the day eating barnacles, for their [health], and playing hide-and-go-grab-ass, improving their [agility].  I’d go into more detail, but I doubt you want to hear details about how Hawkers liked to put himself in holes or how Mike Burns was grabbing wood.  Wanting nothing to do with them, Unfinished Destiny noted the areas on the map that Rayner had previously seen, and that were noted on the new map provided by the King!  Shocking himself seemed to, at the very least, improve his [health] or at least how much pain he could take, thought he wasn’t quite sure if was helping him develop any electrical generating powers.

From the island of the creepy bodies, Shelly saw Bell leave and decided it was time to head east.  Her [animal companionship] improved as she spent some time with the kitten, but she also wondered if the poor thing might also just be hungry?  Once she arrived in the east, she figured it’d be best to find it some food.

Nega-Jim found himself with a bit more [strength], on the island to the south of where he had started.

LeoCrow first looks for a really choice stone for crafting an axe, noting quality over time restrictions.  This would be an axe people would remember, assuming he ever interacted with anyone and wasn’t instead on a completely separate island.  The black water was pretty easily identified as ink, though he wasn’t entirely sure why there would be a well of ink in the middle of the island.  Finally, he walked over and checked out the stone pillar, which turned out to be completely uncool and non-interactive.  Bummer.


14 thoughts on “Day 5: Everyone Else

  1. Pleased with himself, RSE immediately set to work on building his forge now that he had the materials to do so, eating the other piece of candy before beginning.

  2. A large grin erupted on Ryu’s face. Glancing around in anticipation, he slowly walks around the room inspecting the [puzzle] without getting too close to anything.

    “Now this is why I came. For interesting adventure like this.” Slowly, Ryu walks over to one of the rocks, and drops it on one of the pressure plates, taking precaution to avoid anything negative that happens as a result. If nothing happens, he will continue to do this with each of the other plates using the second boulder, his sack of items, and then finally himself.

  3. Step 1 – Explore the northern piece of the island that has been newly exposed, keeping my raft nearby so I don’t have to go find it again.
    Step 2 – Keep an extra eye out for anything that could be used to reinforce my shovel or raft…with EXTRA SPECIAL EYES out for rope…or some strong tendril-like substance.

  4. Very pleased with the gum offer, anthcul158 accepts the offer and proceeds to hug Vaclav quickly enough to seem like an accident, but long enough to be confusing. Anthcul158 then proceeds to seek shelter anywhere she can, also gathering sticks or grass for a roof or sleeping mat of some sort, seeing as the rain is coming. Seriously, anthcul158 likes to stay dry, and she’ll do anything possible to keep it that way.

  5. Noting that the low tide has probably opened up the area that was in the northern tip, Unfinished Destiny sprints there, eager to take advantage of the short low tide. As he is certain there’s treasure or adventure to be found in this new place, or perhaps suffering a delusion from the multiple shocks he’s received over the past few days, he heads out in search of interesting things uncovered while taking careful note of the rain to make sure hopefully, he doesn’t drown while doing so. Still armed with his jellyfish, anybody he would meet he would attempt to search together with them, or if they seemed to be aggressive, would defend himself as necessary. If there is nothing to be found, or unexpected down time or circumstances which would prevent him from exploring and searching, he would study the jellyfish instead of shocking himself with it, as possibly to gain insight into electrical abilities, and probably start off by trying to understand static.

  6. MY TURN:

    In preparation for the coming storm (and feeling a bit famished from a fun game of hide-and-go-grab-ass), I decide like to spend the day coming up with a simple way to construct sturdy water-holding canisters that can collect rain water. After figuring out the materials required I would like to then start searching for them around the island, using my shovel however necessary.

    • As Burns gathers supplies, I’m going to find a rock suitable enough to sharpen the edge of my shovel’s blade. The long term goal here is to have one side be like a saw and the other a sharp blade so that my shovel has three purposes, digging, sawing, and slicing. But for today I will simply sharpen the edge of the shovel. I will test it’s sharpness as I go along by cutting my bread into slices.

  7. Quick question about the pillar: is it a natural structure? I spend a couple minutes trying to divine whether its just a piece of scenery or whether I could unravel its mysteries if only I had the right quest item.

    Then I trek back to the main part of the island and find a nice stick that could serve as the shaft of my axe. Then I fashion myself an axe. Then I chop down a fuck ton of trees.

  8. I will make shallow, wooden, open topped boxes. Once the boxes are finished I will fill them with the surrounding brine and leave them in the sun so that the water will evaporate and leave behind salt. While the water is evaporating I will craft a stone dagger suitable for skinning, scaling, plucking out eyeballs, stabbing people in the heart, and such. I will continue to make salt for as long as the day allows.

  9. After arriving to the new island, Shelly realized the kitten wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon. Every time it looked at her, there was expectation and hunger in its eyes.
    “Fish!” Shelly exclaimed, remembering that cats (at least in cartoons) love fish. She gazed at the new shore that was dotted with tide pools, and then at the kitten, sitting in the sand licking its front paws. Shelly walked toward the nearest tide pool, also the biggest, repeatedly glancing over her shoulder to make sure the kitten was following her.
    “Ok, get your fish! Hurry before it gets stormier!”
    The kitten sat at the edge of the tide pool, staring at the water, then at Shelly, then back at the water. It flicked its tail back and forth.

  10. As it turns out, Knave ended up sleeping for a whole day again…. Upon waking he is overcome with hunger and decides it about time to eat his loaf of bread.
    After enjoying his almost stale breakfast, Knave sets out and spends half a day explore]ing the island before the bad weather sets in. While on his excursion, Knave keeps an eye out for any plants that are fruiting, and any clean water sources.
    Once returning to his shelter on the southeastern side of the island, Knave starts work on a large fishing net using same technique he used to create his rope. He also reinforces his lean-to and adds more palm fronds to the roof.

  11. Vaclav spends part of his turn constructing those beds he was talking about, and makes a play to use his [friendship] to gain shelter with somebody on Hobo Island. Of course, the main goal of Vaclav’s day is the completion of his [exquisite bandoneón].

  12. After quickly finding my Shelter and collecting some materials I spend my turn focusing on finding materials required for metal working and building a forge also making a quiver for my bow and the materials needed.

  13. [Secretly pretends that UE is in mountain time.] Dann spends his day hunting for small game, trying to become effective at using his boomerang whilst collecting useful resources. He tries to find a solid strait staffworthy piece of wood whilst traversing the island hunting game.

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