Day 5: Keepers of Elysium

Next deadline: Friday, February 10th at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Destin
A random guard

Destin spends the day swimming inland, testing out his luck by intentionally refusing to swim, and hoping the waves would keep him afloat long enough that he wouldn’t drown.  While stupid, when he arrived at the island he felt his luck had at least improved enough that he didn’t drown, which wasn’t exactly a raging success, but it did improve his [luck] some.

With a combination of Nirkit’s psychic powers and his normal eyes, he manages to locate a large hole in the bottom of the ship.  Frustrated, Nirkit tries to repair the ship with his psychic powers, which would normally be nonsense except he had gotten pretty darned psychic.  While his [psychic powers] strengthened, a small ghastly shield appeared around the hole – while this would prevent the hole from sinking, Nirkit noted that until his psychic powers developed a bit more, he’d have to [concentrate while sailing] or the hole would burst open and the ship would sink.

After the quick patching was finished, Nirkit decided to ask local spirits if there was anything of interest on the island.  A small voice replied,

“No YoU iDiOt ThIs OuTeR rInG iS mAdE eNtIrElY oF jAgGeD rOcK bUt MaYbE yOuR lEaDeR iS hEaDeD tO sOmEtHiNg GrEaTeR?”


One thought on “Day 5: Keepers of Elysium

  1. Destin, tuckered out from his little swim, decided to explore the island for any super awesome amazing secrets, while working on his luck.

    Haha, UE, my reaction to the haiku contest was:

    “It’s got to say ‘king’ in it at least once. He really likes that he’s a king.”


    “Any form of flattery would definitely improve the chances he likes it.”


    “He’s also a big fan of his beard. Mentioning that would be a plus.”


    “Beautiful golden
    My King’s blood beard shines forth true
    Brighter than ruby”


    (Thank you ^_^)

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