Day 5: The Awesome Squad

Next deadline: Friday, February 10th at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

Maybe it didn’t look the most like Oregon before, but on closer inspection, it definitely did.  Looking at the map made this all so obvious!

Mostly spends the turn building a small conductor for the coming storm.  While not entirely sure how well or how much of a storm your conductor could divert, you do manage to make a [conductor], and get better at [science] in the process as well.

Moving towards the woods, Ossa, JohnnyViral, and Mike all decide to work together to build a shelter.  Before they would reach the woods, Ossa would lead his team gloriously in song;

“The Awesome Squad
we’re Number One
The Awesome Squad
has all of the fun!
Like literally
we leave no fun for other teams to have
Until I put some tentacles on their face
Then they can have some fun too

Yo yo yo we’re The Awesome Squad
Doin’ The Awesome Squad stuff
100% Awesome
0% Fluff
We got a ship of science, but no G-D pearls
We could do anything if we could find some F-in’ pearls!

The Awesome Squad is headed to the forest
Going to make some nice shelter when *cough* we get to the forest
Maybe find some pearls on the way to the forest
Why are there *cough* no cool words that rhyme with forest.”

Once they arrived at the forest, they worked together to make some shelter for the coming storm.  Between the three of them, gathering supplies and building, the managed to finish a nice shelter with [20 wood] leftover.  Still, in order to fit everyone comfortable they were probably going to want more than one [shelter].

While on board, Blu turns in the materials to the science station.  As somethingfromnothingology works, the machine chugged and smoked for the better part of the day, while Bell was picked up and brought over to his team!  When they had returned, the science station produced a [pocket forge], as well as various [forging tools] to ensure not only that he could forge, but that he could forge well.

When they return at night, they all laugh over the absolutely wonderful and not awful song they had thought up.  JohnnyViral’s [cough] goes away, and Bell and Blu note that they shouldn’t set foot on the boat the following day.


6 thoughts on “Day 5: The Awesome Squad

  1. Mostly, realizing that his brain juices are running low on glucose, eats both of his candies at once and works to science up his [conductor] into the most potent and capacital of capacitors.

  2. (OOC: busy at work again, so just posting this before rest of team, you can have me assist in whatever, if they forget to post, the rough plan was to build more shelters that ajoined each other so that we could all be inside and connected)

    I notice the tide is low, which means that maybe I’ll be able to find a damn pearl. I keep my eye out for one….again. I will assist my team in whatever shelter-related activity they are partaking in.

  3. Seeing as the search for the pearls they need has been a bit fruitless, and the impending weather situation seems a bit more pressing Viral continued the building of more shelters to house the Awesome Squad during the coming storm. Spending his whole day gathering materials for and building shelters while at the same time forming plans to somehow connect each shelter which he thinks could be the ground work for an Awesome Squad base of operations here on the Island of Oregon.

    Somehow the Awesome Squad’s theme song is stuck in Johnny’s head and he will be humming it through most of his work, while making a mental note to speak to Mike about how they could make the song a bit more, Metal.

  4. Bell heaved a sigh and wandered off to the outskirts of the island revealed from low tide to continue the quest for pearls, mostly from mollusks washed up on the shore. He would probably spend a great deal of time doing this until called back by his team and hopefully into a shelter where they could all stay dry and warm.

  5. Blu finally, throughout the hardships of obtaining a forge, starts making armor for his crew. Blu knew the armor has to be matching for his crew cause.. you know.. it’s the Awesome Squad, why wouldn’t they be matching? Blu frustratingly rubs his face furiously surrendering to.. once again.. the gods.

    “Well God.. we’re back here again. Thanks for the rocks, your graciousness, but I have something I have a problem with.. What should the matching armors be? I was thinking something.. Ginyu Force-esque. I don’t know.. Please help!”

    Blu walks away from the shelter to join up with Bell to find pearls as he wonders if he can construct musical instruments for the Awesome Squad cause.. y’know.. metal. |m| -_- |m|

  6. Ossa assists in helping JohnnyViral to construct more shelters. Seeing as they need multiple rooms and the more people working on it the better.

    (sorry for the short and late post, but I have excuses.)

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