Character Spotlight: JABSTAR

JABSTAR is a member of the GREEN TEAM, a team that speaks entirely in GREEN SPEECHPERIODEXCLAIMATIONMARKEXCLAIMATIONMARK.  JABSTAR has spent most of his time in the islands working on befriending animals, and has the highest [animal companionship] out of any member of GREEN TEAM!  And it shows, too – JABSTAR has not only managed to befriend a turtle, who he named Jamie, but recently befriended a rattlesnake that would look like this if I wasn’t too lazy to give this a rattle.

While JABSTAR himself isn’t any good at fighting, he has trained Jamie to fight for him.  As shown in his stats, JABSTAR is able to raise his [combat] specifically with Jamie and his other animal friends, effectively allowing him to use a collective of animals as his chosen weapon.  Collectives of animals have the advantage that  they use both the best aspects of both your largest and smallest animals, but collecting animals is about twice as difficult as getting yourself a nice weapon.