Day 6: Esoteric Order of Bacon

Next deadline: Tuesday, February 14th at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Itylhive

Ityhive spends his day walking back to the initial island with the intent on taking Loose Lips captive, while drinking his potion along the way.  Unfortunately when he gets there, he only finds a pile of various idle bodies, none of which seem to be Loose Lips, and a guard that seems to not be feeling so well.  You could’ve sworn he would be here, but for some reason he isn’t.  Still, the mystery powered trek proved valuable in not just learning of the last bit of mysterystuff, but effectively mastering [all the mysterystuff] – and the potion was good for your [health].

Antiblematic decides that a [goat] would be the perfect animal for such a sacrifice, which works out really well since a goat is exactly what he happens to find and capture.  The goat was pretty unhappy that it was going to be a sacrifice, but Antiblematic told the goat to get over it.  Noting that mammals are stupid, parrotfanatic manages to befriend a tailorbird, which is pretty enjoyable.  [Animal friendship] can be a beautiful thing.


7 thoughts on “Day 6: Esoteric Order of Bacon

  1. Itylhive, waiting for his team (or unsuspecting adventurer) to convey means of transportation, will attempt to heal the nauseous guard with [mysterystuff] and get him to start carrying the idles back to the eastern island

  2. I’ll use my berrypoint pen and a few scraps of paper to write down requests for blessings and protection from ۞ׂҾ┘ the Elder, and feed the pieces of paper to the goat. Then after waiting a short amount of time for the blessings to properly rest in the stomach, I kill the goat. Probably a rock to the head.

  3. I instruct [Goldilocks] to continue construction on the Drydock, telling him I join him in a few minutes.

    I then request to borrow Antiblematic’s berrypoint pen and section of paper, and scrawl a small note:

    What is your status(Check all that apply):

    ☐ Mortally Wounded
    ☐ Missing limbs
    ☐ Dead
    ☐ Successful

    Answers may be marked in Ink, Blood, or Excrement. Illegible answers will be marked incorrect.

    After a quick refresher course, I send my ever-enjoyable tailorbird Evan Williams to deliver the note to Ithylhive on Initial Island. I then join Goldilocks in constructing the drydock/our new vessel.

    • Itylhive will send the bird back with the guard to show him the way. For the answer on the letter he will doodle a secret symbol of the Esoteric order of Bacon (which is much too esoteric to commit to mundane electronic media).

  4. I wash up on a mysterious shore, having very little idea of where I am. I look around for a long stick made of strong wood, about the right size for a staff. Having nothing to sharpen it with, and no way of obtaining fresh water, I move on. I wander around until much to my surprise I find a local and introduce myself. I inquire as to were they came from, what supplies they have, and where fresh drinkable water can be found. I also ask if anyone has a knife, so i can sharpen my stick to be suitable for spear fishing.

    • Itylhive will give FeralPrince his loaf of bread and point him in the direction of Eastern Island. He will also suggests that if FeralPrince carries one of the idles with him, [Goldilocks] will be appreciative enough to help him craft his spear next turn. Oh, and that if untold power and senseless, nay, esoteric carnage is his thing, he’s welcome to join the team.

      • FeralPrince gratefully accepts the bread, and agrees to carry the idol for Goldilocks in return for help crafting his spear. After a long and slightly awkward moment of contemplation, he decides that in this strange new place he might as well seek out new opportunities for combat, rather then just aspire for mere survival. He holds out his hands and says “I agree… but know that I only slaughter fools and worthy prey.” Thinking about it, he realizes that that includes almost everyone, but decides to stick to his word anyway.

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