Day 6: Everyone Else

Next deadling: Tuesday, February 14th at 11:59 EST

Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Wahoo McDaniels
Mike Burns

Knave explores the island, noting that the island is mostly made up of three patches of forest, all pointing inwards.  There are several small tide pools, and a sandbar that extended far enough to potentially reach another island, and one of the sides of the sandbar dropped pretty suddenly, making it presumably a great spot for fishing.  Also, you have explored the island and earned the [right to name it].

In preparation for their adventures to come, a good portion of everyone else spent their day building, or working towards some sort of crafting goal.  RedSunEternal scarfed down his candy and finished his crude [forge] that he had gathered rocks for.  It wasn’t pretty, but it would forge.  Somehow during the process, RedSunEternal felt his [strength] increase.  Mike Burns decided to tie up leaves with reeds so that they would funnel the coming rain water, and tried to line a hole with rocks and bark to collect it all.  Hawkers89 sharpened his [shovel], and tested it out by slicing his bread.  As he did, some stray crumbs caught his eye and he swiped them quickly – 5 second rule – so as not to waste them.  It seemed that the crumbs were addicting, and before he had realized it, Hawkers89 had eaten all of his bread.  It was alright though, he used the new-found energy to continue sharpening his shovel even further.

LeoCrow finished his really nice [axe], but it took so much of his day that he only had enough time to cut down a lesser-profanity-amount of them, getting about [10 wood] from a bitchton of trees.  He also notes that the pillar does not look natural, as it contains small marks of tools that have mostly weathered away over time.  LooseLips finished his box and started collecting [salt], as well as sharpening a rock to use as a crude [dagger].  Knave eats his bread and finishes a large [fishing net] while patching up his shelter a bit.  Vaclav masterfully finishes an [exquisite bandoneón].  Now equipped with the power of music, Vaclav felt absolutely unstoppable – or at the very least, entertaining.  Vaclav also worked towards some crude beds, but didn’t have the most time after spending all day focusing on the vastly superior [exquisite bandoneón].  Miltank quickly finishes a quiver and gathers [rocks] with which to make a forge the next day.  Dann Tuggles mostly just found a [stick] (a nice one though).

While Dann Tuggles did spend some time hunting as well, he couldn’t comfortably use his weapon without fear of it breaking.  He didn’t effectively hunt anything, but he did get a touch better at [combat].

captainawesome and Unfinished Destiny both rush down the sloping sandbar at the exact same time, reaching a strange stone room with a mysterious old door.  In front of the door were four pedestals, and on the floor in front of them were three statues.  When placing the statues on the pedestal, sometimes they sat normally and sometimes the faces of the statues slid down, as if to look afraid – but regardless, you felt a small part of your life essence being drawn into the placement. You figure the goal is to probably put the statues in the right order on the first try because of the strange feeling you’re getting, but what order was the right order?

The statues are of a lynx, a mammoth , a jackal and a chinchilla.  You also note that the second pedestal is the only one large enough to fit the mammoth on.

As Ryu89 drops a rock on the first pressure plate, he hears some grinding noises from the door.  Taking this as a good sign, he then puts a rock on the second plate, which results in a ton of tiny darts flying out of the wall.  Thankfully, his agility allows him to nimbly dodge the darts.  Deciding that was a decoy, he then moves the rock onto another plate.  This time, the plate spring loads the rock right back into him, and he isn’t strong enough to fight its momentum.  The weight of the rock crushing him causes him to become [injured], but he fights through it and puts the rock on the last pressure plate, which opens the door.  Inside, you find a [utility wish pouch], a pouch said to contain a tool related to the one word you think of while opening it.

While most people are building, anthcul158 works on finding shelter under a nearby tree, making sure to bring some brush along.  Most of the day is spent tying tree branches together of a tree with a convenient hole in its side, turning it into a [shelter].  No rain was going to ruin her day!

The cat didn’t seem to understand the word eat.  Staring at Shelly, the cat walked up to her foot, back turned towards the pool of water, and it pawed at her foot while looking up at her.


The cat’s tail grazed the surface of the water and the cat spun around suddenly, staring into the pool of water as its tail dripped on Shelly’s foot.  The cat wasn’t quite sure what to make of the pool of water, but it did try and paw at its own reflection, the cold splash startling it and causing it to run behind Shelly.


15 thoughts on “Day 6: Everyone Else

  1. Ryu clutched at the bag and held it aloft excitedetly, as if a small tune was playing in his head.

    “Ow. That boulder hurt. Hope this is worth it.” He said aloud. He reached his hand inside the bag, and thought… Advanced Rogue Gear… and pulled out what was inside.

    Ryu will then make camp within the cave and take the rest of the day to recover from his [Injuries], Perhaps eating the bread in his bag if this will speed along his recovery.

  2. Anthcul158 spies the new sandbar to the west of her island, makes a mental note where her shelter is, and thus explores this said sandbar/new island, returning to her shelter if she has time.

  3. Step 1 – Push the elephant on the second pedestal.
    Step 2 – Suggest to Unfinished Destiny to push the chinchilla on the first pedestal so it doesn’t have to be afraid of either of the meat eating other statues….if he agrees, do so.
    Step 3 – Not sure where the other two should go…arbitrarily suggest Lynx and then Jackal to Unfinished Destiny.

  4. Well, now that his forge and fort were mostly done, it was time to try to find some material to forge with. But first, there was one more thing he hadn’t tried yet. Bringing out his pack, RSE downed the strange potion he had been given. After this was done, if he wasn’t physically impaired, he begins to search the island for [iron]. If unable to find any [iron] he starts paddling towards the island to the east.

  5. Taking note of the statue’s fearful faces and the mammoth on the middle, UD guessed that this might be a possible game of rock paper scissors with animals that were afraid of each other. Noting the the mammoth was an elephant and the chinchilla was a rodent, he agreed and slide the chinchilla onto the first pedestal. And as the lynx was a cat, he slid that onto the last pedestal, noting that if this was about descending syllable order, he would have succeeded too. He then readied himself for the possible success or failure, ready to dive in or away.

  6. Equipping my quiver and bow on my back I head out to start hunting any animals on the island i can find all the while working on my tracking skills and agility. I keep an eye out for anything useful I can find which could be used in my lair!

  7. Being unimpressed with the features of the island he is currently on, Knave he will take a chance and head for across the new sandbar to the East. HIs hopes are to make it to the next island before the tide and weather turn for the worse.

    Knave sets out for most easterly island at sunrise, with new fishing net, coiled rope, and adventure pack tossed over his shoulder.

    After walking a bit, Knave stops and turns around, taking a good look at the island he just left. He mumbles to himself, “I’ll have to return to that island, and explore it’s three hammocks more.” Thusly naming the island “Three Hammock Isle.”

    During his treck to the new island, Knave occasionally casts his net over the drop-off at the edge of the sand bar, with hopes of catching some fish. Being the lucky man he is, Knave accumulates a good sized catch by the time he reaches the new island.

    After his arrival on this new larger island, Knave quickly scans the coast for a place to erect a quick shelter. Once a simple shelter is in place, he creates a fire bow from a length of rope and gets started on a small cooking fire. And enjoys his first real meal in days.

  8. Feeling horrible about eating all of the bread and not saving any for Burns, I give my two pieces of candy in hopes of strengthening our friendship even more. After short conversation, we agree to make surfboards, as the coming storm should offer some amazing waves. Not to mention that after the storm they will prove useful for getting around in the water.

    I will spend half of the day using my sharpening stone to make saw teeth in one side of the shovel, then the rest of the day gathering supplies to build an epic surfboard.

    • MY TURN:
      Confused by the sense of panic some people are giving off about the coming storm, I discuss with Hawkers that we should take advantage of the storm and ride some waves. I use my day to search the island for wood suitable to make a surfboard with as I whistle pleasantly while on my hunt for materials for creating the most epic of surfboards.

  9. Vaclav shambles or meanders to the newly exposed western landmass as well. Before his stumbling expedition begins, he partakes of a rare [candy] and uses that era of good feeling to support his main occupation at this point: the mastery of his [glittering squeezebox]. Hopefully by the end of this journey, Vaclav will become the Bon Iver of the [exquisite bandoneón] or the Skrillex of orquesta típica. I hope Dann Tuggles likes sea shanties…

  10. I use my wood to start construction of a rowboat, one that can last me [some indeterminate number that would at least encompass the duration of everything islands] journeys. If I run out of wood, then I go chop some more. If I cannot adequately complete a boat without the use of a special tool or material, hopefully I intuit what that is before I’m left with a useless pile of wood. And when I’m done I paint the hull with ink so I can go all stealth up in this bitch!

  11. Shelly smiled, slowly becoming fond of the kitten. It was so clumsy and helpless, and just plain cute. And it seemed to be the only one on the island that was happy to be in her company. Glancing around, Shelly noticed someone leaving the island and saw that a heap of rope had been left behind. Quickly, Shelly snatched it up and saw that it was a half-finished fishing net. Shelly grinned and went back to the tide pool. The kitten followed her, even though the net was a few feet from the tide pool.
    “Alright, Felix, it’s time to get us some food before the weather gets any worse!”
    Shelly paused for a moment as she straightened out the fishing net and smiled to herself. She had named the kitten. She looked down at the kitten as she sat by the tide pool, “Felix. You look like a Felix.”

  12. I spend my turn fishing out at sea as well as continuing to gather salt. I salt the fish after i catch them and store them on the boat. If the sea starts to get to dangerous I will sail to the nearest island and hole up to wait out the storm.

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