Day 6: The Awesome Squad

Next deadline: Tuesday, February 14th at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

Working together, the team manages to finish yet another shelter, using the extra time to make a pathway connecting the two shelters for better team unity!  With the shelter they have built now, they could comfortably fit four, and could probably squeeze in six, though they probably wouldn’t want to spend a whole day indoors like that.  Or who knows, maybe they would? (Nappy time, anyone?)

Bell spends the day gathering mollusks and bringing them back to the shelter, also picking up some [pearls] that just happen to be laying around.  The amount of mollusks and other such nonsense during low tide was pretty ridiculous.  At the end of the day, when Bell had returned to the new and improved shelter, the team was awestruck at the pearls.  Bell insisted that it was no big deal, and that the pearls were actually incredibly easy to find.  The team proceeded to possibly cook and maybe eat the mollusks, potentially improving their [health].

Dramatically, Mostly grabbed their two candies, dramatically unwrapping them and consuming them whole as they preparedtousetheadvantageofthecandytoOHWAIT Suddently, Mostly remembered that they didn’t have any candy, because King Daggerbeard took great cares to give members of a team something incredibly useful like a ship, and everyone else a goodie bag.  There were no exceptions to prove this rule – it was absolute.  Still, it didn’t seem to matter.  While improving on the conductor, greatly increasing its potency, Mostly’s grasp of science improved so much that they felt total and complete mastery – Mostly had learned [all the science].

As Blu stared to the heavens, he was overcome by a burning image in his head of exactly what the team’s armor should look like.  Yes, yes surely this was the ultimate vision of beauty,  the ultimate irony in protection.  The would would have matching armor, to unify their awesomeness, but the armor wouldn’t even match itself.  It was genius, the exact kind of innovation you’d expect from The Awesome Squad.  Once he had decided on what kind of ridiculous armor was going to need to be made, he decided to craft a stone [pickaxe] for himself, which seemed like the most logical next step.  With it, he’d be able to go to the nearby mountains and extract ore, which he could then use to  create some armor, noting that if anyone wanted to do the mining for him he’d be able to pump out armor about twice as quickly.


6 thoughts on “Day 6: The Awesome Squad

  1. Mostly will give sonar technology another crack. If [All the science] can’t find the answer, he will instead focus on nautical engineering to design a submersible module for the team’s boat.

  2. JohnnyViral both amazed and annoyed that it was Bell, their newest member, who found the much needed Pearls and not anyone else on The Awesome squad, proceeded to note that they still needed 10 fish to complete the recipe. “However I do want to consult the science station about a more personal way of helping us survive the ship a bit better.” With that he trudged up to the ship and inquired at the science station. “I would like to create personal gas masks for the team.” He waited patiently for the recipe.

    ((OOC: Assuming the recipe doesnt take all day to be given to Johnny))

    With recipe in hand JohnnyViral returned to his the small Awesome Squad settlement and began the task of gathering the missing recipe ingredient, 10 fish, encouraging Mike to join him so that they may talk of all the awesome metal concerts they previously went to and how they could make the Awesome Squad’s theme more metal.

  3. Excited with a pickaxe in his hand, Blu rushes to the mountains to gather ore. “GOD IS ALMIGHTY, GOD IS GREAT!” Blu giddily sings while mining ore. Trying to think of all the ore he needed to make the Awesome gear, Blu decides to step it up a little further and scrounge up more ore for an extra special project. Forgetting his main goal on Everything Islands, Blu infatuations with creating special items swallows him, showing his utmost dedication to his project.

  4. I join JohnnyViral in helping gather the fish with the sharpened stick that we had earlier. Since our encampment is in the forest, I gather another stick and sharpen it to help JohnnyViral with his task. I figure that to make the theme more metal, we can add some awesome growls to it, some blast beats, bass drops, breakdowns, and guitar solos.

  5. Bell spent the day gathering random sticks or other things that grow in the forests of Oregon island to touch up the shelters, though he was growing very tired and had spent a long time without sleep and would obviously need to sleep very soon.

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