Day 6: The Keepers of Elysium

Next deadline: Tuesday, February 14th at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Destin
A random guard

As Captain Destin explores the new smaller island he has reached, his luck leads him directly through what appears to possibly have been an intentionally misleading winding forest maze, with no problem at all!  What [luck]!  Even luckier, when he reached the exact center of the forest maze, a guard was somehow waiting for him.

“Hey Destin, we really appreciate your haiku – it definitely helped out.  I-It was… *sniffle* beautiful, man!  You really earned this!”

The guard handed Destin an [abstract wish pouch], a magical bag that is said to contain a tiny sentiment related to whatever one word you think of while opening it.

As if making it through the forest maze in just a day wasn’t incredibly enough [luck], Destin managed to reach the center of the island during low tide.  The center of the island was sunken, and presumably flooded entirely during any other tide.  But for Destin, it was a muddy slope downwards to what looked like a temple of sorts, adorned with severely weathered statues.

Carefully treading downwards, Destin found himself in a room with a bunch of what looked like forgotten statues to fallen heroes.  Though old, worn and forgotten, you can’t shake the feeling that in their time, these statues were great and deserving tributes to, well, some group of people.  At the far end of the room is a mysterious old door, and to the side of it is a group of four unlit torches.  Out of curiosity, Destin decided to touch the second torch, and when he did he felt a sliver of his life force fade away, pulled from him and into the torch.  The torches changed from:

Unlit, Unlit, Unlit, Unlit -> Lit, Lit, Lit, Unlit

Knowing he could only touch the unlit torches, as touching lit torches was a bad idea, Destin decided he needed to get all the torches lit in the least number of moves, so as not to elongate this awful draining sensation.

Somehow in his idleness, Nirkit loses track of dio212.


2 thoughts on “Day 6: The Keepers of Elysium

  1. As impressed as he was with his ability to patch a boat using psychic powers cultivated only every other day or so, Nirkit was less impressed with the spiritual message relayed to him. Today, he’d focus his psychic energies on contacting the spirits on Destin’s mini-sub-island-thingy, to act as a medium between them and him and help him with the torch challenge that Nirkit knew about because PSYCHIC, BITCHES.

  2. (Not sure if I’m supposed to do something else other than touch the last unlit torch, but here we go!)

    Destin, though fearing the result, touched the last unlit torch. He hoped that it would solve the puzzle, but he also knew better.

    While he did so, he clenched his awesome new wishing bag at the opening. He didn’t realize he was loosening the sack, thus unleashing the magic forces. His thoughts went to his ornate blade, the Chaladholg, and really wished he hadn’t left it in that weird Galadoria place.

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