Day 7: Everyone Else

Next deadline: Thursday February 16th at 11:59 EST.

Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Wahoo McDaniels
Mike Burns

While anthcul158, Dann Tuggles and Vaclav all decide to explore beyond their humble island, anthcul158 is the only one that seems concerned with the coming storm.  Knowing that the walk back will take quite a while, anthcul158 decides to leave some ways into the walk to make it back in time, despite enjoying Vaclav’s music along the way.  On return, anthcul158 enjoys sweet, sweet shelter.  Knave decides to cross ovre to a new island, and tries to make a quick shelter but isn’t quite sure how it is going to hold up in the coming storm.  The walk and shelter combined take up too much time to work on his fire bow, despite sounding like an awesome idea.  Everyone along for the walk feels their [health] improve, except Vaclav who somehow converts said benefits into sweet, sweet musical [art].

At the puzzle at Haymaker Island, captainawesome and Unfinished Destiny both decide to try out the following combination:

Chinchilla, Mammoth, Lynx, Jackal

With this placement, both the mammoth and the lynx looks afraid, while the chinchilla and the jackal do not.  Now that you mention it though, you’re not sure the jackal ever looked afraid.  Dang, you were sure you got it right!  Maybe the statues aren’t literally representations of the exact species of animal as you thought, or maybe it was some terrible inside joke from the designers of the puzzle.  Regardless, you do feel a strange tingling sensation for having placed all of the statues, though not quite in the right order.

While RedSunEternal decided to chug a potion and build a [pickaxe], to find ore another day, he felt his [health] increase.  Miltank spends his day hunting animals, a great activity for [agility], and also finds some [rubies].  Hawkers decides to focus on sharpening his shovel, which was starting to get pretty ridiculously sharp, while Mike Burns makes enough [surfboards] for the both of them. They were pretty pumped about the massive storm coming and the waves it’d provide.  LooseLips manages to catch what is roughly about [50 fish], noting that at the end of the day docking at the same western island would be safe with the coming storm.

Thankfully, from his previous experience with boatstuff, Leocrow easily makes a sea-worthy vessel that would last him many a trip.  Dyed with ink, the boat was ready for only the stealthiest of missions, no special tools required.

Ryu spends the day tending to his wounds, which are pretty easily fixed.  Thankful, he opens the bag, revealing a [tool improving kit].  When this kit is used on a non-combative tool, that tool becomes upgraded a great deal!  Now all Ryu had to do was figure out what tool to use it on.

Shelly manages to catch a fish for Felix with some amount of difficulty, having been using an unfinished net.  Still, the cat seems to gobble the fish up quickly, licking at its bones.  When finished, the cat rubbed up against Shelly, playfully running loops around her feet.  The two played for a while, but afterwords the cat started pawing her leg while looking up, way past her.  Even it knew the coming storm was bad news.


13 thoughts on “Day 7: Everyone Else

  1. “These items the king provided us with have really been a great help! When the rain stops I’ll have to send him a thank you note!” RSE smiled to himself remarking on how awesome the kit he’d been given was.

    “Probably shouldn’t go out while it’s raining, guess I’ll work on improving my forti-zpkclchyk!!!” RSE exclaimed as a bolt of lightning hit near him. “Yeah, definitely not going outside.”

    RSE immediately began working on improving his fortifications as much as possible.

  2. Since anthcul158 hates water and getting wet, she spends the time in her shelter, possibly running out for a few minutes at a time to gather reeds to sew into a blanket to keep warm, or sticks or something to reinforce her shelter. Also, she spends any extra free time avoiding lightning bolts, hopefully successfully. Also, since she’s just sitting on her butt in her shelter until the storm passes, she decides to open her backpack and observe its contents more closely, especially focusing on that token/coin she remembers being given in the beginning, hoping to be inspired as to the function of this item.

    • “Hm,” utters Vaclav – “It appears to be raining.”

      Vaclav, desperate to protect his precious concertina, makes an appeal to anthcul158’s friendship for some shelter. He has little to offer, besides whatever manpower he can contribute to shelter upkeep. He does, however, hope that his [luck] can protect those around him from the storm.

  3. Ryu stood at the mouth of the cavern, looking into the maelstrom that was swirling above him.

    “Thunder…. not a great idea to go exploring right now. Can’t just waste the day though” he thought, and he started doing [strength] training inside the cavern, and will do that for the day.

  4. Well, since it’s storming, I’ll flip the boat upside down, prop it open a bit with some rocks or whatever, and chill under there for a day.

    Twiddling my thumbs in my makeshift shelter I’m struck by a thought: if the gossip stone I was given is, in fact a spying device, then the dude monitoring it is probably some poorly compensated chump and not the king himself. And since the king is inept, selfish, and inarguably unattractive, it stands to reason that this lowly worker probably resents him at least as much as I do. Probably more so since I just got here like a week ago and I haven’t really been oppressed per se… at least, not yet. So it wouldn’t hurt to try and make contact with this unfortunate person!

    Thus, I spend the day trying to figure out how the stone works.

  5. Furrowing his brow as hard as it can be furrowed, Unfinished Destiny lets captainawesome try his out, and then attempt to shift them into the following position instead.
    Jackal, Mammoth, Lynx, Chinchilla

  6. MY TURN:

    Mike Burns was beginning to have second thoughts about surfing. Something* was telling him that the storm was going to be a lot more intense than he had originally hoped for and his emotions were running high. At first he had thought “maybe I should go surfing” but now he knew “I HAVE to go surfing!” The storm looked as if it was not going to be what he had originally hoped for but MORE than he originally hoped for! His emotions were running high indeed but with excitement! He shouts to Hawkers telling him to follow him into the water so they can ride out the storm (LITERALLY!) by surfing some potentially ‘killer’ waves. Mike Burns uses his shovel to help him paddle into the water and then he surfs all the (hopefully) live long day!

    *Something =

    • Content with my part saw, part blade, part shovel shovel, I take the vial of liquid out of my pack and drink half of it, then give the other half to Burns. Following Burns’s enthusiasm (and smokin hot ass), I hop on my surf board and paddle out with my saw/blade/shovel.

      As we paddle out, I realize I could help my brother from another mother so much more if I was not tied down by this physical body. Tempting fate, I decide to risk shedding this mortal coil and hold my shovel high into the sky and shout, “ALL MIGHTY THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, STRIKE ME DOWN SO I MAY BE A GHOST!”

  7. After awakening from his unekspectedly long meditation Rayner notices that other people had gone down the slope he had discovered and decided to rush in and claim what was rightfully his!
    Looking at the statues Rayner decides that the answer is clearly lynks, mammoth, jackal,chinchilla.

  8. i do pushups allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day after i eat a candy

  9. During the torrential downpour, Knave spends his day practicing his meditation.

    Halfway though the day he spends an bit of time repairing his poor excuse for shelter.

    Then goes back to his meditation.

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