Day 7: Storm’s a-here!

As predicted a while back, a storm was slowly building over the Everything Islands, and its occupants were given plenty of time to prepare themselves.  The storm consisted of a horrible torrential downpour, accompanied by particularly nasty arcing bolts of lightning that tore across the sky maliciously, as if searching specifically to kill.

Anyone caught outside in the rain will have their usefulness drastically reduced.  Taking actions outside in the downpour will be difficult, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get done what you set out to do.

Anyone can possibly be hit by the malicious lightning.  The lightning will most likely strike those who are outside or on high ground, with a diminishing chance of striking those taking shelter or on low ground.  If someone who has taken shelter is struck by lightning, the downsides are greatly reduced.

Despite the intensity of the storm, it will subside after this day.