Day 7: The Awesome Squad

Next deadline: Thursday February 16th at 11:59 EST.

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

Having mastered all of science, Mostly obviously now knows how sonar would work.  It’s so simple!  The question is, what would Mostly like to do with sonar?  Building things was quite different than knowing how to build things.  Flustered, Mostly decided to mock up plans for how to make their ship potentially a submarine.

JohnnyViral goes onto the ship, requesting a new recipe, noting that he shouldn’t return to the ship the following day.  The recipe read:

“1 ruby, 5 stone”

JohnnyViral was pretty sure this was the recipe for just one gas mask, but he was positive he could easily use it multiple times and make multiple gas masks.  Confident with his decision, he left and worked with Mike to catch about [30 fish].  Blu berserked through the mountaintops with the power of the gods.  Not exactly sure what ore would be needed for the suit of armor, Blu decided to just collect a [ton of random ore], which seemed to match the aesthetic of the armor he was going for.  At the end of the day, he felt he had enough ore to make probably four suits of armor, or some other things.  It really all depended.

Meanwhile, Bell decides to patch up the shelter, making it a bit nicer and hopefully more durable for the coming storm.  Bell had a nagging feeling that the structures were going to need this additional reinforcement.


5 thoughts on “Day 7: The Awesome Squad

  1. Thinking that the storm will probably make it hard for anything to be done if one steps outside, Viral decides to reinforce the shelter he was currently in, thinking that nothing else bu the safety of him and his fellow teammates should be his top priority at the moment. Once finished he would take what remained of the day to cook some of the extra fish for them to eat.

  2. Mostly will sit in the shelter drawing up the plans for a submarine module with the intent to optimize the bill of materials the science machine on the ship will provide

  3. At the shelter, Blu pulled out his pocket forge and started creating the armor. Each stroke at the forge, Blu’s eyes glowed with sparks matching the ones created at the forge. Shifting through each piece of armor, carefully making it the image of how the Gods wanted, Blu was eager to finish each armor in time.. for the special finale.

    Madly, Blu’s visions of grandeur drove him into creating instruments. Realizing their garments, their instruments, cannot just be made regularly made from simply ore (although metal. Not metal enough!). Blu carried each piece of equipment once again to the mountain tops in order to imbue the Awesome Squads items, NO, their other half that they have been missing all their life. “This is what we need! YES. TO BECOME AS ONE WITH EVERYTHING ON EVERYTHING ISLANDS. Each part of the Awesome Squad will be friggin’ awesome!” Blu cackling madly as he dragged each piece of their destiny to the final tip top of the items.

    At the top, Blu arranges the armor in a circle, encompassing the would-be instruments in the middle. BANG, strikes of lightning barely hitting Blu emerged into a violent fit as he continued the final ritual. Finally, the order is complete. Blu rubbing his whole face again then in confidence walks up the middle middle, raising his hammer in the air, called upon the Gods once again!

    “OH MIGHTY GODS! Ever since those two rocks that was hit upon my head. I had a vision.. NO! A goal! To show how Awesome Squad really is! I need the power of lightning to enchant this armor with your almighty awesomeness!” Blu titter totters standing on his toes in order for him to be the antenna to conduct his special gifts for his new founded family. He knew in order to make several guitars and drums he would need more ingredients to make the items, but he could not wait. When would the next storm come? What if there was other competitors trying to spend awesome around the islands? Blu shook his head and realigned his stance back to two handing the hammer he used to forge his life’s legacy.

    “We’re the Awesome Squad, we’re number ONE!” Blu sang as his he awaited the Gods’ answer.

  4. I decide to stay in the shelter and help JohnnyViral re-enforce our shelter. While waiting out the storm, I decide to try and channel all of my inner [metal] energies to be able to perform as well as I can once the band is assembled. I spend the rest of the time writing awesome metal songs for our group.

  5. Ossa, pleased with the maniacal cackling of his crew member decides to join him in his madness. He laughs as madly as he can, hoping others might join in (much like their awesome theme song – for which both Blu, Bell, and Mostly need to come up with parts to sing along). With a couple crew mates already working on making the shelter secure – Ossa looks over their work making sure they don’t miss anything. Although, he feels fairly confident in their capabilities and decides to spend most of his energy elsewhere. Tentacles elsewhere.

    He attempts to listen in on the voices once again, seeking their counsel for further knowledge on forbidden anatomy manipulation.

    (I’m almost done with the guitar part for the theme song. If I can find a better place to record, I’ll post it once it’s done.)

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