Day 8: Everyone Else

Next deadline: Sunday, February 19th at 11:59 EST

Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Wahoo McDaniels
Mike Burns

Quite a few people caught out in the rain ended up being unable to do anything with their day, the weight of the rain bogging them down and making much of anything impossible.  Loose Lips ate a piece of candy and managed to get some physical training done out in the rain to improve [strength], but nobody else could tolerate the intense weather.

Presumably on good terms, Vaclav spent the turn with anthcul158 in shelter.  (If for any reason this is incorrect, instead Vaclav spent the turn outside in the rain miserably.) Anthcul158 spent some time familiarizing herself with the token, which looked like a token one might use at a fortune telling booth at a carnival.  Not that there’d ever be a carnival out here on the islands, but she was pretty convinced that that was the purpose of the token.  Leocrow spends some time examining the stone he has, but it’s much tougher to place than anthcul158’s extra item.  If the stone is used for communicating, it might only be one-way, since it doesn’t seem to respond to him in any way, shape or form.  But after spending a whole day just laying down, examining the stone, leocrow has this nagging feeling that the stone might actually be alive, having sworn he felt it pulse once or twice over the course of the day.

Inside of the cave he had found previously, Ryu trained his [strength].  Far to the north, a puzzle was being solved in another, different cave.

“Chinchilla – Mammoth – Jackal – Lynx.”

The mammoth and the lynx both still carried the horrified expression on their face.  Frowning, Unfinished Destiny told captainawesome to step aside and tried a different combination.

“Jackal – Mammoth – Lynx – Chinchilla.”

In this arrangement, only the chinchilla seemed afraid.  Confused, Unfinished Destiny was brushed aside when Rayner burst into the dungeon, quickly arranging the statues in the following order.

“Lynx – Mammoth – Jackal – Chinchilla.”

None of the statues were afraid, and the door swung open.  Rayner went inside and retrieved a [weapon wish pouch] for himself, a magical bag that is said to contain a weapon related to whatever one word you think of while opening it. The other two poked around in the newly opened door, finding a [abstract wish pouch] for each of them, a magical bag that is said to contain a tiny sentiment related to whatever one word you think of while opening it.

While the three talked about the puzzle and how Rayner solved it so easily, he explained that the chinchilla and mammoth thing was pretty obvious, and that the lynx would eat the chinchilla.  When both mentioned that the jackal would also eat the chinchilla, Rayner simply stated, “Obviously you’ve never read the Adventures of Jackal and Chinchilla. They’re best friends.”

As lightning startled the crap out of RedSunEteranl ,he let out a cry that sounded not unlike “zpkclchyk”.  For some reason you hadn’t noticed, but was now made painfully clear to you, “zpkclchyk” was exactly the word needed to trigger an ancient being with no physical form to rise from the secret island.

Once the being had reached RedSunEternal, who obviously could not see something with no physical form, the being bound himself to RedSunEternal’s soul.  Immediately, he felt his personal strengths double, greatly increasing his [health] and [strength].

By game mechanics standards, this was ridiculous – normally strength capped out at a certain point, indicating that one has [all the strength].  But in the kind of loophole that can only be created by finding ridiculous secrets, RedSunEternal actually operated at [more than all of the strength], and to make matters even sillier the spirit would continue to double the gain of his personal strengths in the future!

LEAVE IT TO REDSUNETERNAL TO BREAK ALL OF THE GAME MECHANICS IN HALF THEN QUARTERS AND FINALLY INTO EIGHTHS.  Though honestly this could all be explained by just saying that RedSunEternal was a jerkface.


13 thoughts on “Day 8: Everyone Else

  1. Feeling ridiculously invigorated by his newfound strength, and the knowledge that he was indeed a jerkface, RSE decided that his fort was good enough for now, and it was time to explore. But it seemed that someone else had already explored the island he was on currently. This meant of course that he must swim to the east, and immediately explore the first island he sees.

  2. Step 1 – Thank the kind gentleman for his assistance while cursing my lack of knowledge of inside jokes that involve animals.
    Step 2 – Take my raft, shovel and other personal belongings and sail to the island beyond King Daggerbeard’s island…the one at the very north west of the map.
    Step 3 – During this sail I shall masturbate FURIOUSLY with only my right hand…WORK UP THOSE RIGHT ARM MUSCLES GO.

  3. Finally understanding the idea behind the animals, UD nods and mutters to himself “Should’ve thought of that.” Inspecting the rest of the cave to make sure nothing has been left behind, and leaving back for the forest on the main island if there’s nothing more to see, he looks at the pouch, and the jellyfish, and the lightning… and thinks his hardest of “the way to gain electrical prowess”, hoping that an electric eel doesn’t fly out of it at him. He spends the rest of the day exploring the unexplored portions of the cave, or just scrounging around in the forest and collecting anything that can be collected and putting it in a nice little hoarder hole/pile.

  4. Dann Tuggles explores the island. Once again, keeping an eye out for potential shelter.

  5. Anthcul158, remembering the thoughtfulness of the gum from her now good friend Vaclav, offers her shelter to him, and apologizes for not seeing that post earlier. She thanks Kevin for correctly assuming how good a friend she is for those who offer her gum.

    Since the storm interrupted her exploration a few days ago, she sets out to explore once more the low-tide part of the island. She picks up anything useful, and spends all her thought-power wondering where on this island she would ever find a carnival fortune teller, hoping to come up with an answer.

  6. Stupid fucking stone! This is all your fault! I swallow the thing as punishment for its refusal to cooperate.

    Then I haul my boat to sea and set sail toward the east cause damn if there isn’t anything to do on the isle of Nathanielstan, though it is rather tastefully named.

  7. Ashamed that the lightening did not fulfill my honor bound duty to serve Burns in a better ghost form, I decide I must take matters into my own hand. I inform Burns of my intent and to take possession of my shovel and backpack after it happens. Also, if I do not complete my task, I ask that he be the one to finish me off. I use my hand to write “Too hardcore for this world…kidding, it’s for HIM”. I stick the shovel handle first into the sand, tell Burns “I love you, brother”, and then headbutt the extremely sharp blade.

    The second last thing to go through my mind is, “Make me a ghost”.

    The last thing to go through my mind is the blade of the shovel.

    • I lied there on the beach in shock from the lightning, but it appeared that the lightning had hit Hawkers much harder than it did me. Even harder, in fact, than I hit Hawkers in the bum bum whilst playing Hide-and-Go-Grab-Ass! Hawkers seemed to be a little crazed as he was not addressing me directly but instead talking to the burns on my body. Though fully recovered thanks to his handy dandy love potion, I felt a little worn out still (as one might expect after a direct hit from a lightning bolt) and I had trouble making sense of what Hawkers was telling me. I watch as he walks over and falls onto his shovel head first and I’m immediately overcome with fear and a broken heart. Adrenaline rushes through my veins as I bolt over to Hawkers, shouting a cry of pain deeper than the blade in Hawkers face. I reach him and my body collapses from distress falling directly on the head of Hawkers, driving it his face deeper into the shovel (or would it be the shovel gets deeper into his face?). I spend my turn in morning. After I collect myself, I remove the shovel from Hawkers face leaving the debris on the shovel in remembrance. I hold a funeral for Hawkers and bury his remains and carve “c=3” over the plot of land where his body lays beneath. I spend the rest of the day cursing the gods and swearing to avenge the death of my friend!

  8. With the storm now past I go out on my boat and continue to fish, as well as collecting salt. As before, I salt the fish after catching them so they don’t decompose.

  9. Admiring the awesome pattern of flesh wounds the lightning caused his body, Knave ponders the idea of enhancing the scaring to create a full body tattoo. With this thought he sets out to explore his new island in search of shelter and fire building materials.

    At the end of the day, Knave attempts to create a fire to help him through the night.

  10. Ryu stood at the top of the mountain as the storm cleared. Not quite sure what to do next, being underwhelmed a bit by the item he found in the mountain, Ryu climbs down the mountain and then swims southeast towards the bottom of the two large islands that are similarly shaped, training [strength] and [endurance] along the way if he can.

  11. Vaclav would like to send a message to all on the islands, King Daggerbeard included –
    Vaclav Zifčák has been playing his exquisite bandoneón for all of two days now, and already is being hailed as “the biggest Argentinean tango cross-over of the year” (Pitchfork). Remembered by many as the lead singer of Grammy winning band “Bonny Bear,” Vaclav is now taking his critically acclaimed new project “The Monk And His Organ” on the road.
    He is currently looking for a percussionist and a bassist to accompany him on his solo tour, as well as a road crew.
    He is also currently accepting bookings, anything from birthday parties to bachelor parties to divorce parties to death parties!

    The Monk And His Organ ©2012

    With a hopeful look in his eye as he sends the message out, he continues to practice his instrument, hoping to be, to quote Herman Cain, “The very best, like no one ever was.”

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