Day 8: Storm’s a-past!

All across the islands, a nasty storm raged.  The rain bogged down those who hadn’t sought shelter, ensuring their day was a miserable one, but that was the least of their worries.  Thunder boomed loud enough to bring everyone’s hairs on end.  Giant arcs of sinister reddish lightning tore through the sky, specifically seeking to scald the living with its random ferocity.


The bolt left a nasty char on the roof of where Jim was sitting, startling him and any of his GREEN TEAMmates nearby.  Seconds later, a bolt of lightning struck the other structure where cocolocote was throwing an excellent party, causing some nasty damage to the roof.  At least lightning never struck in the same place twice, right?


A bolt connected with Antiblematic, knocking him clean off his feet.  Not even the protection of ۞ׂҾ┘ could save him from the harsh elements, and he was [badly injured] by its impact. As FeralPrince searched the island for a cave, the lightning followed, catching him before he could cover much ground and he was [badly injured].


The first bolt of lightning headed The Awesome Squad’s way was redirected to Mostly’s conductor, which cackled and whizzed from the awesome burst of energy.  A second bolt arced at the shelter Mike was in, blowing off most of the fortifications that had been added last minute to the shelter.  If not for those additions, the bolt likely would’ve put a hole clear through the roof.  The ferocity of the lightning was so intense that Mike felt the inspiration to write a metal song called, “Hell Lightning / Blood Thunder“.  A third bolt of lighting struck Blu on top of the mountain.  The lightning surged through his body and into the partially crafted metal, causing it to glow and cackle ferociously.  The lightning left Blu [badly injured].


A second round of lightning sought after Jim, hiding in the shelter of the GREEN TEAM.  The second arc hit where the first had weakened the roof, blowing a hole clean through the shelter’s ceiling, causing those inside to scramble into their second shelter.  …at least lightning probably won’t strike in the same place three times?


A bolt of lightning leaps into the bodies of the idle, which flop around like a fish out of water.  Several of them churn about, while others are [badly injured], but mostly the whole event chronicles the most active-like activity any of them had every participated in, even if that activity was being struck by lightning.  Bards and poets would sing songs and tell tales of, “The day the idle technically did something, I guess.”


A bolt of lightning catches Knave in his newly built shelter on the new island.  Though the shelter weakens the blow, Knave really didn’t have the time he wanted to fortify the new shelter before the storm, causing it to blow apart from the impact and leaving him [injured], though he notes it could’ve been much worse.  Out at sea, while performing some killer surf, a bolt aimed for Mike Burns forks and strikes both him and Hawkers, partially due to their overwhelming [friendship], partially due to Hawkers’ tempting of fate.  [Badly injured], after their surf the two barely manage to drift back to land, where they share Hawker’s potion. Magically and mysteriously, their horrific burns heal instantly, leaving both of them in perfect health and avoiding a much more dire situation.


A bolt of lightning lashed at a guard who was working outside on the King’s orders.  From a window, King Daggerbeard watched and flinched when the lightning blew the guard up completely.

“Sure hope that didn’t harm me petunias.”

Once the blood-curdling thunder had died down, King Daggerbeard heard a very faint but distinct chuckle.  The chuckle grew very slightly louder as Sir Banner entered the room.  Sir Banner was a jolly fellow that was also chuckling, even if it was so faintly that you could hardly read it.

“What do ye want, Sir Banner?”

“oh ho King Daggerbeard I was just passing by and I wanted to apologize for the delay on finishing the vertical part of the map ho ho As you know ho Knight Stripes had it easy with doing just the horizontal parts ho ho ho Could you even imagine a map without any of the vertical parts ho ho It just wouldn’t be a map at all ho ho”

King Daggerbeard frowned.

“I suppose I can’t imagine that.  Is that all ye came here to say?”

“oh ho King Daggerbeard I also wanted to see how you were enjoying this wonderful storm ho ho ho Isn’t the way the lightning traverses the sky vertically absolutely perfect ho ho”

“No, no it isn’t Sir Banner.  This storm is awful it is literally the worst, when will it be over?”

“oh ho The storm will be gone this turn ho ho It strikes quickly and violently ho but doesn’t last that long ho ho”

“Good, good, then we can be gettin’ back to me more important plan.”

King Daggerbeard sighed.

“I wish ye wouldn’t be chucklin’ and ho-ho’in’ all the time, Sir Banner.  If I didn’t know ye better, I’d think ye was calling me a hoe half the time.”

“oh ho And I wish you’d wash that nasty dried blood out of your beard ho but we can’t all have what we want ho ho Trust me ho if I’m calling you a hoe ho you’ll know ho ho ho”