Day 8: The Awesome Squad

Next deadline: Sunday, February 19th at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

While JohnnyViral spent the turn cooking for his team, improving their [health], most of the team accomplished what they could in-doors during this awful weather.  Mostly worked on optimizing the plans, hoping that the transition from theory to implementation would be ideal, and as simple as possible.  Mostly was pretty content that the new and improved plans would work excellently.  Mike felt inspired by the brutal nature of the storm, and ended up composing a song which he titled “Hell Lightning / Blood Thunder”.  The song was as brutal as the storm, and Mike felt better at the [art] of brutal metal music for it as well, working on the perfect voice for the song.  Ossa focused on a different kind of voice, slipping peacefully into the insanity of the voices and improving his affinity for [mysterystuff].

At the peak of the mountain, Blu took the bars of metal that he had created from the ore, but hardly had time to shape into anything like a weapon or instrument quite yet, and aligned them in a mighty circle.  At the cost of his own safety, he channeled the blood lightning’s vicious red arc through him into the ring of metal ore, causing him to become [badly injured] but infusing the bars of metal with cackling brutality.  Once he recovered, he figured that about a day’s work would finish the armor, and another day’s work would finish the instruments.  As an added bonus, he remembered that he should ask Mostly if he could use the conducted brutality stored in the conductor to put the finishing touches on his metal masterpieces.



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  1. Almost immediately after the storm passes, Viral gathers up the supplies for his initial recipe and bolts into the ship to deliver them to the scientist station. Remembering that it would take the science station the whole day to do its things, Viral will divide his time between reading his book to improve his Somethingfornothingology skill and conversing with Mike about Metal, and the great times they had going to amazing 5 hour concerts.

  2. Collapsed on the floor due to the power he unfortunately had to channel through his body to empower the bars. Blu lied down there for a second to glance at the beautifully glowing bars before dragging and stumbling his way back with the items.
    ((If I was helped down the mountaintop along with the items, I would appreciate it dearly.))

    At the camp where everybody was, Blu rested for the full duration of the day to recover from his injuries. Lying there, he had dreams of something that he would never imagine. Rolling around uncomfortably, the lightning had given him visions of beautiful solos on the guitar that did some sort of special thing that he could not think of. Thinking about it too hard, Blu pushed it aside and decide to just focus on resting and imagining how sexy the new crew would look with his creations.

  3. I decide to head up to help Blu back down. I keep my eye out for any ruby’s. These jewels are killing me.

    On the way down with Blu, we discuss some awesome music to go along with the song I wrote during the storm. Once back I meet with JohnnyViral to discuss the song and what kind of direction we want to go with our [metal] band.

  4. Mostly will feed the schemata for submarine module into the science machine, and, if they had gathered enough material for boat-wide breathing solution they were working on, feed those into machine as well after receiving his bill of materials.

  5. The storm passed and Ossa felt good after having a nice conversation with the voices from the void about why noodles were the perfect garnish to any cheese based meal and the wonderful benefits of having tentacles. Upon seeing Blu in his sorry state, Ossa helped carry both his crewmate and his crewmate’s inventions over to the camp. After helping Mike and Blu, Ossa figured this would be the perfect time to implement some of the twisted knowledge he had gained about anatomical manipulation. He spends the whole day attempting to help heal Blu’s wounds with his [mysterystuff].

  6. Bell lets out an audible ‘Phew!’ after the storm passes. Normally he goes on his gut, but his gut isn’t really telling him to do much right now! So, he follows his teammates and aids them with whatever endeavor they may need assistance with whenever possible.

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