Day 9: Cleanin’ time

“King Daggerbeard, a message was broadcast all across the land, I figured you might be interested.”

And so the king, and everyone else, heard the following important announcement:

Vaclav Zifčák has been playing his exquisite bandoneón for all of two days now, and already is being hailed as “the biggest Argentinean tango cross-over of the year” (Pitchfork). Remembered by many as the lead singer of Grammy winning band “Bonny Bear,” Vaclav is now taking his critically acclaimed new project “The Monk And His Organ” on the road.
He is currently looking for a percussionist and a bassist to accompany him on his solo tour, as well as a road crew.
He is also currently accepting bookings, anything from birthday parties to bachelor parties to divorce parties to death parties!

The Monk And His Organ ©2012

“Er… right, now back to what aye was doin’.” King Daggerbeard said to himself, trying out the vocal gimmick of saying ‘aye’ instead of ‘I’ and seeing if anyone would even the notice.  It was pretty subtle.

“Where did aye leave me stuff?!  I knew it was around here… er, partially me own fault for causing such a mess, guess aye should tidy up a bit and hopefully things’ll turn up.”

King Daggerbeard then spent the rest of the day suntanning while yelling at guards to clean up the mess he had made.

The tide has changed back to medium!

Say good-bye to low tide for now, and hello to medium tide (which is medium-type exciting.)

(The map will get updated later today/early tomorrow so if you think it’ll change your turn give it a little while.)