Day 9: Everyone Else

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Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Mike Burns

On the islands, many people make the most of their surroundings and are thankful for surviving the storm.  Unfinished Destiny decides to collect anything possible before the tide rolls back in, scooping up some [pearl], [ruby], and other precious things that aren’t worth naming specifically until he can think of a specific use for them, almost like a convenient story-telling device. athcul158 finds similar goodies on the washed up shore-line, but she also finds what seems like a trap door partially buried in sand.  Once uncovered, she finds a room inside that is too dark to see in.  As she roams around the island for materials to make a quick torch, she comes back to see the trap door already partially swallowed up by the tide…

Vaclav, having sent out information regarding his very practiced – over two days! – ability to perform, refines his ability to [art] so that his performances shall be as spectacular as the advert announcing them.  Loose Lips manages to catch and preserve about [75 fish], noting that his technique is improving as he practices fishing, despite fishing not being one of those bold-brackety things.  Leocrow, mad at the stone he had received in his bag, swallowed it whole.  Had he been taking a page out of initial isle’s guard, he’d have noted that swallowing various objects isn’t fun and tastes awful.  Still, good riddance to that stone and King Daggerbeard.

Meanwhile, everyone else had their mind set on exploration.  RedSunEternal and Ryu decide to swim to their destination, and only swim about half-way during the day, noting that the next day they could swim the remaining half of the distance.  While swimming was a terrible mode of transportation, it was a good way to improve one’s [health] and [strength].  captainawesome employed questionable activity to improve his [strength] while traveling, though whether or not he was even looking to improve a stat or just kill time was extra super questionable.  As his boat got near the king’s island, a guard shouted down to him.

“Hey man, I don’t want to like, blow your nice raft up, but it’s kinda like, my job?  And I can’t afford to lose my job so like, either turn and leave (which would be totally chill) or I guess I have to blow your ship up.”

You try to explain that you’re just intending to go around the island, but the guard insists that King Daggerbeard considers that part of his island as well, even if intentionally left vague on the map, which he reminds you, the king distributes.  And more importantly, the island itself has equal ship-blowing mandate.  You’re either going to need a sneakier plan to get past the guards, or I guess just try anyways and have your stuff blown up.

Leocrow sails east, improving his [boatstuff] while setting foot on a previously unexplored island.  He hopes it is named something as equally egregious as Nathanielstan.

Dann Tuggles explores the new island, still soaking from the rain.  The island seems to be partially steppes, and partially mountainous steps scaling slightly upward over and over, before presumably reaching some sort of look-out that is conveniently the exact same height as King Daggerbeard’s island.  More importantly, exploring the island gives you the [right to name it].  Elsewhere, Knave explores his island, noting its several spring of fresh water, as well as a presumed lake with yet another island inside of it.  Otherwise, the island was mostly flat and very sandy.  More importantly, exploring the island gives you the [right to name it].  Exploring is also good for one’s [health].

Mike Burns was in such shock from the lighting that he felt compelled not to tell the truth as he lied on the sand, writing things like “I understand the difference between lay and lie” and “This isn’t sand”.  During all of this not-truth-telling, he noticed that for some reason his comrade had decided to headbutt a shovel to death.  Unfortunately, no matter how you thought about it, this literally meant that Hawkers89 headbutt’d a shovel, and died.  Mike Burns was so caught off guard that he tried to spend the whole day in only the first part of the day, the morning.  Unfortunately, this didn’t make any sense, which caused him to sink even deeper into his depressive mourning.

On another plane, or perhaps in his own mind, Hawkers89 felt voices judging his soul, determine whether or not he was allowed to come back as a ghost and protect his friend.



“Absolutely not.”

“Heaven’s no.”

“Pffftkllllllffffffffttttttk (which was presumably “No!” in some other language.)”

“Well think about it this way, friends.  If we let him go back down there, he won’t still be up here.”

There was a long pause, followed by the unanimous decision to let Hawkers89 come back as a ghost.  His ghastly form would be invisible to most people, but Mike Burns would definitely be able to see him.  His ability to interact with physical objects was limited to one object at a time, meaning that even in order to perform a task as simple as carrying around a shovel, he’d have to focus on it and give up interacting with other objects.  It was a pretty cool idea, you had to give him credit for that, but it was at least slightly [stupid].


16 thoughts on “Day 9: Everyone Else

  1. anthcul158 is really intrigued about this now-hidden trap door (damn that medium tide!). She commits the trapdoor location to memory, and spends the day planning her soon-to-be adventure. She knows she needs a torch, and presuming she made one yesterday, is glad to have one already. If for some reason she didn’t make it (or finish it), she does that first. She makes sure she has her stash of arrows, her backpack, and anything else she may need. Also, she decides to weave some reeds or grass together to make a waterproof canteen, and then proceeds to boil some sea water, collect the steam, cool it, and store it in her canteen for later (all the while wondering if this was necessary, seeming as everyone has thus survived without discussion of water or thirst). In any spare time, anthcul158 further examines her gems and such from her explorations, taking inventory and contemplating uses for these objects.

  2. Step 1 – Politely wait for the guard to finish and then say the following to the guard, “Excuse me! I am a little confused, according to the updated map I received during the storms, the rules about the island I mentioned have changed. Are you still working with the previous version? Didn’t you get the memo? The new version states that while the island you are currently on is most definitely out of bounds for all those who are anything other than the coolest of cool and the hippest of hip (which, judging by the fact that you are there clearly says a lot about how awesome YOU are), the smaller island to the back is actually okay to visit for the first person who sails there. Everyone else is supposed to be…hold on what was the actual wording…blown up without explanation, i think…I’m not going to question the awe-inspiring wisdom of King Daggerbeard (may he live forever!) since I’m nowhere near smart enough to. Your copy of the updated map must have been lost in the confusion from the storms. I’d give you mine but I’m not supposed to go near your island. I don’t want to break any rules because that wouldn’t be very gracious of me after all King Daggerbeard (may he live forever!) has done for all of us. I’m sure your copy of the updated map is on its way…but think of how angry King Daggerbeard (may he live forever!) would be if he found out you disobeyed his order…albeit it wouldn’t be your fault…but you do think he would care? As wonderful as he is, he can be a bit hasty in his judgment. How about this, the islands defense mechanisms should have deactivated after the storms…how about we just check to make sure those are off-line….then I can sail there and you can turn them back on? Since, remember, only the first person who arrives at that island is allowed ashore. Or at least that’s what the memo from King Daggerbeard (may he live forever!) stated.

  3. RSE continues swimming to the east, and when he lands, begins exploring the island immediately.

    • This is now my character’s theme song, and will play in the back of his head constantly as he does everything:

  4. Well me and that initial island’s guard are of different minds on this issue because I tend to think that swallowing random objects is a great idea. In fact, I just remembered that I have a whole pack full of random things to swallow. I proceed to consume the entire contents of my adventurers pack… I’LL BE A LIVING GOD!

    I spend the rest of my day feverishly running several marathons.

    And if I am presented with the opportunity to, you know, retrieve the mysterious stone intact, I will do so.

  5. Step 2 – Also say this, “Oh I guess I do have a copy of the updated instructions right here!”
    Step 3 -Think really hard of pulling out just what I need to convince this guard of my claims and reach my hand into the bag of things that help me abstractly….pulling out….something?

    Step 0 (Before Step 1) – Eat a piece of candy in preparation for these HORRIBLE LIES i will tell.

  6. Having a whole bunch of supplies on hand and nothing to do, Unfinished Destiny spends the entire day asking the spirits how to gain control over electricity, mainly by thinking very very hard and squinting with all his might as he wanders the island in a lazy counter clockwise circle, keeping half a squinted eye out for anything new on the island.

  7. Vaclav eats his bread and works on both some songs and some sweet dance moves to go with them. Glorifying the king for his new album, “Glorifying the King,” is his priority. He also finds a rock on the island and spends a couple of hours trying to hide from the rock behind trees and other rocks.

  8. Realizing he is alone on HIS island(as stated above), Knave decides it is time to set up a permanent place to live. But before getting to work he ponders over what he should name HIS new island… While thinking, Knave realizes his clothes are still sopping wet from the rain and decides to removed them. With the sun warming his skin and the gentle breeze caressing his “manliness,” Knave bids farewell to clothing. Finally deciding on naming HIS island,

    The Island of Free Ballin’ – The island of the Everything Islands where everything is allowed, except for clothes.

    This one rule on The Island of Free Ballin’ is punishable by anything up to and including death. All visitors must abide by this rule.

    Knave spends the morning constructing a sign to place on the beach for all visitors to be informed of the name of HIS island and its one rule.

    For the second half of the day, Knave gathers resources to start construction on his larger, permanent shelter. All the while enjoying his sexy free ballin’ freedom.

  9. Content with my new form, I begin my preplanned training regiment to make myself a better ghost. For today, I work on interacting with objects so it can be easier. I begin with lifting smaller objects, then moving to heavier and heavier ones. I also practice swinging sticks and throwing rocks.

  10. I sail around catching fish and collecting salt as before, but I will also be sailing around scouting the location of the large ships and what islands they are on. At the end of the day I will land on the nearest non-king island for the night..

  11. After eating his last piece of candy, Dann hikes to one of the larger, higher steppes, and begins to build a solid, defensible shelter.

  12. Rayner concentrates on only one thing when reaching inside his weapon bag, Punching. After removing his weapon from the bag Rayner resumes his tree punching regimine for the remainder of the day.

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