Day 9: The Awesome Squad

Next deadline: Tuesday, February 21st at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

Mike had seen Blu wander off during the storm, and once it had settled he went off to check on him.  When he saw what had happened, he carefully carried the injured Blu down towards the camp, where he made he was in the capable hands of Ossa before making a second trip to bring down the infused metal bars.  As Ossa loomed suspiciously overhead, channeling the mysterystuff into his ally, after a full day Blu felt as good as new.  Ossa, while glad to see his companion feeling better, seemed strangely bummed out that that was all he was feeling.  Still, Ossa’s [mysterystuff] was getting pretty potent.

Though he was worried about Blu, Mike decided to look for some rubies.  There were actually a couple scattered around because of the magical experience that is low tide, and he managed to find a [ruby].  Bell, who came along for the ride, managed to find [four rubies], and when Bell showed Mike the first full of glimmering stone, Mike was excited, a tiny bit jealous of Bell’s finding-things-skills.

Inside of the ship, Mostly printed off the schematics for his improved underwater improvements to the ship.  While he waited, he talked with JohnnyViral about the wonders of [science].

“3 pearl, 10 wood, 10 rock, 30 metal, 50 fish, 50 air.”

Mostly noted that the metal seemed to be scrapped because of the optimizations that had been added to the plan.  Which was a huge relief, as finding 30 metal seemed annoying time consuming.

After waiting the day, JohnnyViral’s ventilation system finally kicked in.  The ship seemed to adapt to the plan, almost as if understand what exactly it was doing consciously.  Various ventilation shafts appeared with slits leading outward, and various fans sprung up into existence.  It was a whole bunch of nonsense, the perfect example of somethingfromnothingology.  With its improvements, the ship would no longer infect people who stayed on-board it for parts of the day, but would still cause infect to those who stayed on it for more than a full day.  This meant that unless they were traveling, there was effectively no downside to using the boat whenever they felt like.


4 thoughts on “Day 9: The Awesome Squad

  1. Seeing his plans come to fruition in such a nonsensical manner made him happier than he’d been in the last few days. Hooting and hollering as he exited the ship exclaiming “Gentlemen we must praise Somethingfornothingology once more. I have succeeded in allowing for an extra few hours on the ship before the toxic air goes to town on our immune systems! Rejoice!”

    After patting himself in the back for a little while, Viral has been curious about Ossa’s [mysterystuff] research, and hypothesizes that studying some alongside Ossa could help him create a whole new branch of Somethingfornothingology, which he will name on a later date. Spending about half the day with Ossa.

    Noticing that both Mike and Bell have found rubies, also noting that Bell seems to be incredibly lucky with finding rare materials, he sets off to gather the necessary stone to match the potential completed recipes that the 5 rubies afforded them. “Gentlemen! Gas masks await us!” He said in a tone that lead the others to believe that Gas Masks seemed quit important to him, be it for scientific purposes, helping his team, or maybe he just might think they look cool.

  2. With our metal band in progress, and our ship now working, I decide that our team really needs to make Oregon our base. I spend the entirety of my day rebuilding the damaged part of the shelter, gathering materials to make our shelter a base…and starting by building a wall around our compound. I figure the wall should be around 12 feet to be tall enough so that no one can see in it, and it would be difficult to traverse.

  3. Awaken from the dream, Blu finds himself yearning for more until he realized that he was all right due to Ossa’s magical mysterystuff. Blu took a second to appreciate having his body back to normal then went straight back to work. “Well then, fellas. Seems like you guys need to turn into something beautiful.” Blu picked up the the metal bars, looked around, and kissed it then proceeded to work on making his Awesome armor and decided to delay the weapon making the next day.

    When the time came to it, Blu went to sleep again hoping to experience that vivid dream he had the other night. The song that came to his ears produced something.. he couldn’t put his finger on it but he felt that if he had one more night to figure the song that would hopefully give everyone that feeling he had listening to it.

  4. Mostly will build an air compressor out of spare parts, fish bladders and his potent capacitor.

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