Day 10: Esoteric Order of Bacon

Next deadline: Friday, February 24th at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Itylhive

Though they had had their bad days in the past, they decided to make the most of it and have a Funday Monday as per Antiblematic’s instruction.  For this Funday Monday, the challenge was to only build a single type of unit – and that unit was a fancy boat!

…nah, forget building a boat and hookers!  It was time to eat flapjacks.  What the fuck do you mean there aren’t any flapjacks just use splash attack. (Or I guess, build the boat…)

The team all worked together to start construction of a fantastic boat.  In just one day, they managed to turn nothing into a basic frame, a basic frame into a solid boat frame, a solid boat frame into a sea-worthy boat frame, and a sea-worthy boat frame into a gutted ship.  All of the basic framework was in place, and FeralPrince made sure that the ship’s bottom was sealed with a thick muddy substance.  All that was left was a little bit of work on things like sails or however they planned on getting around, and to add whatever they wanted on-board – the details Itylhive had mentioned, perhaps other such accommodations.  A little extra work wouldn’t hurt the boat, but it was definitely faster progress than they’d have originally expected.

FeralPrince tries to force the idle to do something, but unfortunately that isn’t exactly why they are called the idle.  They are almost literally dead weight.


7 thoughts on “Day 10: Esoteric Order of Bacon

  1. Itylhive will continue building the ship, building all those ship details he previously mentioned. He’ll also make sure to leave one of the decks uncluttered for potentially setting a Yamato-class [mysterystuff]-wave motion gun there.

  2. I grab two idle, one over each shoulder, and throw them in a heap over the ship, in the middle of a large ritual circle drawn in the sand. Inviting parrot fanatic and the others to join in the chant and blood ritual, I open the main arteries of the idle, and make a cut on my left hand to add to the ritual. I offer up the sacrifice to the gods of sea monsters, and beseech them to bless our ship with the power of the kraken, giving the bow a horrible ship crunching mouth and large tentacles on the sides of the ship. I tell the god of sea monsters that we are willing to shed as much blood as necessary to receive his blessing.

    • Yes, Itylhive will join in the ritual, contributing all of his [mysterystuff] and some lifeblood to give the ship a bill and tendrils for locomotion.

      • Joining in our circle of [Friendship], I focus all of my [Animal Companionship] on the Sea, conjuring from the depths of my mind the imprint require to give birth to a Mighty Mullusk of Terror, Abomination of the Seas, and promptly SHIV MYSELF IN THE SIDE to contribute to the blood toll of The Ritual.

    • Itylhive shares the schemata for the Bacon Maru №2 (so named in likeness of valiant hippie destroyer Shonan Maru №2)

    • I assist with the ritual of blood. ۞ׂҾ┘ the Elder and his great will stimulates the ritual. I will also pick open some of my burns to give some flesh and blood to the sacrifice.

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