Day 10: Everyone Else

Next deadline: Friday, February 24th at 11:49 EST

Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Mike Burns

Ryu89 and RedSunEternal both swim to their respective islands, building [strength] and [health].  RedSunEternal manages to cap out at [all of the strength] again, for the second time.  Literally a cheater, and the theme music in his head would’ve been awesome, except his head was horribly out of tune.  Once they got on shore, they both immediately set out to explore, except ended up falling asleep face-first in sand instead.  Contrary to popular belief, swimming two whole days is exhausting.

Anthcul158 prepares for the great journey ahead, thinking of literally everything – even though others seem to have been surviving on absolutely nothing!  Thankfully, the islands tended to reward people who were prepared over those who just fumbled around.  As she examined the gems she had collected, she realized they were all sorts of things – a couple pearls, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphires, etc.  The etc. was important as several people on the island were looking for specific gems for various reasons, and etc. was a nice way of covering those without literally listing every possible gem.  Regardless, they were shiny!

Leocrow decided that eating things was awesome, and immediately downed all of his potions, candy and bread.  Perhaps he wasn’t so different from the guard on initial island, who had done roughly the same thing multiple times over, except that LeoCrow apparently liked eating rocks, a trait often associated with that special kid in your kindergarten class. Imbued with the power of the gods, and/or a really intense sugar rush, LeoCrow spent the day running around, increasing his agility so drastically that he gained [all the agility] and some [health] too! As a wonderful side effect of chugging a whole bunch of everything, at the end of the day LeoCrow had entirely too easy of a time reclaiming his swallowed stone, but hey, at least he had taught it a lesson.

The guard listened to captainawesome’s explanation very intently before responding.


Fortunately, it seemed that the guard really didn’t care that much about not letting anyone past, and even though captainawesome’s lies were horrible, awful, terrible, when he pulled out a piece of paper from the pouch (which was coincidentally just covered in scribbles) the guard assumed it was some sort of document and kind of just gave up.  This transaction took up most of captainawesome’s turn, and he almost made it to the island but wouldn’t actually land there until the very start of his next turn.

Several others spend their day examining mysterious powers or practicing the practical.  UnfinishedDestiny feels the [mysterystuff] swell as small cackles of electricity jolt from his hands, slowly linking his mind to that of his zappy companion.  Vaclav practices on a combination of the [arts] and [agility], though every time he thought he had lost the damned stone it appeared right behind him!  Either that, or maybe all stones just look alike.  Mike Burns practices revenge [combat] while Hawkers89 practices [???], some strange ghost property.  Dann Tuggles started building himself Tuggles HQ high atop the steps (not steppes) of the island.  Loose Lips managed to catch about [100 fish], while easily scouting the location of the various team ships, partially by sailing by them, partially by just checking the map which everyone had access to I mean seriously duh.  Knave manages to place enough signs on his island that it would literally be impossible to enter the island without knowing the law, exactly how he wanted it.  Now nobody would even think to wear clothes on his island.  He used the rest of the time to start gathering supplies for future construction.  Meanwhile, an9 starts digging a decently sized hole, possibly preparing for something, or possibly just a digging fanatic.

Rayner opens his pouch while thinking about punching, and the pouch acknowledges the greatness of his own hands as the ultimate unarmed path.  His hands suddenly felt several times as strong as they had before, and he went to test out his new powers by tree punching.  Feeling the energy swelling through his fists, he was suddenly overwhelmed by a need to shout at the tree.

“Take this! My slam! My jam! AND ALL OF MY BARKLEY!”

With a single strike, the center of the tree gnarled clockwise and splintered, sending cracks up and down the tree.  This awesome new power could only be explained as the power of a former professional basketball player manifested with passion into the clenched fists before him.  Though he knew his training wasn’t complete, Rayner couldn’t help but feel his [combat] and [unarmed] had made incredible progress. A bit proud of himself, Rayner struck a pose dramatically on a cliff facing out over the ocean.  “Come on and slam,” he declared to the universe, “and welcome to the jam.”


12 thoughts on “Day 10: Everyone Else

  1. RSE, after his full rest from his long swim, begins to explore the island, while also swinging from trees and doing handsprings, to improve his [agility]. And even though his head was out of tune, he felt that his theme song was [almost as good]. He also really enjoyed [lots of brackets] and [multi-tasking] so he also gathers any materials that might make for a good [boat] that are also [transportable].

  2. Ryu woke up with sand in his mouth, and in the crack of his ass. Taking a moment to get his bearings, he decides to set off and explore the island that he’s on.

  3. Not at all distracted by not knowing the name of what I’m doing, merely assuming it doesn’t need a name because, let’s face it, I’m just picking shit up and throwing it around, I continue with my training. My long term goal is for each thing I train myself to do to become second nature, as natural to me as breathing as when I still had a body.

    For today I practice passing through objects. I will begin by slowly walking through objects, then when I become comfortable with it I will begin to run. I am going to practice by going through trees, bushes, rocks, even any people I happen to pass by. In the second half of the day, I practice interacting with objects as I pass by them. Smacking bushes, picking up rocks, jumping and kicking trees, all while passing through another object at the same time.

  4. Anthcul158 is VERY pleased with the discovery of all her etc.! She sets out to find out who exactly needs what gem, and try to find out what they can offer her. If not, she wishes to further inspect the land/sandbar for any other resources she can gather, hoping to increase some intelligent skill that may be needed in whatever this trap door holds.

  5. Since anthcul158 obviously told the guard to relay the message about the gems she had and since I obviously keep in contact with the guards on the different islands, I will travel to where she is and ask her for any of the rubies she has. I am able to give her quite a few preserved fish, and I am also able to transport her to any other island that she wishes to travel to. Once that transaction is complete and if she does not wise to travel to a different island I will make my way to Oregon Island. When I get there I speak to any of the Awesome Squad members I find. This dialogue is centered on my offering of services to the Awesome Squad in exchange for the use of their scientific vessel. If some kind of deal is struck then I will make my way into the ship and ask for a recipe for explosives, as I can think of no better way to catch large numbers of fish than with bombs :D. Once I acquire the list of ingredients to make the bombs I will spend the rest of the day trying to obtain those materials.

    • While enroute to all the different islands I will fish and collect salt as per my previous turns.

  6. Dann spends roughly half of his turn finishing his shelter, and spends the other half of his turn foraging nearby for food and a long, strait piece of wood that could be fashioned into a spear haft.

  7. With his newfound punching ability Rayner decides it’s high time he established a more permanent residence on this island and decides to try taking down some trees with his fist so that he may attempt to work on a shelter.

  8. Still in deep sadness over the loss of a friend, I decide that staying on this island is only going to remind me of the memories I shared with my dear Hawkers. I needed to start someplace fresh. I decide to swim my way towards Nathanielstan Island. I use my surfboard to help me paddle my way to my destination. I use all the strength I can muster to make it across the ocean quickly.

  9. Knave spends the majority of the day building a super swanky cabana overlooking the ocean. He takes a break half way through his work to inspect the island inside of the island to see if there might be anything worth while on it.

    Once evening comes, Knave meditates for a few hours. Focusing on his spiritual power, trying to get it flow through the scars from the lightning zig-zagging over his body.

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