Day 10: The Awesome Squad

Next deadline: Friday, February 23rd at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

While Ossa finds himself deep in the voices of [mysterystuff], JohnnyViral sits alongside of him, intent on figuring out how mysterystuff might tie into science and create a bizarre branch of somethingfromnothingology.  He had a couple of ideas, but unlike Ossa, JohnnyViral could only take the voices for so long, and decided to collect about half of the [rock] he was going to need to make gas masks.

The rest of the team was focusing on creating things.  Mike made the repairs needed to their shelter, and then started building a large wall around the perimeter.  He made sure to spike the top of the wall, to keep out potentially 10-foot tall people who might be able to barely pull themselves over.  Only a couple of segments of wall were put up for now, but it was a start.  Blu focused on the opposite of starts, which were finishes, and managed to finish up 3 sets of ridiculously awesome [armor].  While it was taking longer than he’d had liked, he really didn’t want to compromise awesomeness for speed – after all, they weren’t the speedy squad.  Mostly managed to build an air compressor out of spare parts, though it was noted that if any more spare parts were taken from the ship, its basic functions might started being compromised.  After all, the ship wasn’t designed with just a whole bunch of excess parts sitting around!  If anything, Mostly started wondering if the ship was even still functioning at 100%.



4 thoughts on “Day 10: The Awesome Squad

  1. I would like to offer my services to you awesome fellows in exchange for the use of your fine vessel. I have a fishing skiff as well as a way to collect salt. I also have a stockpile of pre-prepared fish if you require something to be given to you upfront as a token of good faith.

  2. Viral would continue to collect more rocks for the gas masks,while recruiting Captain Ossa to help. They would talk about Somethingfornothingology and [mysterystuff] while they collected the rocks. After colecting rocks Viral would split off from Ossa and return to the ship staying long enough for his gas mask to be produced and exiting to tell the others that their gas masks were being created as he spoke.

  3. I continue to build our wall (with Super Awesome Squad Spikes [TM]). I spend as much time as needed to complete the wall and make it as strong as possible. I make sure to leave a space for an entrance way, and will leave it open for now until I decide what kind of front gate I will make.

    If I finish the wall with more time to go, I decide to go ahead and re-enforce the current buildings we have in our encampment to make them as close to indestructible as possible.

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