Day 11: Everyone Else

Next deadline: Monday, February 27th at 11:59 EST

Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Mike Burns

With exploration in mind, many of everyone else spend their day staking claim on new lands.  RedSunEternal explores the island he is on, which is a fairly normally structured island with three singular mountains scattered equidistant across it.  Each of the mountains seems to have a central cave system, but whether or not there is anything worthwhile in the caves or if they are merely means of shelter he doesn’t determine.  More importantly, exploring the island gives him the [right to name it].  Ryu89’s island seems to be mostly sand, and dotted with small hilly areas that are covered with holes.  Towards the northern part of the island, past some mountainous area, the island looks like it connects to another island, forming a ring in the center.  Exploring the island gave him the [right to name it].  Leocrow’s island has a small point of landing and a mountain with a cave in the side of it.  Further back, there is a forest with trees growing an RPG-level of obnoxiously close to one another, forming a pathway that seems to just spiral inwards.  Begrudging, after Nathanielstan, Leocrow explored the island and gained the [right to name it]. Mike Burns travels to the infamous Nathanielstan to get away from sad memories, and though he safely makes the trip, his surfboard gets torn up pretty badly.  captainawesome reaches his destination and spends the day exploring… but not the island! For some reason captainawesome is really fascinated with exploring himself, which sadly does not yield the right to name it.  All of these people gain some combination of [agility] or [strength].

While Hawkers89 improves his [???], anthcul158 tries to figure out how one innately increases their intelligence.  For some strange reason on these mysterious islands, intelligence was something that people just sort of had, and wasn’t something that could actually improve, which would explain why other people were often so very [stupid].  Thankfully, anthcul158 was already smart, so this wouldn’t be an issue.  She did receive an offer from LooseLips, who was willing to provide her with fish and transportation for her rubies, and was waiting for her reply, which she could (obviously) transmit via guards.  LooseLips, meanwhile, had moved to another island, all while collecting another [125 fish].  Dann Tuggles made some improvements to his shelter, and spent a good majority of his day finding a really nice [stick], because getting just the right stick was very important.  Rayner and Knave worked on creating [shelter] as well, though one ended up with a more suave design while the other might’ve accidentally added a basketball hoop to the exterior.  Disappointed that he couldn’t see anything on the interior island other than some trees and apparently ocean water (in the middle of salt water), Knave decided to focus on his inner [mysterystuff].



14 thoughts on “Day 11: Everyone Else

  1. Ryu wrings his hands together, excited for the prospect of exploring another island. These [Dry Dry Ruins] piqed his interest highly, and he immediately sets out to see what he can find in the the holds atop the hills. After taking a brief look into them, Ryu will travel to the island that is connected to this one and if there is time take a look around there as well.

  2. RSE snaps a large branch off a tree, wielding it like a club as he explores the caves on [Punch Dagger Isle]. He makes sure to explore cautiously, not setting off any traps he might find, and defending himself if necessary.

  3. Easy. This one shall be called East Bumfuck Island.

    I’m not entirely sure if I have the option to increase either my strength or agility, but since I already have all the agility, I’d prefer to level strength if possible. I’ll spend the day exploring the cave and the RPG spiral forest, in that order if time is a constraint.

  4. Unfinished Destiny decides that the tranquil island has been explored enough and proceeds to spend the day running back to the main island, although if by some amazing chance he manages to get further, he continues to head toward the south island, sprinting with his increased health and attempting to endure the pain of lactic acid attacking his muscles.

  5. I spend the day attempting to open a telepathic link with my brother from another aether, Burns. I sit in meditation all day focusing on this, whispering my undying love for my bro, and will do so all day until I either realize it is impossible to do, or I have trained the ability to do this to the best that I can after a full day.

  6. Knave spends his day being completely nude. Enjoying not having his balls feel like a swamp.

    While being delighted with his dangly freedom, Knave examens this purple crayon as intensely as possible to determine if it might have any other special properties, other than being of the best color the world has ever known, PURPLE.

    After putting the finishing touches on his sexy cabana (including but also much more, a pop up mini-bar and a rotating heart-shaped bed), he sets out towards the little inland sea with an island in the middle. Upon reaching its shore, Knave makes his way over to it, and sets up a small base camp, using his fishing net as a hammock, also I love making run-on sentences, with lots of commas, potato.

    Once satisfied with his home away from home, he sets out to explore this tiny island (which if you squint and turn The Island of Free Ballin’ upside down and use your imagination, it is the nipple of of a slightly misshapen breast [also Knave mutters to himself that HIS island should be redrawn on the map to portray this womanly feature better]).

    After Knave completes his survey of this smaller island (which also deserves its own name), he returns to his camp to meditate until nightfall.

  7. Step 1 and Step 1.5 – Stealthily explore the island while masturbating furiously with only my right hand.
    Step 2 – Repeat “I’m not here, stop looking at me” quietly to myself in hopes of convincing myself that nobody knows that I am here.
    Step 3 –

  8. Step 5 – There is no step 4.
    Step 6 – Keep an eye for for anything rope or tendril-like with considerable durability.

  9. My first priority is to do whatever anth tells me to do, within reason, so that I can procure her rubies. Second priority is to go into the awesome squad ship to ask it for the recipe for explosives and spend the rest of my turn gathering twice as many of the materials as needed for the recipe. my third priority is to fish and collect salt as per my previous turns. I will do this stuff to the full extent I can in order of priority.

  10. Anthcul158 would very much like to trade some rubies with LooseLips for 100 fish and a round-trip boat ride to the island west of Tuggles Island (and back when I demand it). Assuming this agreement is made, that’s what’s happening on this trip. And for LooseLips information, when tide is low again (or about to be low), I would like to return to my trapdoor. Until then this new island is fine. That is all.

  11. I explore the island, coming across the gunky colored spring, I decide to spend the day giving it close examination, taking note of it’s properties in vast detail. If it looks safe to carry, I’d like to fill up my canteen that I made with it so I might use it later on.

  12. Dann Tuggles sharpens the end of his stick and spends the rest of his turn hunting the local small game while scouting for locations were he can gather materials to make a solid forge.

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