Day 11: The Awesome Squad

Next deadline: Monday, February 27th at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

JohnnyViral and Ossa talk about [mysterystuff] while collecting the remaining rock, which JohnnyViral then uses to finish the gas masks for his team! After distributing the gas masks, JohnnyViral noted that at the very least, they looked pretty damned metal.

Mike spent his turn constructing a Deadly Death Wall with Super Awesome Squad Spikes (TM).  The wall was so deadly, and the spikes were so spiky, that it took him the whole day to finish.  Aside from the hole that would one day be a gate, nobody was getting through these walls, or at least, not without risk of deadly spike death.

Mostly compresses air, which seems to compress air at a ridiculously fast rate.  At the end of the day, Mostly had about 1440 air, which was way more than the initial abstract quota of air.

LooseLips reaches your island, offering your team a trade.  If LooseLips could provide you services related to the boat they had crafted, or possibly offer you salt or some fish, they wished to use your boat’s science station to research something to aid their fishing endeavors, valuing your ship for the great asset it is.

At the end of the day, you notice that Bell appears to  have gone missing, possibly due somehow to the strange illness that is idling.


4 thoughts on “Day 11: The Awesome Squad

  1. Bell suddenly jolted up from his very, very long sleep. All the fatigue of staying up for more than 3 days straight had completely drained him. But now that his energy was back, he was ready to help out the team! He didn’t really know what to do, though, aside form gather provisions for his team, preferably stray lumber and possibly edible things scattered throughout the forest. The lumber and such would of course be for helping Mike’s construction.

  2. I use Blu’s forge to start making my gate for the front of our wall. Of course, I try to make it as strong as possible, not wanting it to be a weakness in our wall. I also start making a set of keys for our team so that we can all go in and out of our gate without problem.

  3. Viral takes splits his day in half, having immediately put the gas mask on he decided he would stay on the ship for a few hours and test their effectiveness. He produced a checklist.

    Ease of Use
    Breath Quality
    Coolness Factor
    Mad Genius Aesthetic

    Once he was satisfied with his test, he would come out of the ship and once again discuss [mysterystuff] with Ossa. “I advise that we take the trade offer from LooseLips, Captain. The salt making machine both intrigues me and could prove useful.” He paused “Of course all trade agreements are your decision.”

  4. Mostly will focus on gathering 10 wood and 10 rock he needs for his submersible module. If he finds those with sufficient haste, fish will be… fished.

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