Day 12: Auscultation

“Well aye’m mostly positive it isn’t in me quarters,” King Daggerbeard pondered, “but where would aye have put it otherwise?  This is annoyin’.  GUARDS!”

The unfortunate guard who happened to be on stand-by quickly ran into the room, bowing before his king.

“Yes, King Daggerbeard?”

“Lemme look at the map.  Aye haven’t checked it out in a while.”

Handing him a copy of the most updated map, the King decided to flip through it for a moment.  He was surprised that there had been a mysterious secret island, the small one only noticeable really now because of the arrow above its head, and he hadn’t seen it at all, especially what with being right near it.

“We should get a guard stationed at that island,” King Daggerbeard ordered, thumbing to the most recent day.

“We actually already have someone on the way, King Daggerbeard.”

“Good, good,” he mumbled, returning to scouring the map for information.  There were quite a few things he thought were interesting, but none that caught his attention for more than a moment.  Sure, sure, people were exploring.  Fine, fine, people built a boat.  All of that was expected, but what he was looking for was something out of the ordinary.

“Wait, are ye pulling a prank on me?  Why would ye write ‘captainawesome has snuck here’ and not instead guarded the island like I told ye to do!”

“I’ll look into that King, I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding,” the guard said, mentally relaying the message, You’re so screwed. to the guard responsible.

“Wait… everyone on the initial island died?” King Daggerbeard asked, changing his focus from lack of security to a lack of information.  “And we don’t have information on that island anymore?!

“That’s right sir, the guard who was stationed there wasn’t sure if the idle were alive or not, but then he tried listening to their heartbeats, and was convinced they were dead.  Then, he immediately fled the island – swimming north, to that island we were just talking about, to be stationed there.”

“That’s annoyin’… remind me to kill him later for abandoning his post – but only after we get another guard stationed at the new island, for now he’ll have to do.  Just have another guard walk over there and tell me what’s goin’ on!”

“Unfortunately, King Daggerbeard, we can’t – it just became high tide.”

“Confound it!  Then go squint reeeaal hard at the island and report back to me when ye have somethin’.”

Nodding, the guard left the room and scaled the King’s fortress.  At the very top of one of the fort’s tower spires, he squinted out at the ocean, holding his hand over his eyes to ensure maximum squinting distance.  It was hard to get focus on the initial island – took him a good three or so hours for his eyes to adjust to the distance – but when he did, what he saw horrified him as much as a .gif drawn quickly in flash can.

Running down the stairs, the guard entered King Daggerbeard’s chambers and reported what he saw immediately.

“T-the idle aren’t exactly dead, King Daggerbeard, but instead it appears that the lightning somehow caused them to reanimate as z-zmobies!?”

“Zmobies, huh?  That’ll at least be interesting.”

“T-they shouldn’t be a problem for now because they can’t get off the initial island due to the tide but, well… e-eventually they might become a problem.  Z-zmobies are pretty horrifying!”

“Leave ’em for now,” the King said confidently.  “They might end up being more entertainin’ than anything else.  Besides, if they get out of hand we’ll just have Knight Stripes and Sir Banner kill ’em for good.  After all, they can’t eat you if you make ’em dead!”

The tide has changed to high!

The tide seems to operate on three (in-game) day cycles, plus or minus author discretion, but ideally it changes on that cycle.

Additionally, the idle have turned into the living idle!  How frightening!  These floating zmobies can’t get across water easily, but they’re still worth keeping an eye on.  If you get anywhere near them, they will punhc you in the faec, which hurts a lot more than you’d probably imagine.  Only the strongest will fight the zmobies and survive, but aside from the fact that they’re horrifying, you really can’t think of a reason to fight them.

No, no you can’t.


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    • If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re trying to goad people into fighting zombies. You’re on, sir.

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