Day 12: Esoteric Order of Bacon

Next deadline: Wednesday, February 29th at 11:59 EST.

Team Members:

Captain Itylhive

As the Esoteric Order of Bacon journeys a short distance upwards Nathanielstan, the crew makes use of their time aboard.  Though the crew keeps an eye on the waters, no other vessels pass by and they arrive at the island in a short amount of time.

Itylhive assess that the ship, in a nutshell, is a ship of potential strength.  As more and more sacrifices are made, the ship’s strength swells with greater and greater power, but what exactly that power was, was yet to be determined.  For now, the ship was particularly good at ramming other ships and sinking them to the depths of the sea, but was a little on the slow side and had a pretty wide turning angle for naval battles, if it should come down to it.  That, coupled with its current lack of any form of weaponry, meant that while someday it might be a terror at sea, for now it was mostly a transportation vessel.

Antiblematic’s [mysterystuff] improved as he communed with ۞ׂҾ┘ the Elder, who explained that the only way to connect these two dimensions was for Antiblematic  to become one with that dimension spiritually and act as the portal himself.  Meanwhile, FeralPrince worked on [combat] while parrotfanatic practiced teaching the stealthy art of espionage, improving the bird’s [agility].

Once they arrived at Nathanielstan, they tried to figure out how to get to the strange pool of gunk, which they presumed to be ink.  Unfortunately, it was too far inland for them to get near enough.


4 thoughts on “Day 12: Esoteric Order of Bacon

  1. Itylhive will focus his [mysterystuff] to part the earths a little bit, forming a trough of sorts from the gunk lake to the coast for Bacon Maru No.2 to partake of.

  2. As we land, I hop off the Bacon Maru No. 2 to scout out the area. I keep a keen eye out for other sentient races, skulking in the shadows to avoid detection, shiv always at the ready. I keep an even keener eye out for the much cooler races of the forest, always in the market for new animal companions to join in the Holy Esoteric Jihad of Porkladenness.

    I instruct Evan Williams to provide arial assistance in my search, emphasizing the importance of the mysterious Pillar to the north-east. If he is to discover what resids at the top, he shall surely be rewarded.

  3. Looking over the ship, I decide we could use its abilities to greater potential and mitigate its weaknesses by installing harpoon guns on swivels. This will prevent other ships from outmaneuvering us, and at the same time, draw them into the great jaws of the bacon maru. I begin construction of the first harpoon launcher immediately. I try to build two to install one on the port and one on the starboard side, but if the sun begins to go down and I have only built one i will install it on the prow.

  4. I will thank Him for his advice, and promise that His time in this plane of existence will come soon. I pray to Him asking for strength when the time comes to defend my mortal coil from the (enemy) Undead, so that it will be a proper sacrifice when necessary.

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