Day 12: Everyone Else

Next deadline: Wednesday, February 29th at 11:59 EST

Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Mike Burns

The day was full of exploration for everyone else on the islands! Unfinished Destiny made a trek back to the initial island, but noticed that it was filled with dead people, and the tide was getting higher by the hour.  Sprinting, he managed to get down to Dragon Roost Island before the tide changes, increasing his [agility].  Knave concluded that the crayon only let him color things purple, but noted that this was still pretty much the best thing he could think of.  Especially since nobody else on any of the islands had a crayon!  He practically had a monopoly on coloring.  Enjoying his sexy new home, and his home away from home, Knave notes that the small island seems to be part forest, which was great for hammocking, and partly sunk by the tide of ocean around it, which seemed pretty odd.  He figures it’s worth giving a name, but it’d be pretty annoying to click on the map so the name would sort of be an Island of Free Ballin’ internal secret.

As Ryu89 explores the island, he decides to poke his head into a few of the hilly holes.  Not far down, he notices that the holes are filled with what look like giant crabs, which are thankfully sleeping.  Careful not to disturb them, Ryu89 sneaks away to the other island, which completes the ring connecting the two island.  This island is much smaller, or presumably a lot more underwater, and has a whole bunch of strange coral looking structures off to the side of it.  Having explored the island, he gains the [right to name it].  RedSunEternal sets off to explore the caves of the island, which all seem interwoven, but it appears that they are intentionally very confusing and misleading.  As he walks around, he swears he can hear voices off in the distance, but no matter how hard he tries, he can’t manage to find his way to them without some sort of a map.  Frustrating, he decides to focus on the positive aspects of exploring the mountain – it had several abandoned camps inside of it, one or two which were adjacent a forge, and he was definitely surrounded by a good bit of veins of ore.

While working on his lop-sided [strength], captainawesome explores the island.  The island seems to be made entirely of a molten rock,  with small rivers of lava very very slowly pouring down from the highest point – but it isn’t a volcano.  It seems odd to him that thin underground rivers were emptying lava near the ocean or into sand bars, slowly, but in an infinite loop.  The island also seems to be covered in … chalk, as if someone was drawing lines all across the thing, perhaps for excavation purposes?  Though you’re not sure the King will even let it show up on the map, you decide you’ve earned the [right to name it].  Leocrow decides to spend his time exploring while doing fist pumps.  While he looks like a douche doing them, it was needed apparently in order to ensure that his [strength] increased while exploring otherwise non-strength intensive terrain.  Who really knows how this all works?  Not too far into the cave, Leocrow realizes that the cave somehow belongs to something dangerous that is in fact still occupying the cave.  With his maximumized agility, Leocrow decides to sneak around the cave some, eventually coming across a big, red dragon.  Turns out this island is just riddled with RPG cliches, since obviously every game needs at least one dragon.  Not immediately committed to fighting the dragon, Leocrow then sneaks back out of the cave, and into the woods.  After walking for what seemed like forever, he noticed that the trees were no longer spiraling inwards, but instead were somehow spiraling back outwards.  Upon exiting the forest, his surroundings were immediately unfamiliar, and he seemed confused, although less confused when he asked the local guard to show him the map, once the map was updated.

Meanwhile, some of the others across the islands had some tasks they wanted to get out of the way.  Hawkers spent the day trying to open a communication link with Mike Burns, but seemed stumped and depressed.  One of the guard’s noticed his plight, apparently also able to see ghosts, and explained that the initial link had to be made by both people at the same time, but that there was no reason he couldn’t relay messages through the guard system still.  Mike Burns, oblivious of the one way failed communication for now, scoops up a canister of ink, but ends up dying his hand an inky shade in the process.  He is, however, convinced that it works exactly like he would expect ink to.  Vaclav manages to start and stop practicing in the last minutes of the day, getting a bit better at the [arts] while improving his [agility].  Dann Tuggles hunts the animals of the island with his sharpened stick, cooking them up to stay nice and full of [health].  When finished, he scoured the edges of the steps for enough rock to be able to craft a small forge.

LooseLips and anthcul158 strike a deal, and anthcul158 is immediately transported to the westernmost island and given 100 fish, as per her instructions.  LooseLips says that he only needs 10 rubies, which left maybe one or two rubies to admire.  Pocketing the rubies and thanking anthcul158 for the exchange, LooseLips proceeds to sail back to Oregon Island, picking up [150 fish] as he traveled.  On arrival, LooseLips thanked The Awesome Squad for letting him use their ship, and proceeded to print out a recipe that read:

“3 fire, 5 wood, 5 rock, 10 metal, 50 air.”


13 thoughts on “Day 12: Everyone Else

  1. I use the guard to send a message to Burns so that we can sync up and have our own private way of communicating without needing the guards. As soon as that is taken care of, I decide to try and create a new form of travel purely for the sake of trying. I will spend the day trying to use the aether/cross dimension I am stuck in as a ghost to teleport to Oregon Island. If it is too far, I will then try Dragon Roost Island. And if that is too much, then I will go for the Initial Island.

    If I do make it to Oregon Island, I will begin looking for the Awesome Team’s ship.

    • After receiving my letter from the guard from Hawkers my heart is filled with the first bit of happiness it’s felt in a long time. I decided to try to link my mind with Hawkers using our super duper friendship powers of love. I can (probably, and hopefully) see the giant pillar island from the island I am at and I decide to head towards it. I would like to examine the pillar island and spend the rest of my day trying to climb it, or figure out a way to climb it.

  2. RSE uses his pickaxe to mine as much of the ore as he can find, concentrating on doing it in an [agile manner] since he obviously had [all of the strength] for the second time, and didn’t need to do it in a [strong manner].

  3. Anthcul158 thanks LooseLips and reminds him of our second half of the deal. Then she proceeds to explore this island, hoping to gain the right to name it. Also, since there are now zombies ambling around, anthcul158 attempts to increase strength and agility while exploring as much as she can.

  4. Step 1 – Name this island “Daggerbeard? More like Faggerbeard….*blows a raspberry* The Island”
    Step 2 – rest of turn forthcoming.

  5. I spend this turn gathering twice as many of the resources that the recipe demands. If I finish gather all these, then I make my way back to the ship and turn in 1 recipes worth of the resources. If all this occurs and there is still more time left then I spend the remainder of that time trying to work out how to make explosives from the materials without having to use the boat’s fancy fanciness.

  6. Unfinished Destiny decides to spend half the day exploring, and the other half of the day mimcing his jellyfish’s electricness, practicing the more coarse and less delicate manner of the mystery stuff, mainly by attempting to send blasts and bolts straight up, in an attempt to communicate with whoever had been apparently firing bolts down one storm ago.

  7. Vaclav has a piece of bread, draws up the ol’ charm circle, and meditates on music that may ward off (or, preferably, pacify and establish communication with) the zmobie hrode. Any leftover energy is put towards songwriting for the new album. (ps-hopefully within the next week or so, The Monk And His Organ should be dropping their first single from “Glorifying The King”)

  8. Ryu stands at the center of the ring connecting the two islands, and looks down into the water.

    “Gotta be something interesting down there… Lets see” Ryu throws off his pack and dives into the water inside the ring, and will look around for anything of interest in the water. Whether there is or isnt, he will of course return to the surface before he drowns.

    (Also rain check on naming the island, need more time to think of a better name.)

  9. Step 3: Use my shovel to attempt to dig to the center of the earth while masturbating FURIOUSLY with only my right hand.

  10. Knave sets up ropes between trees. Practices his balance on them and other strength training stuff. Does a some more in depth exploring.

  11. Dann spends half of the day assembling his forge foundation and the other half hunting for various sizes and shapes of pieces of wood.

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