Day 12: Keepers of Elysium

Team Members:

Captain Destin
A random guard

As it turned out, yelling contradictory statements generally had nothing to do with luck, but Destin was so lucky that in this case, it did!  The last bit of [luck] pushed Destin into the realm very few had ever set foot in – the realm of extreme luck!  While most people could expect good luck or bad luck to rarely influence their lives, Destin had reached a point where there was a guarantee of either good or bad luck in whatever he did!

While most would’ve seen this as a great accomplishment, Destin had bigger and better things in mind. He knew that many would kill for the kind of luck he had, but that wasn’t enough.  With a look of renewed strength glistening in his eyes, Destin knew he was half-way to having all of the luck.

All of it.

Unfortunately, in this moment of great and apparently very handsome triumph, Destin glanced haphazardly at Nirkit, into his eyes, through his soul, and apparently off into space.  But the gaze brushed Nirkit’s soul directly, and caused some … unintended side effects.

It was at this moment, where Nirkit’s mind was far from the weight of the boat, that the boat became weightless, lifting several feet above the raising water level.  Unaware of his incredible feat of psychic power, Nirkit immediately stressed the concentration of his mind on the unspeakable horrors of the elder mammary, plummeting the ship into what was thankfully now water.

As Destin congratulated Nirkit on lifting the ship, Nirkit seemed confused.  Slowly, his confusion gave way to shock, shock to horror, horror to fascination.  In order to get a rise out of the ship, he’d have to follow suit.

Those pervy dwarf magicians.


3 thoughts on “Day 12: Keepers of Elysium

  1. “Nirkit, that’s it! Perviness is the key! Quick, think of me sexually some more!”

    More, grotesque things were spouted out of Destin’s innocent, childlike mouth, but that will be spared to the general public.

    “Destin to rise, grandmas to fall! And Vexilla gets to sit back and watch it all!”

    Destin was genuinely non-sexually pleased with the entire situation. This was like Nirkit’s dream job!

    In celebration, he did manly luck push-ups the entire day..

  2. Nirkit gave Destin and the idea that an erection was the key to lifting the boat whatever rageface felt most appropriate. He decided to work on his [effectiveness] that day again, reading and singing and masturbating and listening to music and pointedly not thinking about Destin’s increasing muscularity, Since the boat was back in the water and this island had been more or less plundered, he would also pilot the boat to the pillar island!

  3. (Dude, I think we do have a psychic connection, because that’s the next place I wanted to go :O!)

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