Day 12: The Awesome Squad

Next deadline: Wednesday, February 29th at 11:59 EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

Bell stumbled into camp holding an arm full of lumber and various metal ores.  Nobody was exactly sure where he had wandered off to, but they were certainly glad to see him back in one piece.

With the ore Bell had brought, Mike decided to work on the gate.  For some reason, Blu seemed to have taken to resting the last few days, and though you weren’t exactly sure why, it was a little concerning.  That and with Ossa being deep in a meditative trance, improving his mysterystuff so greatly that at the end of the day his mind had ascended to the level of the voices as he mastered [all of the mysterystuff], the camp felt a little less lively than usual.  Still, Mike didn’t think Blu would mind him using his forge while he… just kinda sat there.  He made the lock mechanic for the gate, as well as the [keys] and a couple of bars for the gate, but he was definitely going to need some more ore to finish a giant gate to match the Deadly Death Wall.

Viral spends part of his day talking to Ossa about [mysterystuff], but as the day goes on he feels like Ossa’s mind is slipping into the voices and Ossa stops responding to his conversation.  Confident that Ossa will be alright, Viral decides to give LooseLips the go-ahead on using their ship for research, and then proceeds to test out the gas masks that he had created.

Visibility – Viral was a bit iffy on this one.  While they were easy to see out of, their design sort of limited peripheral vision, making them a little less than ideal for purely aesthetic use.
Ease of Use – Check
Breath Quality – Check
Coolness Factor – Check
Mad Genius Aesthetic – As much of a check as one can have, teetering the dangerous line between serious insanity and general coolness.
Durability – Check
Reliability – The mask seemed reliable, but a meter on the side does indicate that it only seemed to be blocking out about 99% of all of the toxic.  This meant that any given day, it would be fine to be on board, but multiple full days, back to back, might cause Viral to develop that nasty cough again, or worse.  So, no harm in using it every day, but probably not great to sleep on or travel on day after day after day.

Mostly gathered the wood and rock needed, and had enough time to catch a fish or two.  Certainly not the fish that needed to be fished, but fish nevertheless!  While fishing, he is approached by another person, but not a member of his team.  Leading him back to camp, this person doesn’t seem to speak English, like everyone else on the island, but communicates with a series of hand gestures that the emission from the science ship makes him upset and should be filtered for the sake of the environment.


8 thoughts on “Day 12: The Awesome Squad

  1. Mostly will suggest the person stop harassing a respectable venture and go frolic naked in the woods instead. He will then use fishing rods to extract fish from ocean, using the ones he caught last turn as a bait.

  2. you guys are free to use any of the fish that I have collected and stored on my skiff. I currently have 450.

    Also the salt making device that viral is so intrigued by is a very complex system. First I place brine gathered from the sea around us into a containment vessel with a large surface area. Then I make the molecules on the surface of the liquid collide with one another. Sometimes when two Dihydrogen monoxide molecules collide with enough kinetic energy, are on the surface, and are moving in the correct direction they can escape the intermolecular forces keeping them in the liquid phase turning it into a vapor. The vapor then escapes from the containment vessel leaving behind less Dihydrogen monoxide. Eventually this happens to all of the Dihydrogen monoxide in the containment vessel and all that is left behind are crystals of sodium chloride. To make this process happen at a faster rate I use a huge energy source that comes from fission reactions millions of miles away. Since kinetic energy and heat are related, the higher the temperature the faster the rate of reactions.

    To make all this happen I put some water in a box and let it sit in the sun. :/

  3. Viral would nod as he listened to LooseLips’ explanation of how his salt gathering worked. However when he finished Viral almost had the urge to take off his gas mask and put his palm to his face, but the awesomeness of the gas mask prevented him from taking it off for even a few seconds.

    Once more he boarded the ship and went to the science station in order to get two recipes from it today. He first asked, for portable turrets that could be placed anywhere by the user and easily moved, of course they would recognize the Awesome Squad members as friends and any unauthorized person as an enemy. The second thing he wanted from the science station was geared towards the defense of the ship. He told the station to give him a recipe for ship to ship combat upgrades.

    Having the recipes in hand he would seek out Bell. “My friend I need you to find me thread… I want to craft a proper lab coat. The armor Blu is making may be good for warriors and the like, but I, my good man, am a somethingfornothingologist!” He would say with great pride, though bit muffled by his gas mask. With that he would leave Bell and offer to help Ossa once more with [mysterystuff].

  4. Hahahaha. Haha. Having attained the knowledge from the voices from beyond, Ossa felt.. Awesome. Also, compelled. Yes. No, but that probably wouldn’t work too well – it wouldn’t really be able to put them to good use anyway. Dead things don’t squeal as well as living things. Mostly. What? Oh, right. I think – that’s a good point. Ha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHACHACHAHKCHACHAHKCHAHK, “Oh, hello JohnnyViral. Let’s see what we can do about mixing your science with my madness. I need things. Preferably alive. With limbs. Come along, then.”

    (Ossa spends his turn searching for a viable test subject [anywhere from insects, to small mammals or birds] to find out where the limits of his [mysterystuff], hoping it would allow for the spontaneous addition of limbs. Specifically tentacles.)

  5. I look for more ores (hoping to get some help from Bell, who is the master of finding stuff). This way I can continue to make our gate, hopefully finishing it.

    I also ask LooseLips if we can travel to find him if we need fish in the future, for recipes and such. I’m not sure we need fish right now, but I wouldn’t mind taking 10 or so for food and for current science recipes.

  6. Blu works on the armor and if he has time he is working on the instrument/weapons. Despite from being completely healed from his wounds, fatigue seemed to be hitting him hard but he feels 100% again due to that notdoinganything thing he did for the past two turns.

    ((Been busy with school. Soz dawgs.))

  7. Bell does indeed try his best to assist Mike in finding stuff, though just because he’s found so much already, he probably won’t find a lot. Bell’s absentmindedness probably got in the way of finding said resources.

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