Day 13: Behind distant curtains…

While the living idle squirmed and rose, their loathing of those who didn’t idle was so great, it would take a great amount of effort and space to contain it.  One would say it might take an entire kingdom to contain the amount of loathing these things had for those who weren’t idle, but that would be unclever and practically just be beating people’s skulls in with the reference.

Their madness was so great, that it could only be described with big unnecessary words.  Words that put a crinkle on your forehead from thinking about them too much.  Words that would leave you hankering for morethisisstupid

Without anything to do, the living idle spent their day channeling a sinister energy at presumably the moon, or whatever it was that controlled the nonsense tides on the islands.  Before anyone would’ve expected it to, the water slowly started lowering – it would be medium time before long, possibly to expedite the zmobie’s rampage, possibly to make up for lost time.

Mostly the latter.

Regardless, the universe shed a single tear as it cleared a couple of neat things from its schedule to ensure that everyone would enjoy their time in the universe, and wouldn’t somehow chronologically screw up the meta weeks.  The universe did its best to shift it’s alignment back to Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and for some reason you were grateful for this.

Yes, yes you were.

Meanwhile, a completely unseen yet somehow possibly familiar face split into a trademark grin.  It enjoyed watching what people desired, parts of other worlds they wanted in their own, and it waved its magician’s baton over a hat, one at a time pulling out the given objects and placing them into present boxes, wrapping them with a beautiful red bow and placing them in a pile on the side.  Its kindness expired, the figure then proceeded to pull out deadly death bombs, infected annihilating vermin, cackling figures on coils, and other nightmares in identical boxes, mixing them all up and preparing for the fun that was to come, but not too soon.