Day 13: Esoteric Order of Bacon

Next deadline: Tuesday, March 6th at 11:59 PM EST

Team Members:

Captain Itylhive

Itlyhive sinks the sands around the inky hole with his [mysterystuff], making sure not to mix it with the seas around him.  The spirits he invoked were very unsatisfied that they were summoned for such a trivial, non-violent task, and as punishment they made the sand they sink spew forth like a geyser from itylhive’s mouth.  His throat aching, his eyes watering, Itylhive dismissed the spirits when they were done and noted that the sand had left an odd thirst in his mouth, the kind not easily quenched by something such as water…

Having scouted the island, parrotfanatic noted a man named Mike Burns, according to the map, who was trying to scale the pillar of pillar island to absolutely no avail.  That thing was smooth, and tall.  Thankfully, Evan Williams returned reports of a small shack on top of the island with an old man living in it, and a ship that somehow managed to fly up to the island and land(?) there.  Curious indeed…

While Antiblematic was praying to Him, which he noted was much easier to typ- er, think, he felt dangerously close to becoming entirely worthy of Him.  When he was content with tribute to Him, Antiblematic did some other meaningless tasks to inflate his APM, as there was no such thing as effective APM in the Everything Islands.  If there was, it would be awfully low.

FeralPrince started cutting down trees and making shafts the harpoons of the guns, as well as the basic structure of the gun, but without any immediate access to metal, he wasn’t sure how to make the point deadly.  With some rope, some metal, and a way to pressurize the gun, he would sure have a harpoon gun, which he noted was an excellent idea.


3 thoughts on “Day 13: Esoteric Order of Bacon

  1. While Bacon Maru No.2 is gorging on the ink, Itylhive roams the island, destroying random non-team property or teammate things to get his mind off the thirst and practice combat. He’ll also stop by one of the fresh lakes from time to time to take a good swig of water.

  2. Well I just realized that I may be a bit late, so I will practice my micro and get my APM even higher.

  3. I was so sneaky no one saw me post. I work on my agility all day, as Evan and I practice trying to shiv each other with feathers.

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