Day 13: Everyone Else

Next deadline: Tuesday, March 6th at 11:59 PM EST

Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Mike Burns

Some of the islanders were working on gathering materials and crafting with goals in mind.  RedSunEternal spent his day collecting miscellaneous ore for his upcoming forging.  LooseLips managed to gather enough rock for twice his recipe, and enough wood for both the wood and fire requirement, but it was going to take him another day to get the metal and he wasn’t quite sure what to do about the air – how would he “put” air into the machine?  Perhaps he should ask some of the people who owned the ship.  Dann Tuggles puts the finishing touches on his forge, then gathers assorted shapes and sizes of wood.  If his collection of wood was an RPG party, he noted that it would be well rounded and versatile.  Instead, he just had a bunch of sticks.

Other islanders were working on bettering themselves.  anthcul158 explored the island, building a bit of [agility] and [strength].  The island had a cave to one side of it, and at the end had a spiral forest that seemed to swirl inwards, trees getting tighter and tighter.  For some reason, this seemed oddly familiar,  but more importantly she gained the [right to name it].  UnfinishedDestiny explores the island, but it isn’t any different than what he’s read on the map.  Slightly bummed, he does manage to spark a couple of arcs of electricity up at the sky, which completely startles him as this burst of actual power wasn’t entirely expected.  Vaclav improves the performance [arts], while specifically focusing on music that may or may not have something to do with zmobies, their threat a permanent presence in his mind.  captain awesome manages to get [all of the strength] in his one arm, which is now comically bigger than his other arm.  Satisfying, he worked on digging a hole, but noted that the island was rather crummy for digging and he didn’t really make much progress in the hard ground.  When he switched to the sand, he got through the sand, then hit hard ground.  Knave worked on improving his [strength], exploring and enjoying the various aspects of the island.  He pressed “W” and noticed that the flora and fauna was in perfect balance on his island.  There might’ve been way too many albatross, but for some reason he didn’t mind, even though they were atrocious.

As Ryu explored the inner ring of the island, diving down he found that the ring wasn’t the deepest, but the entire bottom of the ring was littered with… dead crabs and octopi?  The water in the center was murky and bloody, and very unpleasant, and he is quite sure he doesn’t really want to see it during low tide.

Hawkers opens a psychic link with Mike Burns using their [friendship], then floats over to Oregon island.  Mike Burns spends a lot of his day trying to climb the pillar of Pillar Island, but as described, it is obnoxiously smooth and tall, and he doesn’t really get anything accomplished.  Still, he is rather surprised when a giant flying ship parts the clouds and lands(?) on the edge of the top of the pillar high, high above him.  It was pretty outrageous.

Leocrow complains to the guard about the map, and the guard says, “Well I don’t know why the map hasn’t been updated, but I don’t see what’s so confusing.  You’re just right here,” he said, pointing to the island below Tuggles Island.  “How is that confusing?”

Blinking at the map, Leocrow also notices that anthcul158 is on this island, which really doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to him.


9 thoughts on “Day 13: Everyone Else

  1. RSE begins forging the greatest halberd of all time, laboring away at it, making sure every bit of it is perfect, down to the smallest detail.

  2. Realizing the horrific mistake he has made, Ryu makes a break for the surface immediately and crawls out of the ring.

    “What the fu- I don’t want to ever be back here again. Ever.” Deciding that this entire island isn’t worth the trouble, Ryu travels to the north point of the dual-island, and starts swimming east to an island he can barely see in the distance.

  3. First of all I eat my last candy. Then I continue collecting the materials needed to complete two recipes, specifically compressing the air in the same way that I saw Mostly do it on the day that I landed on Oregon Island. Once I complete one recipe I spend the rest of the day figuring out how to make explosives without the use of the Awesome Squad’s delectable, delicious, delish, divine, flavorful, flavorsome, flavory, full-flavored, good-tasting, heavenly, luscious, mellow, palatable, piquant, pungent, sapid, savory, scrumptious, secsi, spicy, sugar-coated, sweetened, tasteful, toothsome, toothy, yummy, and zestful boat.

  4. Step 1 – go to highest point of the island to inspect that which is not a volcano while dusting off as many of the chalk outlines as possible on the way.
    Step 2- masturbate FURIOUSLY with only my right hand while doing so.

  5. Pleased with my speady floating, I spend the first half of the day stalking the Awesome Squad. During any moment where they can be caught off guard, I will jump into their body and attempt to possess them for a short time. During my possessions for the first half of the day, I will only hold them for a few seconds, long enough to tests moving an arm or leg or picking up an object to get rid of any clumsiness on my part.

    In the second half of the day, I will wait for the moment where JohnnyViral is closest to LooseLips. At that point, I will possess JohnnyViral, have him tear off his clothes, and then run straight at LooseLips while masturbating furiously and screaming “MY DRILL IS THE ONE THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!” Right as he reaches LooseLips I will leave his body and do a trollface-heel click and return to a vantage point near the Awesome Squad’s ship.

  6. My eyes widened and so did my anus as fecal material fell out of my rectum from the terrifying sight I had just witnessed. I use my psychic link to ask Hawkers to see if he can use his ghostly form to perhaps obtain a better view of the craft and/or perhaps he could enter the pillary fortress somehow. I spend the day using my shovel from Hawkers to dig along the wall of the pillar structure to see if there is any way inside or any devices or anything of interest at all.

    • I apologize my friend, for I did not see said object. I am currently on Oregon Island and will head up to you in a couple days.

  7. Anthcul158 proclaims the island Xinguo, which sadly isn’t very creative in her native language. She attempts to ask a guard which other island had that freaky forest spiral thing, because she doesn’t care to go back in time and search for when it was mentioned. Considering she has a few torches for her future trap door exploration, anthcul158 decides to venture towards the cave and explore, also collecting any scrap pieces of anything useful along the way.

  8. Unfinished Destiny heads towards the mountain at the middle of the island to explore for the full day, and meanwhile continues to practice his mysterystuff in terms of electrical power.

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